Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-05

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for 2d, 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman. C. A. Lindeman SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track ~ RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS- Through Come Through Likewise Come Through Likewise Come Through 18 ICome Likewise DontSnank Come Through Dont Spank Manukav Likewise 13 Dont Soank Fumigator Royal Betty Likewise Come Through Dont Soank , 5 South Kansas Epic Dancer Epic Dancer Speedy Chap Namron South Kansas 11 2 Namron Ethel Fair Namron South Kansas South Kansas Epic Dancer 10 Speedy Chap South Kansas South Kansas Candlesticks Lil Monkey . Namron 9 Abeam Good Joy Abeam Abeam Senorita Gal Abeam 17 3 Senorita Gal Abeam Senorita Gal Fighting King Ballysadare Senorita Gal 9 Ballysadare Ballysadare Fighting King Good Joy Fighting King Good Joy 6 Amite City Our Tribe Amite City FAIR SADA Fair Sada Fair Sada 15 4 Fair Sada Master Pat Miss Turner Master Pat Amite City Amite City 14 Master Pat Amite City Fair Sada Amite City Miss Turner Master Pat 5 Gay Baron Beau George Gav Baron Gay Baron GAY BARON Gav Baron 24 5 Booster Rocket Gay Baron Beau George Gyp Booster Rocket Beau George 8 Stardarity Tiger Sun Booster Rocket Stardarity Beau George Booster Rocket 5 " Dust MY DUST My Dust My Dust My Dust MY DUST 27 6Mv Rose Ball Gold Key Statistician Gold Kev Rose Ball Rose Ball 5 _j Hi-Lift Hi Lift Rose Ball Hi-Lift Hi-Lift Hi-Lift 4 YUKON JAKE Lucky Me YUKON JAKE Yukon Jake Yukon Jake Yukon Jake 24 7 Maneam Mangam Prince Gala Mangam Mangam Mangam 9 Lucky Me Camelback Mangam Admiral Van Camelback Mucky Me 6 The Lip Hashco Supreme Buster The Lip The Lip The Lip 18 8. Hashco Bank Night The Lip Hashco Bank Night Hashco 10 BankNight The Lip Bank Night Bank Night Hashco Bank Night 7 Belated Wave Belated Wave Belated Wave Belated Wave Belated Wave Belated Wave 25 9 Mt. Eden Dilly Whilly Dilly Whilly Miss Elena Mt. Eden Mt. Eden 5 George Hosh George Hosh Miss Elena Mt. Eden Miss Elena " Miss Elena 4 Trackman, J. N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made For Fast Track Bay-B-Lin Countess Ann Tomate Countess Ann Countess Ann 10 IWorrigal Ranastream Patti B. Tomate Electrum Patti B. Tomate 8 Bay-B-Lin Ranastream Worrigal April Five Tomate Bay-B-Lin 6 Wolf Blaze of Glory Shape Up Sunni Wolf Shape Up Shape Up 12 2Sunni Gay Widow Gay Widow Mary Dike Banksie Ouatty Sunni Wolf 11 Shape Up Banksie Quatty Shape Up Sunni Wolf Blaze of Glory 5 Helens Ace Starlight OF STARLIGHT O F Tucky Miss TuckyMiss 15 3TuckvMiss Anya Tucky Miss Tucky Miss Miss Tootsie Helens Ace Starlight OF 12 Musical Maid Fancy Souvenir Oiled Tucky Miss Oiled Helens Ace 7 Bamboo Money Bamboo Money Xalapa Boy Half Carat Ambv Bamboo Money 16 4 Half Carat Hill Country Bamboo Money Bamboo Money Bamboo Money Amby 7 Hangout Jens Hero Amby Amby Jens Hero Half Carat fl ~" Cancel Colonel O. O. CANCEL. Hello Swifty CANCEL CANCEL 20 5 Soring Broker Spring Broker Hills vale Omar H. Omar H. Hello Swifty 7 Hello_Swifty Hillsvale Omar H. Cancel Hello Swifty Colonel O. O. 5 MUSIC MAESTRO Music Maestro Oil Legend Duck Heaven Music Maestro 18 6Negrotrece Music Maestro Count deBlanc Duck Heaven Music Maestro Music Maestro Duck Heaven 8 _ Blame Mame Negrotrece Oil Legend Duck Heaven Blame Name Oil Legend 6 NONNIE JO All She Wrote Nonnie Jo All She Wrote All She Wrote All She Wrote 17 7 Chance Gauge Nonnie Jo All She Wrote Nonnie Jo Chance Gauge Nonnie Jo 16 Perturbed Sir Modred Jedn Sir Modred Jjdu Chance Gauge 4 Re Re Po Agoura Gem Boots Baby Re Re Po Agoura Gem Re Re Po 12 8 Trust Allis Re Re Po Indac Trust Allis Atellor Agcura Gem 11 Ocean King Ocean King Agoura Gem De Jon Boots Baby Boots Baby 5 Trackman, Don Fair JAMAICA Selections Made For Fast Track Sun Spirit Delta Ve Janissar Sun Spirit Sun Spirit Sun Spirit 17 1 Delta Vee Special Angel Delta Star Delta Vee Delta Vee Delta Vee 13 Janissar Sun Spirit Sun Spirit Go Bogie Go Go Bogie Go " Janissar 6 Red Coral Red Coral Samoan Samoan Samoan Samoan 19 2 Samoan Samoan RomarvLeague Red Coral Red Coral Red Coral 15 Skate Skate Red Coral Roman League Skate Roman League 3 LADY OF FSHIONLady of Fashion Lady of Fashion Lady of Fashion Lady of Fashion Lady of Fashion 27 3 Sohinxlike Water Sparrow Game Called Sphinxlike Game Called Game Called 7 Game Called Game Called Tintamar Game Called Picnic Ground Sphinxlike 4 Nt Ball CHECK ARTIST Net Ball CHECK ARTIST Check Artist Check Artist 23 4" Check Artist Net Ball Check Artist Net Ball Net Ball Net Ball 16 Dads Delight Dads Delight Dads Delight New Prince Dads Delight Dads.Delight 4 Irish Lancer Irish Lancer Naval Hero Naval Hero Naval Hero Naval Hero 17 5 Naval Hero Invincible Irish Lancer Irish Lancer Irish Lancer Irish Lancer 16 Island King Tarpoo Happy Lancer Island King Happy Hunting Island King 2 Jet Fuel JetFue! Jet Fuel Jet Fuel JET FUEL JET FUEL 27 6 Jet Mi-sile That Lucky Day That Lucky Day Jet Missile Jet Missile Jet Missile 6 That Lucky Day The Irishman Outgiving The Irishman The Irishman That Lucky Day 5 Ambehaving Mustato Mustato Ambehaving Ambehaving Ambehaving 17 7 Mustato Nivrag Nasco Mustato Mustato Mustato 16 Nivrar Ambehaving Ambehaving Casual Friend Casual Friend Nivrag 3 ____ Elath Matisse Accomplish Matisse Elath 16 8Elath Matisse Matisse Elath Elath Elath Matisse 15 Great Crossing Great Crossing Great Crossing Matisse Great Crossing Accomplish 5 First Lead First Lead SHUU Saber Dual Saber Duel Saber Duel 14 9 Saber Duel Shuu First Lead Shuu Shuu Shuu 14 Shuu Saber Duel Sabe- Duel First Lead First Lead First Lead , 14 Trackman, Bob McCurley GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made For Fast Track Door Mr. Harrison Merrell L. F. Mr. Harrison Mr. Harrison Mr. Harrison 18 INew Satans Staff Mr. D. E. Mr. Harrison Merrell L. F. Maraine Merrell L. F. 7 Mr. Harrison New Door Mr. D. E. Maraine SunN Fun New Door 6 Midshipman Midshipman Midshipman Midshipman Santurron Midshipman 21 2 Swift John Lost Holiday Gay Dictation Santurron Gay Dictation Santurron 8 Ahmic Lake Gay Dictation Santurron Gay Dictation Midshipman Gay Dictation 6 Intrusting Chalvedele Chalvedele Pio Instrusting Pio 10 3 Amrie Pio Maybe Best Andale Pio Instrusting 10 Andale Fairlawn Rocky Pio Maybe Best Stolen Secret Chalvedele 10 Grand-dad Oaks Crafty Belle GRAND-DD OAKS Crafty Belle Grand-dad Oaks 20 4Grard-dadOaks Meredith Meredith Sister Rusty Crafty Belle Grand-dad Oaks Crafty Belle 13 Sister Rusty Crafty Belle Grand-dad Oaks Meredith Sister Rusty Meredith 5 Red Trouble Lubrette Lubrette Toni Mia Toni Mia Lubrette 14 5 Post Office Roman Legion Toni Mia Lubrette Lubrette Toni Mia 12 Sir Hope Sir Hope Post Office Sir Hope Roman Legion Red Trouble 5 Jr. WAIT FOR IT MELPET. JR. • Melpet. Jr. MELPET. JR. MELPET. JR. 25 6Melpet. Svbaris Brilliant Speed Wait for It Wait for It Wait for It Wait for It 13 Brilliant Speed Melpet Jr. Brilliant Speed Jeriel Brilliant Speed Brilliiant Speed 5 MARES BEAU Mares Beau Mares Beau Mares Beau Dance Card Mares Beau 24 7 Dance Card Miss Orestes Battle Hill Stay Smoochie Mares Beau Dance Card 9 Stay Smoochie Tempted Dance Card Dance Card Battle Hill Battle Hill 3 "*~~ Wild Ride Wild Ride Wild Ride Wild Ride Veloz n. Wild Ride 20 8 Amb- r Reigh Albany Square Ambor Reigh Albany Sauare AmborReigh Ambor Reigh 7 DauMen Ambor Reigh Veloz II. Daublen Albany Sauare Veloz II. 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track Ginnv Ma Ginnv Church Man Church Man Ma Ginny Ma Ginny 19 IMa Church Man Church Man Ma Ginny Ma Ginny Church Man Church Man 16 Tuscany Belle Dagworthy Natural Count Dagworthy Tuscany Belle Tuscany Belle 2 Agitation Lynns Birthday AGITATION Agitation Agitation Agitation 24 2 Fast Draw Agitation Lynns Birthday Lynns Birthday Fast Draw Lynns Birthday 9 S andys Wish * Fast Draw Fast D-aw Fast Draw Moco Yardley Fast Draw 7 Army Boss Army Boss Lilvpond Army Boss Army Boss Army Boss 22 3 LilvDond Black Heart Army Boss Black Heart Black Heart Lilvoond 9 Galahit Galahit Silky Golsteen Lilypond Lilynond Black Heart 6 Mr. Howard Mr. Howard Ira J. JVIR. HOWARD Royal Voyage Mr. Howard 20 4 Stradone Stradone Sunny Gem Stradone Mr. Howard Royal Voyage 8 Royal Voyage Royal Voyage Mr. Howard Royal Voyage Stradone Stradone 7 Red Leaf Eds Image Red Leaf Bombs Up Red Leaf Red Leaf 16 5 Eds Image Bold Speculator Eds Image Chanting Lady Bombs Up Eds Image 10 Puzzle Palace Bombs Up Bombs Up Red Leaf Eds Imago Bombs Up 9 JIM Miss Williams Tingaling Jim Tingaling Jim Miss Williams Tingaling Jim 21 6TTNGALTNG Miss Williams Tingaling Jim Miss Williams Miss Williams Tingaling Jim Miss Williams 16 Lord Busher Nini Girl Nina Girl Lord Busher Nina Girl Nina Girl 3 Grand Opera Ste. Joan Too Hasty Ste. Joan Ste. Joan Ste. Joan 18 7 Ste. Joan Grand Opera Grand Opera Too Hasty Grand Opera Grand Opera 12 Too Hasty Too Hasty Ste. Joan Grand Opera Too Hasty Too Hasty 10 Scenery Tower CLINICAL PROOF Clinical Proof Scenery Tower Small G. Clinical Proof 17 8 Clinical Proof Scenery Tower Scenery Tower Clinical Proof Silver Scot Scenery Tower 14 Silver Scot Silver Scot Free Sleep Helen Sag Clinical Proof Small G. 5 Sweet Peaches Sweet Peaches Sweet Peaches Satans Mate SWEET PEACHES SWEET PECHS 24 9 Miss Tie Satans Mate Miss Tie Sweet Peaches Miss Tie Satans Mate 9 Trading Trading Satans Mate Miss Tie Satans Mate Miss Tie 7

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