Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-04

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for 2d, 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, C. A. I inch-man SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ~ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS G. Skid Beau Jer Sinus Rhythm M. G. Skid M. G. Skid M. G. Skid 17 1M. Prince Eric Prince Eric M. G. Skid Sinus Rhythm Sparky Solero Sinus Rhythm 7 Beau Jer Kathleen H. Sparky Solero Kathleen H. Beau Jer Beau Jer 7 Mere Agoura Call Miss Munster Eldoit Tnreeo Threeco Flopnicht Mere 9 2Flopnight Agoura Call Snark Robot Flopnight Mere Fort Surprise Omi George Threeo Threeco 7 Omi George Threeo Threeco Threeo Threeco Flopnicht Mere Flopnicht Mere Agoura Call 7 Winnie A. CorpusKid CorusKid Corpus Kid Rem W. Corpus Kid 17 3 ORilev Mama Mac Rem W. Rem W. Corpus Kid . Rem W. 9 Stacy W. Hickor- Street ORiley O Riley O Riley O Riley 5 Fannys One Top Dude Ro—il Betty Little Chic Little Chic Little Chic 12 4 Dont Spank Al Abrigo Little Chic Dear John Vimana Royal Betty 5 Edict Typical Challataw Edict Al Abrigo Fannys One 5 0rnum Ornum • ORNUM Ornum ORNUM ORNUM 29 5 Pattys First Suzanne Gains Challahyma Flashy Fellow Challahyma Chailahyma 4 i Barachel Bob Jackies First Fairway Lassie Herods Beau Barachel Bob Barachel Bob 2 Cheaten Bill Palisade II. Model Jeep Hi Starmond Palisade II. 9 6Willeoass Cheaten Bill Palisade II. Model Jeep Cheaten Bill Palisade II. Cheaten Bill 9 Dip Chicle Dip Chick Hi Starmond Willepass Model Jeep Model Jeep 8 TURNDOWN Galcir The Hon. Turn Down Turn Down 15 7GALCIR Turn Down Galcir Fabulist Fabulist The Hon. Galcir 14 Running Wolf Ouinap Turn Down Running Wolf Fabulist The Hon. 7 Shannons Leap B~ckRoom Shannons Leap SHANNONS LEAP Shannons Leap Shannons Leap 24 8 Lonley Robin Shannons Leap Skyled Skyled Back Room Back Room 8 Crack Decision Katys Khal Back Room Menobuy Menobuy Skyled 4 Agassi Alessi Gran Vino Gran Vino Gran Vino Gran Vino 18 9 Gran Vino Duke of Noor Miss Hystion Alessi Alessi Alessi 15 Ud a Tree Gran Vino Alessi Miss Hysition Duke of Noor Miss Hvsition 3 Trackman, J. N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made For Fast Track Ariel Flush Waged and Won Top Mark Hasty Duchess TOP MARK Waged and Won 10 1 Waged and Won Hasty Duchess Waged and Won Top Mark Royal Greek Top Mark 9 Senorita Rica Ariel Flush Noble Warrior Medora Lass Waged and Won Hasty Duchess 7 Mother Tony Mother Tony Bow Dero Ji-Jo Bow Dero Mother Tony il 2 Lukeace Leos Town Gal Better Depth Errard Lady Ji-Jo Bow Dero 10 Too Brilliant Too Brilliant Ji-Jo Mother Tony West Liberty Ji-Jo 8 Catch Fire DOLL MASON Lord Northbrook Doll Mason Doll Mason 13 3Indac Lord Northbrook Danseur Noble Vaults Ration Indac Danseur Noble Catch Fire 8 Catch Fire Indac Catch Fire Doll Mason Catch Fire indac 8 Oil Wick Nero Cuvier Relic Cuvier Relic Cuvier Relic Cuvier Relic 16 4 Nero Oil Wick Nero Nero Capitol K. Nero Run For Nurse Cuvier Relic Colonel Bala Run For Nurse Nero Oil Wick 7 Happy Tiger Happy Tiger Sea Dog McGibben Street Markai HapDy Tiger f2 5 Singace Singace Markai Happy Tiger Penny P. Markai 7 Mauna Loa Beulah Girl Singace Matchless Scene Star Again Sea Dog 5 STYRUNNER STYRUNNER Styrunner STYRUNNER Nah Hiss STYRUNNER 28 6 Sabenea II. Sabena n. Pripoly Pripoly Styrunner Nah Hiss 7 Naji JHiss Pripoly Nah Hiss Sabena II. Sabena II. Sabena II. 6 Stan Gray Mt. Auburn Ledlie Spondulix Stan Gray Stan Gray 14 7 Couturier Stan Gray Stan Gray Ledlie Mister O. Ledlie 8 Mister O. Couturier Mister O. Shibill Ledlie Mt. Auburn 5 s Joy Kentucadet Kentucadet Myrtle Girl Brother Coon Kentucadet 15 8SkiDp Kentucadet Billys Best Myrtle Girl Kentucadet Billys Best Brother Coon 7 Brother Coon Skippys Joy Brother Coon Lastanleast Kentucadet My rt le Girl 7 Trackman, Don Fair JAMAICA Selections Made For Fast Track BACK LOG Back Log Hermod Hermod Hermod 17 IHermod Podarces Hermod - Tellairs Back Log BckLog Back Log 17 Back Log Happy Hal Bud Leon Bud Leon Sun Spirit Bud Leon 2 Overtrick Admirals Watch Admirals Watch Successful Successful Successful 14 2 Successful Successful Overtrick Crafty Count Admirals Watch Admirals Watch 12 Hpad Way Crafty Count Crafty Count Overtrick Crafty Count Overtrick 8 Jacqueline Rose Slithy Tove White Claret Likely Miss Tag and Run Slithy Tove 10 3 W5r s Claret Tag and Run Slithy Tove Jacaueline Rose Slithy Tove Jacqueline Rose 9 Tag and Run Jacqueline Rose Tag and Run Slithy Tove Jacqueline Rose Tag and Run 9 Paris Picnic Paris Picnic Drum Beater Paris Picnic PARIS PICNIC PARIS PICNIC 22 4. Agathea Agathea Asathea Drum Beater Drum Beater Drum Beater 9 Scampering Magic Spell Scampering Leap Year Maid Leap Year Maid Agathea 6 WARHEAD Warhead Egotistical Egotistical Warhead Warhead 21 5 Jimmer Egotistical Warhead Warhead Egotistical Egotistical 15 Egotistical Viscount Viscount Viscount Jimmer Viscount 3 Mary Roving Mai y Warlike Warlike Warlike Warlike 15 6Roviner Hi Anna Prize Day Classic Charm Reouestfully Reque? , fully Roving Mary 11 Prize Day Hi Anna Prize Day Prize Day Roving Mary Prize Day 5 Cchoes Jewels Reward Jewels Reward COHOES Jewels Reward Jewels Reward 19 7 Jewels Reward Misty Flight Cohoes Jewels Reward Cohoes Cohoes 17 Misty flight Cohoes Misty Flight Start Counting Dotted Line Misty Flight 4 Johnny Scamp Panegyric Darlin Prince Johnny Scamp Johnny Scamp Johnny Scamp 17 8 Paneeric Pepper Jobnnv Scamp Pepper Panegyric Panegyric 10 Pepper Castlestone Pepper Panegyric Pepper Pepper 7 Vee Set Pattern DOE Merrie Vee Lovely Irene Merrie Vee 10 9Merrie Lovely Irene Solid Gold Set Pattern Lovely Irene Connie Stella Lovely Irene 10 Miss Nathaniel Con™-st.olla Lovely Irene Miss Nathaniel Miss Nathaniel Set Pattern 7 Trackman, Bob McCurley GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made For Fast Track Chief Cat Perdulario Perdulario Sempre Sempre Sempre 14 1 M? ssai Mighty Tom Sempre Massai Lost Holiday Perdulario 11 Sempre Sempre Another War Chief Cat Perdulario Chi f Cat 6 Clever Island Lad Osofleet Osofleet Osofleet Osofleet 15 2:nda Fno-Knox Same Thing Island Lad Spooky Cadet Same Thing Island Lad 7 Soooky Cadet Dance and Play Spooky Cadet Same Thing Spooky Cadet Same Thing 5 3 Penny Circle Fuddler Penny Circle Penny Circles Amony Penny Circle 16 Amony Amony AirlonT Solar Heat Airlong Amony 10 Pennys Pride Penny Circle Amony Spes Nostra Spes Nostra Fuddler 5 Proud Patriot Prou 1 Patriot Lockitup Proud Patriot Proud Patriot Proud Patriot 20 4 Newbc-ld MiltiesMite White Label White Label Count Crisp White Label 7 White Label White Label Ramapur Night Spy White Label Lockitup 5 Greek ALERT GREEK GREY RIP Grey Rip Grey Rip Grey Rip 19 5Al:r Red River Valley Grep Rip Emerald Prince Alert Greek Alert Greek Alert Greek 16 Bickv L. Emerald Prince Singer Bicky L. Bicky L. Bicky L. 3 Royal Float Doshay Royal Float Royal Fleet Royal Fleet 17 6V.S.O.P. Doshay Doshay Roval Float V. S. O. P. Thespis V. S. O. P. 11 Sea Vovage V. S. P.P. V. S. O. P. Doshay Doshay Doshay 11 Marauder Marauder Marauder MARAUDER MARAUDER MARAUDER 29 7 Austerlitz La Comparsita La Comparsita Secret Valley La Comparsita La Comparsita 7 Secret Vallev Austerlitz Austerlitz La Comparsita Austerlitz Austerlitz 5 Negro Minstrel Auriate Star n Garter Negro Minstrel Star n Garter Negro Minstrel 13 8 Men Key Do Dark Legacy Negro Minstrel Auriate Look Good Star n Garter 12 Jocular Star n Garter Freighter Star n Garter Negro Minstrel Auriate 7 Trackman. E. P. Heagerty * PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track Whistle Joyous Maid Joyous Maid Joyous Maid Joy-us Maid 18 ITauntress Cry No More Jovous Tauntress Tide Table Cry No More Tauntress 8 Joyous Maid Tide Table Tide Table Oil Heiress Tauntress Whistle 5 Miss Pimpernel Playful Nurse Trousseau Miss Pimpernel MISS PIMPERNEL Miss Pimpernel 21 2 Miss Woodchuck Miss Pimpernel Miss Pimpernel Big Mem Playful Nurse Playful Nurse 9 Playful Nurse Big Mom Miss Woodchuck Playful Nurse Trousseau Trousseau 6 Miss Twin Lane Chalvedele Brave Mio Miss Twin Lane Miss Twin Lane Miss Twin Lane 19 3 Desborough Miss Twin Lane Miss Twin Lane Chalvedele Deorough Ch« "vedele 8 Chalvedele Sarah Ellen Sun Heiress Lanham Lady Bra ° Mio Brave Mio 6 Super Dancer Kaygeebe EVER SO HMLE Super Dancer Ever So Humble Ever So Humble 16 4 Kavgeebe Ever So Humble Scalp Scalp Supc- Dancer Super Dancer 13 Ever So Humble Great Rock Super Dancer Ever So Humble Scalp Kaygeebe 7 French Bleu Prince Bonanza Ka Zee FRENCH BLEU French Bleu French Bleu 20 5 Bal Harbour LAudacious French Bleu Bal Harbour Ka Zee Ka Zee 7 Prince Bonanza French Bleu Finn McCool Puncheon LAudacious Prince Bonanza 6 Woody Glen Shamrock Green Manpower Woody Glen Shamrock Green Shamrock Green 15 6 Simon the Bold Woody Glen Shamrock Green Shamrock Green Woody Glen Woody Glen 14 Shamrock Green Manpower Simon the Bold Simon the Bold Manpower Manpower 7 Scotch Cross WEATHER PRHET Weather Prophet Weather Prophet Weather Prophet WEHER PRPT 24 7 Weather Prophet Chasmar Flash Scotch Cross » Scotch Cross Chasmar Flash Scotch Cross 10 Chasmar Flash Time to Sell Chasmar Flash Chasmar Flash Scotch Cross Chasmar Flash 7 A Dragon Killer Pop Corn Ram A Dragon Killer A Dragon Killer A Dragon Killer 19 8 Pop Corn A Dragon Kilier A Dragon Killer Pop Corn Pop Corn Pop Corn 11 Innishowen Tuscan Flash Innishowen Innishowen Ram Ram 6 Hand Reward Midpassage Midpassage Midpassage Midpassage 24 9MIDPASSAGE Hand Reward Midpassage Hand Reward Jett Flame Hand Reward Hand Reward 11 Fluellen Royal Peak Fluellen Fluellen Fluellen Fluellen 4

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