On The Broadway Scene, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-13


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ON THE BROADWAY SCENE BfLtik NEW YORK, May 12.— OFF THE RECORD: Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., who patched up their problems a few weeks ago have not, to this day ever discussed it. Not even on the night .it happened when there were just lumpy throats, dewy eyes and some movie prose like, "Hello Frank." "Hello Sam." "Howve ya been?" "I missed you." . . . Sammy will return to Broadway in September of 1960 in Harold Arlens Blues Opera which has been titled "Free and Easy." He will have 12 weeks off during the run of the show so that he can play a few nightclubs Vegas, Miami, etc. and thus not sacrifice more than a quarter of a million dollars income. . . . The new Look magazine has a multi-page picture layout called "Bergen on Broadway." Spent weeks shooting pictures of Polly in "First Impressions," in rehearsal, out of town, etc. Then they waited to make sure the show would run. Ironically, it hit the stands just after she was hospitalized and forced to leave "the show. ... I have noticed one thing about these Beatniks around town. In their effort to be different they all look and sound alike. AAA SHOW FOLK: Lucille Ball comes here next week to talk about that play shes been anxious to do. . . . Gypsy Rose Lee is in bed with a strip throat. . . . Tony Martin follows Louis and Keely into the Copa May 21. . . . Winchell solod at the Copa dinner show. . . .Archie Moore is dreaming about a chain of bowling alleys to retire on. . . . Meyer Davis album "Redhead For Dancing" will make you Ray Bolger-ish. . . . Dont point Paul Muni and "Grand Hotel" director Albert Marre at each other. . . . Marty Allen and his girl had a quarrel Thursday but they patched it up and used it on Friday. . . . The Duke and Duchess borrowed a friends Caddy before they sailed for Europe. They left it in front of the Waldorf where a cabby obligingly crinkled its fenders. How dya sue a Dook? Royalty doesnt handle money. "a*" a a JOKE: This ones been around a bit, but itsfcute. A guy drops in on a psychiatrist for a little help. "Tell me about yourself," says the doc. "Well," the patient begins, "my wife and J. have been married 28 years, we still love each other immensely, were both faithful, have three wonderful children who went to the finest school. We live in a 10 -room penthouse on Fifth Avenue, travel quite extensively either to Europe or South America every year. My wife is listed among the 10 best dressed women and my hobby is collecting art treasures." The doctor listened attentively for the next 10 minutes and finally said, "You seem to have a marvelous life. I dont understand; whats bothering you?" The patient explained, "Well, ysee, I only make ,5 a week." TAXIGABBING: Theres nothing normal about the record business. A new disc company called Congressional Records has been formed by a nuclear fission expert and a corporation lawyer. They" found a trio of singers, a psychology professor, a theatrical agent and a defeated mayoralty candidate from Camden, New Jersey. The group calls itself The Losers, and their first entry is called "Let The Air Get To Her" which looks like it will push the pros right off the charts. . . . The April In Paris Ball wound up with 90,000 for charity, one of the few charity affairs that really pays off. ... I hear that "Last Train From Gun Hill" is a blockbuster western. Kirk Douglas has never been braver. . . . Nat "King" .Coles "good press" on his recent S. American tour made the State Department gurgle happily. ... "I heard it at Grand Central: "Now be sure to write. Even if its only a check." AAA THE QUOTEBOOK: Jane Kean listened to the thunderous ovation Louis Prima and Keely Smith received at the Copa and shrugged, "I guess its just not their room." . . . The next SatEvePost offers "Perishable Prose From Some Late Late Shows." Have some samples: From military movies: "And, lieutenant." "Yes?" "Good luck." . . . "Ill show no partiality, even if you are my own son." "I understand that sir." "Hows your mother, lad?" "Shes well, sir." . . . From science fiction: "If it does turn out that weve landed by accident on the doomed planet of Kalajara, professor, wont that mean that — " "Exactly, Slattery." »

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