Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-05-14

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. S. Grant SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Bourbon Victory Blue Als Bourbon Camps First Camps First Als Bourbon 14 IAls Victory Blue Als Bourbon Rosily Nedford Als Bourbon Camps First 12 Viscount Gino Camps First Camps First Technicolor Nedford Victory Blue 7 Atomic Energy Ray Brown Fair Porter Raffle House Ariel Pal Fair Porter 9 2 Ray Brown Genies Mate Genies Mate Fair Porter Genies Mate Ray Brown 8 Set. Brown Fair Porter Ariel Pal Ray Brown Fair Porter Ariel Pal 6 0atburner OATBURNER Liability OATBURNER Oatburner OATBURNER 25 3 Liability Reserve Fund Reserve Fund Time-Sabu Reserve Fund Liability 8 Ormes Town Liability Oatburner Reserve Fund Ormes Town Reserve Fund 7 Merry Tudor Merry Tudor REPARTEE Fashioned Fashioned Merry Tudor 12 4 Worcester Oswego Dr. Worcester My Wash Merry Tudor Fashioned 10 My Wash Flint Heart My Wash Flint Heart Flint Heart Repartee 7 Town Sheik Nancie Pate Nancie Pate Nancie Pate Whirl Off Nancie Pate 19 5 Nancie Pate Town Sheik Town Sheik Town Sheik Nancie Pate Town Sheik 12 Double Barrel White Blaze Bestover Bestover Town Sheik Whirl Off 5 Futuresque Opening Day Futuresque Futuresque Futuresque 22 6Futuresque Barbazure Thunderjet Futuresque Barbazure Thunderiet Opening Day 6 First Tenet Barbazure Barbazure First Tenet Opening Day Barbazure 6 Reade Castle Reade Castle Reade Castle Mescara READE CASTLE Reade Castle 24 7 Mescara Mescara Mescara Reade Castle Mescara Mescara 13 , Hypocrasy Big Elm Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Hypocrisy 4 HI ANTE Equisun Golden Thorn Equisun Hi Ante Hi Ante 11 8 Netcherette Golden Thorn Hi Ante Hi Ante Golden Thorn Equisun 12 Equisun Hi Ante Miss Nap Golden Thorn Equisun Golden Thorn 10 Trackman, P. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Texas Coin TisJoe Fine Fiddle TisJoe Tis Joe Tis Joe 17 1 JisJoe Texas Coin Slam Ahead Ever Bright Texas Coin Texas Coin 9 Fine Fiddle Tommy Alan Infuriated Tommy Alan Tommy Alan Fine Fiddle 6 Leavenworth Crack Reward Leavenworth Lictor Leavenworth 11 2Dustlight Marltown Lictor Lictor Lictor Crack Reward Lictor 11 Brassy Lie Dustlight Leavenworth Crack Reward Brassy Lie Crack Reward 8 Sand Fly Sand Fly Sand Fly Moon Miami Sand Fly SANDFLY 22 3 MissJato By Degrees Moon Miami Sand Fly By Degrees Moon Miami 7 By Degrees Froth Betsy V. By Degrees Miss Jato By Degrees 6 Nightmarish Nightmarish Bidandmade Bidandmade Nightmarish Nightmarish 19 4 Humphrey Bidandmade Nightmarish Nightmarish Bidandmade Bidandmade 15 Bidandmade Grey Mike Cub Humphrey Cajac Humphrey 3 Cock Feather BONRILLA Moola MOOLA Moola Moola 20 5 Bonrilla Moola Convalescent Cock Feather Cock Feather Bonrilla 11 Moola Weep No More Doctor L. E. Bonrilla Bonrilla Cock Feather 9 Warmed Over Blue Point Golden Earring Dear Tint Dear Tint Dear Tint 13 6 Dear Tint Romanda Blue Point Warmed Over Blue Point Blue Point 9 Romanda Golden Earring Dear Tint Jungle Wind Golden Earring Warmed Over 7 Wintag WHIRLTOWN Saint Nicholas WHIRLTOWN Whirltown 20 7Whirltown Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas Festival II. Festival II. Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas 11 Festival H. Festival n. United Nation - Whirltown Festival n. Festival II. 7 DISH Madam Jeep Oatka Danada Red Sun Bound Sun Bound 9 8 French Navy Sun Bound French Navy French Navy Bucks Fancy Dish 7 Sun Bound French Navy Sun Bound Bucks Fancy Madam Jeep French Navy 7 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Jacopo LANDLORD Campaigner Arilou Watch Union Landlord 9 ILady Control Watch Union Reaming Feet Lady Jacopo Control Watch Union 7 Landlord Tiger Trap Your Sun Landlord Mel Hash Lady Jacopo 7 Newsweekly Newsweekly Newsweeklv Newsweeklv NEWSWEEKLY 25 2Newsweekly American Glory American Glory American Glory American Glory American Glory American Glory 10 Alphabetical Cacique Cacique Barrage Alphabetical Cacique 2 Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Hampton Roads 25 3 Band Leader My Good Man My Good Man My Good Man My Good Man My Good Man 8 Banner Waves Flying Wing Banner Waves Flying Wing Band Leader Band Leader 3 THYMUS Thymus Hannibal Thymus Thymus Thymus 22 4 Chello Band Stand Brer Fox Hannibal Great Captain Hannibal 8 . Eternal Tempo Lismore Prince Chello Great Captain Hannibal Great Captain 3 Merry Xmas Roman Wise ROSE FERN MERRY XMAS Roman Wise Merry Xmas 14 5 Miss Meggy Merry Xmas Miss Meggy Miss Meggy Miss Meggy Roman Wise 11 Roman Wise Who Dini Gorgeous Reded My Bebby Gorgeous Reded Miss Meggy 8 Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward Bull Page Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward 20 6 Bull Page Ferd Ferd Ferd Tea-Maker Bull Page 7 Tea-Maker Casemate Tea -Maker Tea -Maker Casemate Ferd 6 Cup King Extinguisher Extinguisher Extinguisher EXTINGUISHER Extinguisher 24 7 Extinguisher Aegina Goldjintown Our Patrice Goldjintown Cup King 6 Trumpet King Cup King Our Patrice Goldjintown Our Patrice Goldjintown 5 Reproduction Lina II. Reproduction Chanceling Ispahan Reproduction 13 8 Lina II. Reproduction Lina n. Ispahan Linan. Lina II. 11 Good Story Ispahan Ispahan Good Story Reproduction Ispahan 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lucy Belle Recluse Lucy Belle Lucy Belle Lucy Belle Lucy Belle 22 1 Virginia Gent Lucy Belle Idiom Four West BarbvBet Recluse 6 . Mar Pompey Idiom Recluse Barby Bet Four West Idiom 3 Bay Orders Bay Orders Westover Gal Bay Orders Bay Orders Bay Orders 20 2 Roundelay Roundelay Detection Roundelay Roundelay Roundelay 8 Showy Showy Showy Heddy B. Detection Westover Gal 5 Teddys Light Teddys Light Evenesta Evenesta Teddys Light Teddys Light 17 3 Armored Car Evenesta Israfel Teddys Light Evenesta Evenesta 14 Blond and Gay Bunny Hug Kidshall Blond and Gay Sabina Armored Car 2 NEW FASHION NEW FASHION NEW FASHION New Fashion NEW FASHION 28 4ElPacho New Fashion Ala Mowlee Ala Mowlee Ala Mowlee Ala Mowlee Ala Mowlee 9 Ala Mowlee King Watch King Watch EI Pacho Bull Hyde El Pacho 6 KING MOWLEE King Mowlee Aletta Wide Margin KING MOWLEE King Mowlee 22 5 Fighting Mad Fighting Mad Wide Margin King Mowlee Fighting Mad Aletta 8 Aletta Aletta King Mowlee Aletta Singing Doll Wide Margin 7 Bold Bold Alerted Bold Sonic Bold 19 6 Sonic Sonic Bold Sonic Bold Sonic 12 Alerted Alerted Sonic Alerted Alerted Alerted 9 Kensington Lad Taran Taran Taran Milldale Taran 19 7 Taran My Nell My Nell My Nell Taran Milldale 7 Milldale Kensington Lad Milldale Remembrance My Nell My Nell 7 Slam Bid Wassermatter Illustration Slam Bid Slam Bid li 8JoeMandell Slam Bid Joe Mandell Pennask Slam Bid Byja Copo Joe Mandell 8 Byja Copo Pennask Fighting Harry Byja Copo Joe Mandell Illustration 5 Pirate Gold Excel Lad Nereid Brown Fox Brown Fox Brown Fox 10 9 Dare All Pirate Gold Dare All Excel Lad Pirate Gold Pirate Gold 9 Count Steel Count Steel Marcion Count Steel Excel Lad Excel Lad 8 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Poser Jean Meter Gams Jean Meter Gams Gams 16 1 Gams . Gams Shy Ruler Gams Jean Meter Jean Meter 13 Jean Meter Poser Jjia Ula Poser Poser _7 Blue Sage Golden Mean Stefanella RayK. RayK 13 2RayK. Ringneck Brownskin Ringneck RayK. Ringneck Blue Sage 6 Annies Choice RayK. Annies Choice Annies Choice Blue Sage Ringneck 6 SILVER LAMEE Chacma Our Mission Chacma Chacma Chacma 15 3 Easy Paddy Silver Lamee Last Lap Last Lap Last Lap Silver Lamee 9 In A Breeze Easy Paddy Easy Paddy Sirpop Our Mission Our Mission 6 Heavenly Tune HEAVENLY TUNE Heavenly Tune Heavenly Tune Heavenly Tune HEVNLY TUNE 7 4 Model Home April Duke April Duke April Duke April Duke April Duke ~9 April Duke Shopping Spree Olagon Shopping Spree Shopping Spree Shopping Spree 3 Plucky Star Bulverde Dannas Pensive BULVERDE Dannas Pensive Dannas Pensive is 5 Dannas Pensive Anns Step Daughter C. Dannas Pensive Plucky Star Btflverde lS Daughter C. Dannas Pensive Plucky Star Daughter C. Bulverde Plucky Star 8 Count-A-Bit COUNT-A-BIT Dauntedid DAUNTEDID Count-A-Bit 20 6Count-A-Bit Equihaze Speedy Baby Dauntedid Charing Rock Count-A-Bit Dauntedid 14 Related Judys Runner Speedy Baby Count-A-Bit Speedy Baby Speedy Baby 4 Johns Choice I Trust Sam H. I Trust I Trust I Trust "~19 7 I Trust Sailing High I Trust Marymigirl Sailing High Johns Choice 8 Sam H. Johns Choice Johns Choice Johns Choice SamH. Sam H. 7 Hippodrome War Ripple Fulgura Fulgura Fulgura 16 8Fulgura Dinner Party Dinner Party Lou Jay S. Hippodrome Hippodrome Hippodrome 9 Jalopee Fulgura Dinner Party Dinner Party Excelente Dinner Party 6 Newspaper Newspaper Dare Hope Newspaper Newspaper Newspaper 20 9 Double O. World Trade World Trade Double O. Scotch Cup Double O. 6 World Trade Double O. Scotch Cup Scotch Cup Double O. Dare Hope 5 I

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