Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-11

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best In Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Challeport Devil Dust Devil Dust Challeport * Challeport 16 IChalleport Miss Nap Devil Dust Bamboozle Mr. Zippo Miss Nap Devil Dust 13 Mr. Zippo Mr. Zippo Challeport Miss Nap Devil Dust Miss Nap 5 Like A Breeze Hasty Sun Grand Isle Grand Isle Grand Isle Grand Isle 15 2 VinitaToney Sabson Sabson BlitzenLady VinitaToney Like A Breeze 7 Atomic Energy Like A Breeze Merriest Sabson Like A Breeze Hasty Sun 5 Cotton Top Red Charger Glance Cotton Top Red Charger Red Charger 16 3 Red Charger Goyonder Red Charger Red Charger Cotton Top Cotton Ton 13 Our Beauty Cotton Top Hoopla Sunlo Our Beauty Glance 5 Fashioned FASHIONED Hals Linda FASHIONED FASHIONED FASHIONED 27 4 Chicks Delight Chicks Delight Weep No More Kilayr Kilayr Chicks Delight 6 Kilayr Kilayr Fashioned Chicks Delight Chicks Delight Kilayr 6 Beseech Hoopie Hoopie Beseech Beseech Beseech 15 5 Warehouseman Deal Me In Deal Me In Trim Bull Trim Bull Hoopie 10 Neb Jr. Trim Bull Betsy Bell Warehouseman Deal Me In Deal Me In 5 BRITISH ISLES British Isles BRITISH ISLES Dominion British Isles British Isles 25 6 Dominion Big Road Big Road Big Road Big Road Big Road 9 Big Road Shining Deed " Castile British Isles Shining Deed Dominion 7 Show Place Rare Bid Grain Market Rare Bid Helia Rare Bid " 12 7 LeoP.McL. Banovina Helia Banovina Show Place Show Place 10 Rare Bid Shop Place Show Place Show Place Rare Bid Helia _7 French Navy Silver Plate Da Do Coquinet French Navy French Navy 12 8 Da Do MarkONight Best Judgment Fancy Festival MarkONight • Da Do 7 Frisk French Navy Indian Gold French Navy Coquinet Coquinet 6 ■ Moon Baby Moon Baby Mesabi Char S. V. March Proudly Moon Baby 12 yh MarchProudly" Dickie Sue CharS.V. Moon Baby Dickie Sue Mesabi 8 Mesabi Mesabi Open Way Dickie Sue Mesabi March Proudly 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Keep Moving Keep Moving Keep Moving Keep Moving Keep Moving KEEP MOVING 25 1 Fenelane Fenelane The Farmer The Farmer Blabber Mouth The Farmer 6 Blabber Mouth The Farmer Blabber Mouth Fenelane The Farmer [ Fenelane 5 Bullet Cee Bullet Cee Bullet Cee Santa Claus BULLET CEE Bullet Cee 24 2 Santa Claus Santa Claus i Santa Claus Bullet Cee Santa Claus Santa Claus 13 Sticktome Wayne L. Wayne L. Sticktome Wayne L. Wayne L. 3 Squidge Bull Man Bull Man VinitaWar VinitaWar, 14 3VinitaWar Moston Major Action VinitaWar " "VinitaWar Bull Man Bull Man 12 Squidge Favorite Trap Squidge Major Action Major Action Squidge 7 BUCKS FANCY Bucks Fancy Madam Jeep Bucks Fancy Bucks Fancy Bucks Fancy 24 4 Arab Miss Arab Miss Bucks Fancy Madam Jeep Arab Miss Madam Jeep 10 Madam Jeep Madam Jeep Pretty Trick Arab Miss , Madam Jeep Arab Miss 7 Leading Man Slipper Satin Whammo LEADING MAN Leading Man Leading Man 21 5 Slamaranth Leading Man Leading Man Whammo Slipper Satin Slipper Satin 8 Sorority Nightlife Slipper Satin Nightlife Whammo Whammo 8 Bold Sab BOLD SAB CorinneT. CorinneT. CorinneT. 18 6CorrineT. Flaneur CorinneT. Flaneur Pallis Royal Flaneur Bold Sab 14 Bold Sab Pallis Royal Corinne T. Bold Sab Birdseye View Flaneur _6 Blue Badge Blue Badge Myrmidon * Myrmidon Myrmidon Myrmidon 16 7 Some Town Some Town Some Town Blue Badge Chief John O. Blue Badge 13 Myrmidon Excel Lad Uncle Bim Excel Lad Blue Badge Some Town 6 Country Editor URGENT Zero Rebate 3 bonnadoon Urgent 11 8 Donnadoon Oatka GaySenorita Urgent Oatka Donnadoon 8 Urgent Donnadoon Urgent Country Editor - Rebate Rebate 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty • BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN • HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Your Sun Gondolier Your Sun Your Sun Your Sun Your Sun 22 1 Isle of War Your Sun « Othello BoldBrennan Isle of War - Gondolier 7 Othello What Gondolier • Intercept Gondolier Isle of War 4 Copper River Heres Luck Heres Luck Silk Quest Copper River Heres Luck 13 2 Silk Quest Silk Quest Tut-Tut-Tootie Heres Luck Silk Quest 3 Silk Quest 11 Pamaris Hadassah Hadassah High Tea Heres Luck Copper River 10 Irish Easter Irish Easter Irish Easter Hampton Roads My Good Man » Irish Easter 18 3 Mv Good Man My Good Man Hampton Roads Irish Easter Hampton Roads Hanroton Roads 11 Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Rank My Good Man Irish Easter My Good Man 10 Tops All TOPS ALL TOPS ALL Tops All Tops All TOPS ALL 29 4 Mop Up Glad Time MikeM. Cheermeup • MikeM. MikeM. 7 Mike M. Mike M. Cheermeup Mike M. Mop Up Mop Up 3 Second Look Office Party Office Party Office Party Office Party Office Party 22 5 Office Party Lost Story Town Ghost Cousin Second Look Second Look 7 Lost Story Town Ghost Roman Secret Town Ghost Town-Ghost Town Ghost 5 Be Modest Guiding Bold Irish Guiding Be Modest Be Modest 12 6 Bold Irish Be Modest * Toto Bold Irish Sister Louise Guiding 11 Toto Belle Amie Guiding Miss Lyonors Toto . Bold Irish 9 STONE AGE Stone Age Schroon STONE AGE STONE AGE Stone Age 28 7 Brandy Punch Hyvania Stone Age Brandy Punch Brandy Punch Brandy Punch 7 Monte Brandy Punch Hyvania Sky Power Schroon Schroon 6 Sonny Stief el Tedlin Sonny Stief el Tedlin , Tedlin 19 8Tedlin Stars Tedlin Click Tedlin Sonny Stief el Sonny Stief el 12 Temm Temm Temm Stars Click . * Stars 3 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK . Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS. Made It Broad Cross StarZ. Made It StarZ. Made It 14 1 HeddyB. StarZ. Made It Pebble Song Made It StarZ. 14 Star/Z. Pebble Song Ballinakill Star Z. Ballinakill Broad Cross 5 Prince Ransom Little Shrew Prince Ransom Prince Ransom Prince Ransom Prince Ransom 22 2 Showy Prince Ransom In My Bones Little Shrew Little Shrew Little Shrew 9 Handy Man Handy Man Call Violet In My Bones Showy Showy 3 War Age War Age Very Special Kings Quest Kings Quest Kings Quest 16 3 Kings Quest Kings Quest Kings Quest Pacific Ocean Warpath War Age 11 Yama Very Special Warpath Warpath War Age » Very Special 6 Gallalad Shine On SHINE ON Shine On SHINE ON Shine On 26 4 Shine On Tacaro True Dream Gallalad Gallalad Gallalad 11 True Dream Gallalad Gallalad Jolfrab Cecil M. True Dream 3 Bazaar Queen Nutmeg Bazaar Queen Bazaar Queen Bazaar Queen Bazaar Queen 21 5~ Sanctuary Make Sway Nutmeg Nutmeg Nutmeg Nutmeg 11 Silver Age Bazaar Queen Sanctuary Make Sway Bright Bones Sanctuary 3 " CHAINS CHAINS .Chains Chains Arcave Chains ~25 d Arthur Pilate Adile Arcave Adile Attention:Mark Arcave 7 Adile Attention Mark Arthur Pilate Kensington Lad Chains Adile 5 CerVantes • CerVantes CERVANTES CerlVantes CERVANTES 27 7CerVantes Eastern Flvway Eastern Flyway Eastern-Flyway Eastern Flyway Clean Broom Eastern Flyway 8 Mirthmaker Mirthmaker . Mirthmaker March Chick Super Salesman Mirthmaker 3 Excitement Village Boy Excitement • Napango Excitement Excitement 18 8 Abbe Boy Excitement EDic Chance Gnu Village Boy Village Boy 9 Village Boy Epic Chance Village Boy Excitement Epic Chance Napango 5 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track Signal Test Feefifofum Widdeford FEEFIFOFUM Feefifofum Feefifofum 21 1 Feefifofum Ackley Feefifofum Ackley Signal Test Signal Test 9 Widdeford Signal Test Bonaventure Signal Test Widdeford Widdeford 7 If Coming Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta 22 2 Fiesta Blue Row Super Foot Super Foot Super Foot Super Foot 7 Super Foot Probation Probation Gams If Coming- If Coming 6 Papaya Papaya Pink Gin Papaya Papaya Papava 20 3 Fazzula Pink Gin Wiseview . Pink Gin Moon Miami Pink Gin 9 Stock Exchange Espedeco Roundhouse Moon Miami Fazzula Fazzula _3 Bertha Ann Questagain Firewood Firewood Firewood 14 4HooIsIt Firewood Firewood Circulate Hoolslt Bertha Ann Hoolslt 10 LynnZ. Hoo Is It Hoo Is It Bertha Ann Hoo Is It Bertha Ann 8 Wendigo Ringneck RINGNECK Wendigo Wendigo Wendigo 18 5 Ringneck Wendigo Blue Falcon Jean Meter Ringneck Ringneck 17 Suprograph Jean Meter Wendigo Ringneck Jean Meter Jean Meter 4 Galedo Best Prospect Brownskin Lawful Brownskin 12 6Brownskin Scholarship Scholarship Lawful Lawful Scholarship Lawful 10 Lawful Brownskin Scholarship Scholarship Brownskin Scholarship 8 Malsi MALSI Poison Arrow Poison Arrow MALSI MALSI 22 Poison Arrow Hippodrome Sir Stephen Malsi Poison Arrow Poison Arrow 15 Jade Lad - Poison Arrow Malsi Hippodrome Jade Lad Hippodrome 3 SIAMESE Siamese Gino, Gray Tom Ferris Siamese Siamese 21 8 Willegivit Tom Ferris Siamese Siamese Tom Ferris Tom Ferris 11 Tom Ferris Jolly Irish Tom Ferris Gino Gray Gino Gray Gino Gray 7 Mon Torch Mon Torch Mon Torch Mon Torch Mon Torch 20 9BillKeefe IrmasJim c IrmasJim Tel-Aviv Tel-Aviv Flying Mile BillKeefe 5 Gloam Ray OSullivan Ray OSullivan Ray OSullivan IrmasJim IrmasJim 5

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