Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-01

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPE R T S SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings; Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for ZoVI point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman. J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS SuttonsSue Proud March Ansels Pelight Near Chance Proud March Proud March 12 I Near Chance Snangdahlen Proud March Gator Star Near Chance Near Chance 9 Gator Star Hy Domingo Frank K. Greek Songtress Angels Delight Angels Delight 6 NizamiLady NizamiLady Betora Fat Jack Betora 14 2Betcra NizamiLady Little Brother Betora Vanda Little Brother NizamiLady 13 Vanda . Betora Fat Jack Nizami Lady Betora Fat Jack 6 Hansum Gold Bound Gold Bound Gold Bound Gold Bound 17 3Hansum Our Special Sals Jet New Star Que Gal Hansum Hansum 13 Gold Bound Gold Bound Hansum Sals Jet Just a Truckin SaTs Jet 3 Frustrater J AX SIR JaxSir JAXSIR J AX SIR 24 4JaxSir Proud Way Bonnie Gail Bonnie Gail Proud Way Frustrater Frustrater 8 Frustrater Harmonize Proud Way Harmonize Bonnie Gail Bonnie Gail 5 Miss Wilma Van Mr. De Luxe Cosmic Hero Switch Cosmic Hero Cosmic Hero 15 5 Mr. De Luxe Cosmic Hero Switch Cosmic Hero Mr. De Luxe Mr. De Luxe 10 Cosmic Hero Conspirator Mr. De Luxe Feudal Dream Mss Wilma Van Switch 7 BUSTER BYRD Beau Clerc Nik-Nik BOULMICH BoulMich BoulMich 15 6 BeauClerc Off n Clear BoulMich Shrewd Tip Nik-Nik Beau Clerc 8 Off n Clear Boul Mich Off n Clear Buster Byrd Beau Clerc Buster Byrd 8 Dr. Joe Kay Dr Joe Kay Kintla Dr. Joe Kay Dr. Joe Kay Dr. Joe Kay 22 7 Kintla Kintla Dr. Joe Kay Rip Road Rare Music Kintla 11 Rip Road Dr. Josh Rip Road Kintla Kintla Rip Road _4 Happy Ace LEGATE Happy Age Pats Valentine Happy Age Happy Age 16 8 J. R. Jones Steel Peer Blue Licks J.R.Jones Legate Legate 11 Pats Valentine Happy Age Legate Legate Pats Valentine Pats Valentine 7 Reclaim Etheridge Lenafort Sherbet Lepafort Lepafort 12 9 Etheridge Slinker Sherbet Lepafort Slinker Etheridge 7 Be Man De Jon De Jon Reclaim Be Man Sherbet 7 Trackman, J N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Sudden Lamar Sudden Lamar Sudden Lamar " Sudden Lamar Sudden Lamar SUDDEN LAMR 25 1 MissMunster Ouatty Chantrose Quatty Hellan Maria Ouatty 4 Hellan Maria Daddys Dove Daddys Dove Heartsandflowers Daddys Dove Hellan Maria 3 Bristling Andys Beacon Easy Juan Andys Beacon Easy Juan Easy Juan 15 2 Easy Juan Glenkirk Andys Beacon Easy Juan Bristling Andvs Beacon 14 Andys Beacon Easy Juan Glenkirk Bristling Andys Beacon Bristling 8 Our Boy John Miss Turner Matrix Miss Turner Miss Turner Miss Turner 19 3 Miss Turner Star Again Miss Turner Du-Ni Star Again Our Bov John 7 Neil F. Church Man Our Boy John Church Man Our Boy John Matrix 5 Wat Leo Adams Boy Adams Boy Adams Bov • Adams Bov Adams Bov 20 4 Andrada Wise Fleet Wise Fleet Cling to Me Cling to Me Wat Leo 7 Venetian Melody Wat Leo Jimmy Doyle Wat Leo Wise Fleet Wise Fleet . 5 WARLESS BeauJer Three Bobs BeauJer GwenysKin BeauJer 13 5 BeauJer. Man of Quest Maybe Mabel Dixie Doge Man of Quest Warless 8 Dixie Doge Card Trick Beau Jer Warless Maybe Mabel Gwenys Kin 5 Sagacity PRINCE TORCH MamaLene- Prince Torch Prince Torch Prince Torch 19 6 Negrotrece Pandean Prince Torch Negrotrece MamaLene MamaLene 7 Early Warning Early Warning Negrotrece Early Warning Pandean Negrotrece 5 Ezgo • Dcgoon Dogcon Dogoon Dogoon 22 7Dogoon Ezgo Dogoon Ezgo Ezgo • Gay Vista Ezgo 12 My Night Out Gay Vista Shan Pac Gay Vists. Ezgo Gay Vista 4 Vinsecret WITH MUSIC VINSECRET WITH MUSIC Vinsecret 21 8Vinsecret Blame Mame Jackies First Vinsecret Jackies First Vinsecret .With Music 16 With Music Larks Pawn Jackies First With Music Jackies First Jackies First 6 Battle Talk Battle Talk Bobtag Battle Talk Battle Talk 17 9Bobtag MyrtisL.. Bobtag Bobtag Battle Talk Bobtag Bobtag 16 Leatherwood Stymie Pier Shannon Comet Heir of Pines Myrtis L. MyrtisL. 3 Trackman, D. S. Fair JAR1AICA Selections Made for Fast Track ■m Village Idiot Rain Cloud Vengeance Vengeance Vengeance Vengeance 19 I Vengeance Vengeance MarlowRoad Moon Cloud Rain Cloud " Rain Cloud 9 Moon Cloud Mess Hall Rain Cloud Rain Cloud Village Idiot Village Idiot _6 Mountain Holly Bon-Ru-Mar Bon-Ru-Mar Mountain Holly Hidi-Ann 12 2Hidi-Ann MaryLawIer Hidi-Ann Hidi-Ann Hidi-Ann Nanette Mountain Holly 12 Falcula Nanette Mountain Holly Mountain Holly Hidi-Ann Bon-Ru-Mar 10 Prize Purchase Lil Mouse * Ever So Humble Prize Purchase Lil Mouse Lil Mouse 12 3 Taeama Tagama Ceylon Pearl Tagama Prize Purchase Prize Purchase 12 Lil Mouse Apple Spy Tagama Lil Mouse Tagama Tagama 8 • - Lopar Willing Miss WILLING MISS Peep Blue Sea Lopar Willing Miss 15 tL Roman Song Roman Song Reman Song Willing Miss Pavonia Lopar 11 Willing Miss Rangy Lindlane Lopar Opera Pate Roman Song 6 WAVY NAVY Canceled Pate Wa.vy.Navy Meant Well Meant Well Wavy Na%v 16 5 Canceled Pate Capelet Meant Well Wavy Navy WavyjNavy Meant Weil 13 Capelet Meant Well Capelet Capelet Capelet Canceled Pate 7 Informant Red Cadet Viscount Jujitsu Gelio Juiitsu 8 6 Gelio Juiitsu Red Cadet Viscount Informant * Gelio 8 Loukenmac Informant Juiitsu Gelio Land OPeace Informant 8 Beam Rider BEAM RIDER BeamRider BEAM RIDER Beam Rider BEA"U RIDER 29 7 Field of Honor Roscoe Maney Bureaucracy Field of Honor Field of Honor Field of Honor 8 Jockos Walk Field of Honor Field of Honor Bureaucracy Jockos Walk Bureaucracy 3 French Bleu Elliotts Pream » Elliotts Pream Tattiebogle TATTIEBOGLE Tattiebogle 16 8 Pevils Image Tattiebogle Devils Image Devils Image Devils Image Elliotts Dream 10 Tattiebogle Hello Junedear Tattiebogle -French Bleu French Bleu pevils Image 8 Trackman. E. P. Heagerty LAUREL RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track Gallant Junior Gallant Junior Gallant Junior Sky Faith Sky Faith Gallant Junior 18 1 Sky Faith Sky Faith Sky Faith Swoop Down Gallant Junior Sky Faith 16 Laurchar Laurchar Sunlight Jess Gallant Junior Swoop Down Swoop Down 3 Big Blade Laura B.W. LAURA B. Wi Laura B.W. Laura B. W. Laura B~W 24 2 Laura B. W. Carmon-H. Carmon-H. Carmon-H. Big Blade Big Blade 8 Jestinphun Bold Count Jestinphun Big Blade Carmon-H. Carmon-H. 7 Wait for It Reserve Bid Al Mowlee Wait for It Wait or It Wait for It 19 3 Reserve Bid Wait for It Wait for It Surf Club Reserve Bid Reserve Bid 11 Al Mowlee Finn McCool Reserve Bid Reserve Bid Al Mowlee Al Mowlee 7 King Dare KING DARE Interrogation KING DARE INTERROGATION King Dare 23 4 Interrogation Interrogation King Dare Interrogation King Dare Interrogation 18 Sky Mint Sky Mint Gibs Request Sky Mint Sky Mint Sky Mint 4 ROHAN Surry Big Pond Big Pond Rohan : j Rohan 17 5 Surry Rohan Surry Rohan Surry Big Pond 13 Big Pond Big Pond Rohan Surry Big Pond Surry 12 Flying Chief Trico Fabricator Fabricator Trico 16 6Trico Flying Chief Trico Flying Chief Trico Trico Fabricator 13 Fabricator Fabricator Fabricator Flying Chief Flying Chief Flying Chief 11 Merrie Vee Eternal Path Bonnie Heaton Bonnie Heaton Merrie Vee Merrie Vee 12 Bubble Fame Bubble Fame Merrie Vee Eternal Path I Dont Care Bonnie Heaton 10 I Dont Care Nirvy Miss Eternal Path Bubble Fame Eternal Path Eternal Path 9 Telepost Telepost Teleocst Telepost TELEPOST 25 8Telepost Indiana Turkish Gold Turkish Gold Maritza Rough Conquest Turkish Gold 5 Maritza Conga Way Conga Way Turkish Gold Maritza Maritza 4 P • Blossom Maid Inquest Mepas . Mepas Inquest Inquest 12 Sllh BigasAgoura Ditty Girl Head Dancer Inquest Blossom Maid Mepas 10 * Hot Coffee Head Dancer Big as Agoura Starward Bound Pitty Girl Blossom Maid 7 Trackman, E. Chiat . LINCOLN DOWNS Selections Made for Good Track Lark Glo Wastrel Every Hour Lark Glo Lark Glo Lark Glo 16 Every Hour Jacksorbetter Miss Sands Jacksorbetter Thomas Pepper Every Hour 9 Wastrel . Thomas Papper Lark Glo Every Hour Every Hour Wastrel 6 Olympic Queen Sugarfoot SUGARFOOT Mig Alley , Olympic Queen Sugarfoot = 18 2" Sugarfoot Park Etching Olympic Queen Sugarfoot Sugarfoot Olympic Queen 13 Cash Mary Soldat Should We Olympic Queen Should We Mig Alley 5 Crimson King Fleet Chief Essayist Sealed Bid Essayist Essayist 15 3 Essayist Essayist • Sealed Bid Crimson King Sealed Bid Sealed Bid 9 Rearrangement Crimson King Sole Heiress Essayist Crimson King Crimson King 9 Heres a Miss Tony Leonard Blue Glade Heres a Miss Heres a Miss Heres a Miss 17 4 Reedy Parky Reedy Parky Heres a Miss Reedy Parky Blue Glade Reedy Parky 8 Tony Leonard Noble Broom Reedy Parky Blue Glade Reedy Parky • Blue Glade 8 Moontown Little Ferd Moontown MOONTOWN MOONTOWN 24 5Moontown Bonnie Style Rattan Queen Moontown Rattan Queen Rattan Queen Rattan Queen 7 Soundproof Bonnie Style Rattan Queen Mollie Z. Soundproof Little Ferd 5 Fairfield Thats This Game Total Oscar Fairfield Total Oscar Fairfield 16 6 Curam Fairfield Fairfield Motor Pool Fairfield Totar Oscar 11 Motor Pool Sir Knight Sir Knight Total Oscar Sir Knight Thats This Game 5 PLAY BL WILSON SODA CARD Valley Song Soda Card Mr. Jr. Soda Card 16 7 Soda Card Tu-ChaT. Soda Card Play Ball Wilson Sure Frisky Play Ball Wilson 10 Kings Market Kings Market Play Ball Wilson Valley Song Valley Song Valley.Song 7 Caloosa Pinky Jo Strong Lady Phoebes Babe Pinky Jo Caloosa 11 8 Strong Lady Caloosa Caloosa Calocsa Shadow Bound Pinky Jo 10 Shadow Bound Shadow Bound Challenir Strong Lady Strong Lady Strong Lady 9 Turkeyneckoaks Cassia Turkeyneckoaks CASSIA Cassia Cassia 20 9 S?55!?. . Turkeyneckcaks The Goon Muezzin Muezzin Turkeyneckoaks- 14 Woody s Pet ~ The Goon Cassia Turkeyneckoaks Turkeyneckoaks Muezzin 4

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