Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-05

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I J Alphabetical Index to Entries A Abeam— 3d Spt Abla-Jay— 3d CD Accomplish— 8th Jam Achilleus— 9th Jam Act Fast— 2d Spt Adapt— 4th Pirn Admiral Van — 7th Spt Adolphs Joy— 9th Jam Agitation— 2d Pirn Agoura Gem— 8th CD Ahmic Lake— 2d G.S Albany Square — 8th G.S All She Wrote— 7th CD Ambehaving— 7th Jam Amber Sands— 8th Suf Amber Reign— 8th G.S Amby— 4th CD Amite City— 4th Spt Amrie— 3d G.S Andale— 3d G.S Androb— 9th Spt Anya— 3d CD Apple Plosher— 1st G.S April Five— 1st CD Army Boss— 3d Pirn At Sunrise— 9th Jam Atellor— 8th CD B B. B. Bull— 9th Spt Ballet Nina— 2d Pirn Ballysadare— 3d Spt Bamboo Money— 4th CD Ban Tee— 2d Pirn Bank Night— 8th Spt Banksie— 2d CD Bar Chip— 1st Spt Battle Chant— 7th Suf Battle DWite— 1st Jam Battle Hill— 7th G.S Bay-B-Lin— 1st CD Beau George — 5th Spt Beige— 7th G.S Belated Wave— 9th Spt Belleharr— 2d CD Betrayed— 7th Pirn Big Bill— 1st G.S Big Freeze— 2d Jam Big Romance — 3d Suf . Bill Daly— 2d CD Bill of Rights— 5th Jam Birch— 3d CD Black Heart— 3d Pirn Black Master— 2d G.S Black Pine— 1st Pirn Black Question— 1st Suf Blame Mame— 6th CD Blarney Bill— 2d CD Blaze of Glory— 2d CD Blessed Past— 1st Suf Blue Miche— 4th Jam Bokeer— 6th Suf Bold Speculator— 5th Pirn Bolitha— 6th Suf Bombs Up— 5th Pirn Bonnie Belle II.— 3d Jam Bonnie Style— 6th Suf Bookie Boy— 8th Suf Booster Rocket— 5th Spt Booteve— 3d CD Boots Baby— 8th CD Boots Darling— 8th Spt Bossy Bolin— 2d CD Briar Close— 8th Jam Brilliant Speed— 6th G.S Broom Jockey— 2d CD Bullmerized— 6th Suf Bunucha— 6th Suf Buy Me Now— 8th Spt c Camelback— 7th Spt Cancel— 5th CD Candlesticks— 2d Spt Captious— 5th Suf Cardboard Sky— 3d Suf Casual Friend— 7th Jam Cellero— 4th Suf Challborre— 1st Spt Chalvedele— 3d G.S Chance Gauge— 7th CD Chanting Lady— 5th Pirn Check Artist— 4th Jam Cherry Picker— 4th G.S ChooChoo Lad— 3d Pirn Church Man— 1st Pirn Cilicia— 1st Suf Clang Clang— 1st Spt Clinical Proof— 8th Pirn Cloud Eight— 1st Suf Club Night— 2d Pirn Cold North— 2d Jam Colonel 0. 0— 5th CD Come Through— 1st Spt Concord — 2d Suf Connie-Cat— 3d CD Cons Boy— 5th CD Con -Vic— 8th Jam Corso— 8th Suf Count deBlanc— 6th CD Countess Ann— 1st CD Cousin Con— 7th G.S Crafty Belle— 4th G.S Cue Cu— 1st Pirn Cute Butterfly— 3d G.S D D. Beaut— 2d Pirn Daddy Sherwood — 2d Suf Dads Delight— 4th Jam Dagworthy— 1st Pirn Dan Mono — 1st Spt Dance Card— 7th G.S Dandy Master— 9th Suf Dash Dembow— 8th Jam Daublen— 8th G.S De Jon— 8th CD Debbie Castle— 1st Pirn Decameron — 7th G.S Deke— 5th Suf Delta Vee— 1st Jam Dentara— 3d G.S Diadema— 1st Pirn Dickie Don— 5th CD Dilly Whilly— 9th Spt Dinkle Squirm — 5th Suf Don Alonzo— 3d Spt Donabul— 8th Pirn Dont Spank— 1st Spt Double Square— 3d Suf Doublet— 1st Suf Down to Earth— 5th G.S Duck Heaven— 6th CD E Early Branch— 9th Jam Easy Smile— 6th Suf Edict— 1st Spt Edna Allen— 7th G.S Eds Image— 5th Pirn El Oued— 9th Jam Elath— 8th Jam Elchac— 4th Spt Electrum— 1st CD Epic Dancer— 2d Spt Erotnas W. L— 3d G.S Eternal Flame— 6th Pirn Ethel Fair— 2d Spt F Fair Cause— 1st Suf Fair Sada— 4th Spt Fairlawn Rocky— 3d G.S Fancy Souvenir— 3d CD Fast Draw— 2d Pirn Fernando— 6th CD Field Trip— 4th Pirn Fight Inflation— 8th Suf Fighting King— 3d Spt Fighting 0. K.-2d CD Fire Banner— 9th Pirn First Doe— 1st CD First Promotion — 3d Spt First Lead— 9th Jam Firstfpn-2d Spt Fishers Joy— 2d Spt Five Forks— 1st Suf Fleet Moment— 4th Suf Florida Kid— 4th Spt Flying Scholar— 2d Spt Forky— 8th Suf Franks Maude -3d CD Fredrica— 6th Spt Fre: Sleep— 8th Pirn Front Pew— 4th Suf Ft. Dodge— 3d G.S Fumigator— 1st Spt G Gala Rock— 8th Suf Galahit— 3d Pirn Gambrosia— 5th G.S Game Called— 3d Jam Game Heart— 2d Suf Gay Baron— 5th Spt Gay Dictation— 2d G.S Gay Widow-2d CD George Hosh— 9th Spt Giant Patch— 3d Pirn Go Bogie Go— 1st Jam Gol Brig— 6th Jam Gold Band— 5th Suf Gold Key— 6th Spt Golden Soldier— 2d Suf Good Gracie— 3d Suf Good Joy— 3d Spt Gotta Heart— 9th Suf Goya Maid— 1st Suf Grand Fiesta— 7th Spt Grand Opera— 7th Pirn Grand-Dad Oaks— 4th G.S Grannys Image— 8th Pirn Grawac— 1st Suf Gray Jan— 1st Spt Great Crossing— 8th Jam Greek Fleet— 3d Spt Grey Beau— 7th Suf Grey Haze— 3d Suf Grey Lightning— 4th Spt Gyp— 5th Spt H Half Carat— 4th CD Halt Katy-2d CD Hamlet Rose— 3d Spt Hangout— 4th CD Happy Bud— 8th CD Happy Hunting— 5th Jam Har-Boots— 2d Pirn Har-Lo-Mc— 2d CD Hashco— 8th Spt Hasty Scenes— 7th Pirn He Will— 4th Suf Helen Sag— 8th Pirn Helens Ace— 3d CD Heliobubble— 3d Pirn Hello Swifty— 5th CD Herbs Pat— 1st Pirn Here-We-Go— 6th Suf Hidalgo Co.-3d Spt Hi-Lift— 6th Spt Hill Country- Kh CD Hillsvale— 5th CD Hit and Run— 3d Suf Homeland— 4th CD Hot-cha— 2d Suf Hue and Cry— 7th Spt Hunters Dish- 9th Spt I Idleful— 2d Spt Im Gona To— 2d Spt Indac— 8th CD Insomnia— 9th Suf Intrusting— 3d G.S Intuitive— 2d G.S Invincible— 5th Jam Ira J.— 4th Pirn Irish Beth— 9th Pirn Irish Lancer— 5th Jam Island King— 5th Jam J J. L.s Pride— 5th Suf Jacket Quest -8th Suf Jailbird— 2d Jam Jambollero— 1st Jam Janissar— 1st Jam Jay Dee Day— 9th Suf Je Suis Me— 5th Suf Jedu— 7th CD Jens Hero— 4th CD Jeriel— 6th G.S Jet Fuel— 6th Jam Jet Missile— 6th Jam Jimmy Go Round— 8th Jam Jod — 7th G.S Jos Alibi— 2d Pirn JouettS.-lstG.S Jovial Miss— 8th Spt Junior Jay— 1st Spt Justified II. — 4th G.S K Kapitor— 7th G.S Kathryn Ann— 3d CD Keadron— 2d Suf King Me— 7th Pirn Kiser King— 6th Suf Klindike Duke— 2d CD Knife— 9th Suf Koko Dozo— 2d G.S L Lady of Fashion— 3d Jam Larry Wolf— 5th G.S Lauras Flame— 5th Pirn Lawrage— 2d CD Legal Sparation— 2d Pim Lew May— 1st Spt Likewise— 1st Spt Lil Money— 2d Spt Lilypond— 3d Pim Linzy Boy — 4th Spt Little Ferd— 4th Suf Little Fishook— 2d Suf Little Knoggin— 1st Suf Little Leaguer— 9th Jam Little Romeo— 9th Suf Lofty Gal— 5th G.S Lord Busher— 6th Pim Lost Holiday— 2d G.S Low Cut— 2d Jam Lubrette— 5th G.S Luckey Bull— 2d Suf Lucky Denny— 3d Suf Lucky Me— 7th Spt Lynns Birthday— 2d Pim M Ma Ginny— 1st Pim Madams Hunter— 8th Suf Main Line Joe — 1st G.S Mangam— 7th Spt Manukay— 1st Spt Maraine — 1st G.S March Cross— 8th Spt Mares Beau— 7th G.S Market Spy— 3d G.S Martial Law— 7th Pim Mary Dike— 2d CD Master Pat— 4th Spt Matisse— 8th Jam Maybe Best— 3d G.S Melpet Jr.— 6th G.S Meredith— 4th G.S Merrell L. F.— 1st G.S Mia Gal— 8th Spt Midshipman— 2d G.S Mikes Image— 1st Jam Miss D. A.— 2d Spt Miss Elena— 9th Spt Misss Ellen B.— 1st Pim Miss Errad— 1st CD Miss Lou— 2d Pim Miss Orestes— 7th G.S Miss Petey— 1st CD Miss Tie— 9th Pim Miss Tootsie— 3d CD Miss Trumps — 1st G.S Miss Turner — 4th Spt Miss Williams— 6th Pim Mister Storm— 1st Spt Moco Yardley— 2d Pim Molly Bell— 2d Suf Mornastar— 2d CD Mr. D. E.— 1st G.S Mr. Fidelity— 8th Spt Mr. Harrison— 1st G.S Mr. Howard — 4th Pim Mr. Shouse— 3d Pim Mt. Eden— 9th Spt Mumbo— 3d CD Musk; Maestro— 6th CD Musical Maid— 3d CD Musical Star— 6th Pim Mustato— 7th Jam My Dust— 6th Spt My Ring— 5th Spt Myrtis L.— 8th CD Mystere— 5th Jam Mythical Land— 4th Suf N Namron — 2d Spt Nasco— 7th Jam Natural Count— 1st Pim Naval Hero — 5th Jam Negri Lea— 7th G.S . , Negrotrece— 6th CD Net Ball— 4th Jam f New Cut— 2d Suf New Door— 1st G.S New Prince — 4th Jam New Valor— 4th CD Next Please— 8th CD Nina Girl— 6th Pim Nivrag— 7th Jam Noble Se!— 4th G.S NonnieJo— 7th CD Norska— 1st Suf Northern Stream— 1st Pim o Objective Moon— 2d Pim Ocean King— 8th CD Oil Legend— 6th CD Oil Show— 1st G.S Oiled— 3d CD Old Langley— 8th G.S Old Milton— 8th CD Old Story— 5th CD Omar H.— 5th CD One Crack— 4th CD One Way Out— 4th Suf Opposition— 8th Jam Our Rea— 2d Spt Our Tribe— 4th Spt Our Valdina— 9th Suf Out of Season— 6th Suf Out of Tune— 1st Jam Outgiving — 6th Jam Outline— 4th G.S P Panther Gap— 5th Suf Papasredman — 5th G.S Paralysis— 1st Pim Parthenon— 8th G.S Pasamayo— 9th Suf Passing Age — 9th Suf Patrol Boy— 4th Spt Patti B.— 1st CD Peace Ship — 2d Pim Peeping Ed— 2d CD Pen Case— 7th Pim Perfect Fit— 1st Suf Perturbed— 7th CD Petite Battement— 8th Pim Phillip S. F.— 1st Suf Picnic Ground — 3d Jam Pince Nez— 2d Pim Pinebroke — 2d Jam Pio— 3d G.S Pipe of Peace— 9th Suf Pokey T.— 2d G.S Post Off ice— 5th G.S Postpone— 7th Suf Potential Plus— 5th Jam Primer— 9th Jam Prince Bel Beau— 4th Suf Prince Gala— 7th Spt Prince Weeper— 2d Pim Princess Lisa— 5th Suf Priscilla C— 6th Pim Probationer— 6th Pim Prophets Girl— 9th Pim Puzzle Palace— 5th Pim Q Quatty— 2d CD Queen of Battles— 9th Pim , Quenticutt— 8th Pim Quick Dollar— 4th Suf Quig Flame— 6th G.S R Ranastream— 1st CD Raw Morning— 7th Pim Re Re Po— 8th CD Receipt— 9th Suf Red Chief— 2d G.S Red Coral— 2d Jam Red Leaf— 5th Pim Red Trouble— 5th G.S Remus— 6th G.S Richard K.— 3d G.S Rickey Jr.— 9th Suf Ripopic— 9th Suf Rock Blade— 2d G.S Roman Fan — 8th G.S Roman Image— 7th Suf Roman League — 2d Jam Roman Legion — 5th G.S Roman Spark— 8th Jam Romedda— 1st Pim Rose Ball— 6th Spt Rough Fellow— 3d G.S Royal Betty— 1st Spt Royal Lilt— 2d Suf Royal Product— 2d Suf Royal Redress— 5th Jam Royal Voyage— 4th Pim Rozs Gold— 4th Jam Russell Dancer— 9th Suf s Saber Duel— 9th Jam Samoan— 2d Jam Sandys Wish— 2d Pim Santurron — 2d G.S Satans Mate— 9th Pim Satans Staff— 1st G.S Scenery Tower — 8th Pim Scriven— 6th Suf Sea Venture— 3d Suf Senior High— 8th Jam Senorita Gal — 3d Spt Shandon— 6th Suf Shape Up— 2d CD Shuu — 9th Jam Side Kick— 4th Pim Silky Golsteen — 3d Pim Silverl Scot— 8th Pim Sioux Brave— 1st Suf Sir Hope— 5th G.S Sir Modred— 7th CD Sir Rom— 1st Pim Sis Mango— 2d CD Sister Bear— 2d Suf Sister Rusty— 4th G.S Skate — 2d Jam Small G— 8th Pim Smoky Hill— 8th CD Soundproof— 6th Suf South Kansas— 2d Spt South Wisner— 1st Pim Spanish Dandy— 7th Suf Special Angel— 1st Jam Special Chick— 2d Pim Speedy Chap— 2d Spt Sphinxlike— 3d Jam Spring Broker— 5th CD Squaw Creek— 3d Suf Star Cast— 1st G.S Star Prince II.— 7th Jam Stardaritv— 5th Spt Starlight 0. F— 3d CD Statistician — 6th Spt. Stay Smoochie — 7th G.S Ste. Joan — 7th Pim Stolen Secret— 3d G.S Stout Fellow— 6th Spt Stradone— 4th Pim Stroller— 5th Spt Stymie Dier— 9th Spt Submersion— 1st CD Sudden Fame— 4th Pim Sun Bolt— 7th Pim Sun n Fun— 1st G.S Sun Spirit — 1st Jam Sunni Wolf— 2d C D Sunny Gem — 4th Pim Sunny R.— 5th Suf Sunny Ruthie— 8th Spt Sunspray— 1st Suf Supreme Buster— 8th Spt Sweet Mimi— 1st CD Sweet Mollie— 9th Pim Sweet Peaches— 9th Pim • Sweet Sister— 3d CD Sweet Swinger— 2d Suf Swift John— 2d G.S Swoop Down — 9th Suf Sybaris— 6th G.S T Tarpoo— 5th Jam Tempted— 7th G.S Tempts Image — 3d CD Tennessee Col. — 4th Spt That Lucky Day— 6th Jam The Irishman— 6th Jam The Lip— 8th Spt The Right Sort— 1st Jam Tiger Sun— 5th Spt Timerlane— 3d G.S Tingaling Jim— 6th Jim Tintamar— 3d Jam Tomate— 1st CD Toni Mia— 5th G.S Too Hasty— 7th Pim Trade Line— 2d Suf Traders Luck— 1st Pim Trading— 9th Pim Trish— 1st Suf Trock— 4th Jam Trust Allis— 8th CD Tuck Me In— 2d Suf Tucky Miss— 3d CD Tus Beau— 2d Spt Tuscany Belle— 1st Pim Tutsie— 1st Pim u Uncle Hilly — 2d Jam V Vagabond Scholar— 1st G.S Valgay— 7th Suf Veloz II— 8th G.S Verdi— 7th Suf w Wait for It— 6th G.S Warm Welcome— 3d Suf Water-Sparrow— 3d Jam West Rock— 5th Pim, Wherehavubeen— 6th CD Whirl Dust— 4th Suf Wild Ride— 8th G.S Willow Relic— 7th Suf Wind Drinker-2d G.S Wise Paul— 9th Spt Wolf Badge— 1st Spt Wondrous Hour— 3d CD Wood Pigeon— 4th Spt Woozi Flyer— 9th Suf Worrigal— 1st CD Worth Waitin— 1st G.S X Xalapa Boy— 4th CD Y Young Combat— 5th Pim Yukon Jake— 7th Spt z Zazu— 5th Suf

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