Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-05-10

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Copper Cud Copper Cup Sals Pride Terry Mine Terry Mine Copper Cup 13 1 My Fate Sunny Hash Sunny Hash Ocean Sand Copper Cup Terry Mine 12 Ocean Sand Terry Mine Terry Mine Copper Cup Sunny Hash Sals Pride 5 2W»- Hush Money Count Deep Hush Money Illstay Hush Money 13 Prissy Boy Count Deep Prissy Boy Count Deep Hush Money Illstay 10 B°H s Beauty Erby D. Hush Money Suzies Girl Prissy Boy Count Deep 9 Delhannah Shaffie Delhannah Delhannah DELHANNAH DELHANNAH 23 3 ££2£«iii £my Ariel Pal Shaffie Nifty Shaffie 10 Grey Bul Delhannah Wisktiger Nifty Shaffie Nifty 5 5"ft?M» My Wash IVY BOY My Wash Pinal Leave My Wash 14 4 rELSSL Cuddlesome My Wash IvyBov My Wash Ivy Boy 12 manvan Final Leave Hypothesis Cuddlesome Ivy Boy Final Leave 11 5££fyi££0£i., Soy,?1.Lu,ck Technicolor Grey Scout Technicolor Technicolor 15 tSSM? h,ni90l?r Fearless Ken Technicolor Royal Luck Grey Scout 12 SSSBSSS* Chicks Delight Grey Scout Royal Luck Grey Scout Royal Luck 8 6htXADOB,A fncantadora Rose Bed Encantadora Pad Lock Encantadora 21 £t«Lt££ f,*111? Encantadora Connies Boy Encantadora Pad Lock 11 Kose Bg Rose Bed Pad Lock Pad Lock Rose Bed Rose Bed 8 7WnrZSj?°r i?nioT%°f Merry Tudor Nowloggin Garrett C. Merry Tudor 15 onmrf Merry Tudor Nowloggin Merry Tudor Junior Wolf Nowloggin 8 omPare Nowloggin Lill L. Junior Wolf Merry Tudor Junior Wolf 8 8Sm5L. INACCESSIBLE Icanc INACCESSIBLE Inaccessible Inaccessible 19 HEEL I?anc Phidias Icanc Coquinet Icanc 15 Mescara Mescara Superwolf Phidias Icanc Phidias 5 Suk pJ£?1t£? Uncle Rob Fair Porter Fair Porter Uncle Rob Uncle Rob 15 UDNn?mriS fouint Normrich Normrich Special Fair Porter 10 Jlormncn Special Thunder Hoof Special Normrich Normrich 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track -Sl TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 BhSandfSl?* Rock Garden By Degrees Rock Garden Rock Garden Rock Garden 20 1 K» f/ees Fayette Star By Degrees Bv Degrees By Degrees 11 ±*eA*liaer Sheha Lou Big Cat Newton Airds Hunters Glorv Shelia Lou 3 ZNntr-oi /eeMe Free Me Ocean Oueen Free Me Free Me 21 nSrSSi Nicotine Gal Top Choice Harem Princess Harem Princess Ocean Oueen 6 cean wueen Top Choice Harem Princess Free Me Nicotine Gal Nicotine Gal 5 3AvPTaih£L, Air Patrol Desert Witch AIR PATROL Air Patrol Air Patrol 22 R.thhi S"%» • Gay Liberty Frisk Gay Liberty Gay Liberty 6 auDPins Gay Henrietta * Bubbins Bubbins Frisk Desert Witch 5 4MrnFJnor«i fiE""and. Veribest Veribest Veribest Veribest 20 Piv?ii * Moon Miami Betsy V. Moon Miami Moon Miami Moon Miami 9 SB5 at Sand Fly Moon Miami Injector Sand Fly Sand Fly 7 5rX2STh„mK ?nks PUNKS Full Platter Punks PUNKS 24 w£t?i?3w b £eb ,_ Hasty Bid Punks Jeb Full Platter 5 Mastv Bld Green ™. Thumb Green Thumb Jeb Green Thumb Jeb 5 6r52o„5!««« £in5s,?0D?. Fleeterthan ~ Good Question KINGS HOPE Kings Hone 21 wJ?* S00 9Vestlon Kings Hope Rubys Jon Fleeterthan Good Question 10 gggggSfiB Fleeterthan Rubys Jon Lasting War Good Question Fleeterthan 9 7nwiandi-. J?,luBadee Golden Bolt Blue Badge Flv Out Blue Badge 16 n£u 5 fn% fiSS**. Blue Badee Golden Bolt Blue Badge Fly Out 13 Golden ,* Bolt Golden Bolt Flv Out Hals Linda Golden Bolt Golden Bolt 10 8SS?SS iUN, B.?UND Moon Baby Moon Babv Sun Bound Sun Bound 21 iX£S»S* S"" Sprite Sun Bound Sun Bound Moon Baby Moon Baby 13 Moon Baby Copper Pot Proud Jack Sir Sprite Sir Sprite Sir Sprite 4 Trackman, J. R. Batty JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 ThLnTo«aucer Gypsy Fiddle Stone Saucer Teddys Picnic Pops Stone Saucer 11 1 wJSrSSit oOPSx Pops PoPs Gypsy Fiddle Pops 11 woir °g Sea Bob v Kings Point Stone Saucer Teddys Picnic Gvpsv Fiddle 7 2?oi7cBart BIG TIME ALGIE Holly Ridge Basis Basis 11 ffig ■■■■ lfa11,cyara Basis Algie Algie 10 ~±5 Pawty Holly Ridge Halcyara Holly Ridge Big Time 7 3 ££*and_* EhFry Bay Star " Bay Star Quick Retort Fish Fry 15 SuiCcfRetort £avStar Fish Fry Quick Retort Fish Fry Bav Star 13 ±5ay btar Sails Quick Retort Fish Fry Hopefully Quick Retort 10 4££w2W §°roc Challcote Hotrock Hotrock Hotrock 17 SSSmor- Bedazzle Hotrock Bedazzle Ham Bone Ham Bone 8 miss Lamar Ham Bone Bedazzle Texas Reward Bedazzle Bedazzle 8 5£ni?rYi° £loryT° Hill Queen Gaelic Gal Gloryo Glorvo 19 SSj.™.. T?,a/fazar Mile. Ell Gloryo Clara Patricia Gaelic Gal 6 ImaLazar Hill Queen Gaelic Gal Clara Patrice Tina Lazar Hill Queen 6 6M r?vb5KLc eiSymas Betty Lamar Betty Lamar MY BEBBY MyBebby 17 ElS IRSStf MyBebby Inanabout Betty Lamar Betty Lamar 12 rtampallion Rampalhon Rampalhon My Bebby Merry Xmas Merry Xmas 8 7?KKiF?£iCe £bbl£ and Abbie Co OUR PATRICE Our Patricia OUR PATRICE 21 RbUuwLht Our Patrice Our Patrice September Abbie Co Abbie Co 14 Qickie *iigm September September Lotus Blossum September September 5 8W£.S!yS0Ur 55*5:— Risking LinaU. LinalL Linall. 16 Tinarr wES*.8*1* GinnasWar Risking Whiskey Sour Risking 9 Lma n- Whiskey Sour Malsi Ginnas War Malsi Whiskey Sour 8 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track _RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 H?vitpmnnt 9andDandZ! i?iyaPo£ Bellisan Bobs Birthday HiyaPoo 13 I iy,?ct°D Bobs Birthday Signal Way Bobs Birthday Excitement Bobs Birthday 10 ljelllsan Excitement Bobs Birthday Hiya Pop Signal Way Excitement 8 2§2Soy™f §eh,eaiSer, Buss Up Rocky Reef Rocky Reef Rocky Reef 19 ! SSrhf* Rocky Reef Rocky Reef Rehearser Rehearser Rehearser 12 BussUp Buss Up Rehearser Buss Up Buss Up Buss Up 9 3whp«rtv?i™« Weatherman Weatherman Choralier Weatherman Weatherman 19 W£i™~man King Mowlee KmgMowlee Weatherman Choralier Choralier 14 Kmg Mowlee Choralier Choralier Behold King Mowlee King Mowlee 6 I A lSrmnn0S 7™ Saran lTandn Vamanos Vamanos 15 * Trtn v2?„«. SrtSSP- Vamanos Taran Taran 14 I Taran Vamanos My Nell Taran Loran Loran 10 5Xides «i Tides Barauette Tides TIDES TIDES 22 3 IfllieUette BES?.S2!ltlne §idleart IUlie Barauette BaraTette 11 aime Barauette Her Reward Barauette Billie Billie 4 6 Sylvan Rock guc1 , Sylvan Rock EUCLID Euclid Euclid 19 , Fidrifir mISbSL. ln5iYiduat€ Sylvan Rock Sylvan Rock Sylvan Rock 15 FlddleI Sylvan Rock Fiddler Fiddler Fiddler Fiddler 4 J 7 p!nASIN° S,l1fCHIN° KING WATCH Giachino Digit Giachino 2i I MiSpn,, £i1K1t~ £Klt; Miriams Boy Giachino Digit 10 Miriam s Boy Black Canasta Violence Digit Penaway King Watch 7 • 8m3wLi~ MC/°Ik £ra,yli,nK Sir Cross M Cork M Cork 19 Frilly Oaks Sir Cross M Cork M Cork Sir Cross Sir Cross 10 MarPompev Grayling Sir Cross Idiom 5nSjg Oraylgg _7 i Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS ? 1Xes? « • Plucky Willie Pink Gin Pink Gin Pink Gin Pink Gin 17 i P?ftnvkn? vaLBlaze Plucky Willie Plucky Willie Plucky Willie Plucky Willie 11 ■ aandy iaze Yeso Yeso Bay Blaze Bav Blaze Yeso 7 9 iZL v5uat MI?w£HfT ROSE ?ed,hiat Questagain Red Wheat Red Wheat 17 ] * vmLFSSLi 52Snrw?* andEHBandL Heavenly Tune April Duke Midnight Rose 10 I Velvet Bound April Duke Midnight Rose Midnight Rose Midnight Rose Questagain 5 1 SSSSiJ"1 SSandSftLvwfc. g°Mfl*» . Perfect Melody PRFCT MELODY Perfect Melody 15 » PordJ?H£«i~* , Perfect Melody Bouncing Baby Fighting Day Bold Star Bold Star 15 c Perfect Melody Buntvs Imp St. Louisan Bold Star Bouncing Baby Buntvs Imp 6 5 Moose Pone M.Longeine M. LONGEINE Lady Patricia Jean Meter M Longeine 14 i 4 Maves Riley Mayes Riley Mayes Riley Mayes Riley M. Lonleme Mavfs Riley 9 r Gunning Island Moose Pone Gunning Island Jean Meter Mayes Riley Moose Pone 6 5av- , Eost?£s Pride Knights Knave Queen Zac RavK. RavK 14 S 5 BoldBolo RavK. Bold Bolo RavK. Queen Zac QueenZac 1 Champion Buddy Knights Knave Gee Whiz Fosters Pride Champion Buddy Knight Knave 6 6thJEDID Paceion Cpunt-A-Bit Peace Mission Dauntedid Dauntedid 17 " £?eAffit RSSSfPii* 3SS55L. 2aun.te?id.t Peace Mission Peace Mission 12 Count-A-Bit Count-A-Bit Dauntedid Count-A-Bit Count-A-Bit Count-A-Bit 9 g Star of Dublin Quiz Me Martonna Quiz Me Quiz Me Quiz Mp Tfi ■ 7 j££and!L. Star of Dublin BlearyBob Star of Dublin Margaret B. Star of Dublin 10 | Jungle Juice Martonna Quiz Me H Capstone Star of Dublin Martonna J I 8RahwlSulliVan A-hle GinoGray ATHLETE Athlete ATHLETE 20 Athlete GinoGray Mesmerized Mesmerized Rav O Sullivan GinoGray 8 v F GinoGray Mesmerized Athlete Rav O Sullivan Mesmerized Rav TSullivan 8 a — It

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