Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1955-06-15

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Spiriam Spiriam AnnFlynn Spiriam Spiriam Spiriam 22 1 ££b * • t E?b §£inam , , Feb Theatricalady Theatricalady 6 Theatricalady Theatricalady Theatricalady Theatricalady Supersue Feb 6 Bleu Feature Amphiblen Brassy Bleu Feature Brassy . Bleu Feature 15 2 Russell TS Brassy Bleu Feature Russell TS Bleu Feature Brassy 14 Brassy Bleu Feature Russell TS Brassy Russell TS Russell TS 6 Spring Khal Spring Khal Spring Khal Spring Khal Spring Khal Spring Khal 25 3 LuckeyPete Mighty Moment Judge Browdee Heart Flash Heart Flash * Luckey Pete 6 Heart Flash Luckey Fete LuckeyPete Lucky Pete Luckey Pete Heart Flash 5 Pauls Pal Undergrad Dream Pattern TeeJ.H. Undergrad Undergrad 13 4 and£F,?o eeJ-Iii Sky Capers Undergrad Angie Dream Pattern 7 weed Seed Dream Pattern Undergrad Angie Dream Pattern Tee J. H. 7 DANCE NSING Dance Nsing DANCE NSING Dance Nsing DANCE NSING DANCE NSING 31 5 Alternative Alternative Loridale Chicle n. Loridale Alternative 6 Black Bantam Breakers Alternative Alternative Breakers Loridale 4 Ciderman ROYAL BRED Pine Theme Ciderman Ciderman Ciderman 19 6 Goldnose Ciderman Ciderman Royal Bred Pine Theme Royal Bred -11 Royal Bred Pine Theme Royal Bred Retract Retract Pine Theme 8 Smokescreen Streaking Scent Scent Scent 19 7$,cen Torch of War Scent Scent DucdeFer Sir Tribal Streaking 5 Due de Fei/ Torch of War Torch of War Precious.Stone Two Fisted Smoke Screen 5 ?Taa¥- No Tricks ATTAVAR No Tricks Attavar 15 8#taXa£ » DontOrest Np Tricks Attavar No Tricks Dont Orest No Tricks 15 No Tricks Attavar Youll Do Youll Do Youll Do Sandy M. 5 KirkwayMiss Lou Adams Montevideo KirkwayMiss Par Boy Kirkway Miss 13 9 St. Reno Montevideo KirkwayMiss Par Boy Lou Adams Lou Adams 8 Queens Regret Par Boy St. Reno Lou Adams Kirkway Miss Par Boy 8 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE , Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS- Sweeping Flag Sweeping Flag Sweeping Flag Miss Egypt Sweeping Flag * Sweeping Flag 22 1 Miss Egypt Miss Egypt Challenge Witt Sweeping Flag Ann-Mar Miss Egypt 10 Ann-Mar King Fiddle Miss Egypt Aroma Cableon Ann-Mar 3 LovelyDevil Calm Bay Calm Bay Calm Boy Calm Bay Calm Bay 22 2 SM-f S°S?Dell SirF,ay SirFay LovelyDevil LovelyDevil 10 Bold Bandit Bold Bandit Lovely Devil m Bonne Irene Wolf Whistle SirFay 4 Fighting Moore Crafty Sleuth B.°oral Fighting Moore Fighting Moore Fighting Moore 17 3 Prestwick Booral Fighting Moore Prestwick Prestwick Booral 9 Booral Prestwick FloD. FloD. Booral Prestwick 7 Hunt Plate Hunt Plate Fidget MARIPOSA Granite Flyn Hunt Plate ~tt 4 Granite Flyn Just Barbara Just Barbara Fidget Hunt Plate Mariposa 10 Mariposa Mariposa Granite Flyn Dandy Wag Mariposa Granite Flyn 8 MISS BOBBIN MISS BOBBIN MISS BOBBIN Miss Bobbin Miss Bobbin MISS BOBBIN 31 5 Be-Mi-Dear Be-ML-Dear TomiBlu WarStim - TomiBlu TomiBlu 5 War Stun Tomi Blu High Living High Living Be-Mi-Dear Be-Mi-Dear 5 ° £latrock, . Eternal Amber Normans Weed Normans Weed Normans Weed 16 6£laJ2?ck -.xr Normans Weed * Normans „r Weed Normans Weed Flatrock Eternal Amber Flatrock - 14 Amulet Handsome Fitz Flatrock Dan Pat Flatrock Eternal Amber 7 Grand Evening Grand Evening Grand Evening Grand Evening GRND EVENING Grand Evening 27 7 Billcella Jakanpr Billcella LoveBug Billcella Billcella 7 Xapatter Xapatter LoveBug Billcella Maidens Reward LoveBug 3 Leas Son Fixed Charge Skipjack Fixed Charge Whirls Bell Fixed Charge 10 8 AJaric Donnas Fox Dryok Marys Frank Trout Lure Leas Son 8 Trout Lure Leas Son Whirls Bell Leas Son Leas Son WhirlsBell 6 Trackman. J. S. Grant AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS ~ Gascony Seebit Big Break Gascony Early Light Gascony 16 1 ieej,lt r Gascony Seebit Gascony • Seebit - 10 Radiant 4-t Lady Radiant Lady Early Light Blacktype Seebit Early Light 6 Slideness Slideness Slideness In Wonderland In Wonderland Slideness 17 2 Miss Atlas Miss Atlas Miss Atlas Air Romance Air Romance In Wonderland 10 Clybern Sweet and Dry Sweet and Dry Slideness Slideness Miss Atlas 6 Hidi-Ann Big Switch Curly Top Curly Top Curly Top 10 3Smithtown Jamaica Rose Jamaica Rose OiseauBleu Bernmore Hidi-Ann Big Switch 8 Shannon Sound Big Switch Bernmore Big Switch Big Switch Hidi-Ann 7 = Take Two Long Row Pipe Dream LONG ROW Long Row Long Row 19 Apophasis Pipe Dream Happy Chap Take Two Take Two Pipe Dream 9 Long Row Happy Chap Long Row Pipe Dream Pipe Dream Take Two 9 GETTHERE JACK GETTHERE JACK Getthere Jack GetthereJack Getthere Jack GTTHRE JACK 29 Viking Victory Will of Allah Will of Allah Will of Allah Will of Allah Wai oSh 9 Will of Allah Viking Victory Viking Victory Viking Victory " Viking Victory Viking Victory 6 Hilarious Acefull ByJeepers Acefull Indian File Acefull ~ 16 Acefull ByJeepers Acefull ByJeepers Acefull . ByJeepers 11 ByJeepers Indian File Indian File Hilarious ByJeepers IndianFile 7 Final Pole Final Pole GEOMETRIC Final Pole FINAL POLE Final Pole 24 7 Cash Sale Geometric Final Pole Run Riot Geometric Geometric 32 Lady Atom Marston Moor Marston Manor Geometric Marston Moor Marston Moor 3 Brunswick Mr. Gray Brunswick Mr. Gray Mr. Gray Mr Grav 17 KrisKringle Brunswick Mr. Gray Active Duty Brunswick Brunswick- i4 Blue Riches Blue Riches Blue Riches Brunswick KrisKringle KrLsKrinW % Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track • RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS" Monte Monte Monte Blue Jack Blue Jack Monte ir 1 Blue Jack . Blue Jack Flaming Prince Flaming Prince Flaming Prince Blue Jack 15 Flaming Prince Achilles Blue Jack Rusty Monte FlamingPrince 7 Carolina Rex Thane of Fife Step Busy Carolina Rex Carolina Rex Carolina Rex T? Step Busy Busy Phil Thorn Bush Thane of Fife Step Busy Step Busv 9 Thane of Fife Carolina Rex Carolina Rex Clever Defense Joe Judge ,Thane of Fife 8 WAR PHAR WarPhar Particolor Particolor War Phar War Phar hH Particolor Particolor n Browse WarPhar Particolor Particolbr ir Peeper George W. W. WarPhar Adopt Adopt Adopt 2 Sakr-El-Bahr Thee and Me SAKR-EL-BAHR Sakr-ElTBahr SAKR-EL-BAHR Sakr-El-Bahr 24 Metaxa Metaxa ChallaRock Thee and Me Darcv Thee and Mp « Thee and Me Heron Lake Darcy ChallaRock Metaxa . Metaxa 5 Do Report Staffordshire Do Report Do Report Do Report DoReDorr 99 Staffordshire Do Report Repetoire Staffordshire Staffordshire Staffordshire 19 Copper Kettle Copper Kettle Staffordshire Bronze Warrior Gallito Repetoire 2 Hoplite HOPLITE Hoplite Hoplite Hoplite HOPLITF ?7 Alford Plenary Alford Alford Alforli Alford a Grand Graphen Grand Graphen My Truly Fail- My Truly Fair Plenary Plenary 3 *7 £uly,P£wnu . gauteur July Clown GWYSWWWOW GwenysWowWow July Clown 15 7 / Baals Prophet Poems GwenysWowWow July Clown July Clown GwvsWowWow i2 Hauteur July Clown : Hauteur Hauteur Baals Prophet Hauteur 8 Happy Dust Nival - Nival Nival Nival ~ Nivai 29 Nival Magic Toes BlueElpis Magic Toes BlueElpis BlueElnis 7 Blue Elpis BlueElpis Magic Toes Blue Elpis Magic Toes Magic Toes 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty THISTLEDOWN Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN " HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS For Tat Gold Standard Aggravator Gold Standard I Aggravator Gold Standard TT 1 1 Royaldina MissRobbin For Tat Aggravator Gold Standard Aggravate? ii . Gold Standard Market Price MissRobbin ErrardsBoy ErrardsBoy For Tat 7 Milan Man- Tpurlanx : Pantata Tourlanx Pantata Tourlanx 14 Pantata Sleepy One Tourlanx . MilanMan Milan Man Pantata 13 Tourlanx Red Martlet Milan Man Pantata Tourlanx Milan Man 10 Triple Honors Triple Honors Stimulant Sagmate Silk Trip Silk Trip io 3 Sagmate Silk Trip Sagmate Silk Trip Stimulant Saemate in Spikes Pride Stimulant Silk Trip Stimulant Sagmate Triple Honors 10 Nina Pal Top Command WILLOW BROOM SOMETHING Willow Broom Willow Broom 15 Willow Broom Col. Windy Nina Pal Nina Pal Something Something 11 Joyces Gem Something Something Willow Broom Nina Pal Nina Pal 10 Warehouseman Warehouseman Uncle Pete WoodviewAce THE VEEP The Veen n 5 The Veep The Veep Warehouseman Uncle Pete Uncle Pete Warehouseman WoodviewAce Uncle Pete The Veep The Veep wTrehouseman UnclePete 10 Top Form TOP FORM Radiola Moose Eye Radiola TOP FORM 17 ft Moose Eye Moose Eye Moose Eye Top Form Top Form Moose Eye 12 w Great Mogul Radiola Top Form Great Mogul Moose Eye Radiola 11 Square Dancer Court Shannon DaddysPunkin Square Dancer Daddys Punkin Square Dancer 14 Court Shannon DaddysPunkin Square Dancer Crosslock Square Dancer DaddysPunkin 12 Crosslock . Crosslock Montaera Court Shannon Crosslock Court Shannon 8 AIRTROOP Telbras Airtroop Telbras Airtroop Airtroop 17 8 Bayou Rose Play Request Sea Weather Bayou Rose Sea Weather Telbras 10 Play Request Sea Weather Play Request Irish Yarn Play Request Play Request 5 * 1 ,i t

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