Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1954-06-23

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FTjwti to Consensus Shew Comparative RatfofJ, Atlowinj 5 prints ftr 1st Tatars Best 7 Points, 2 Pttats for 2i, 1 Point for 3d Todays lest in Black Tyj* , Trackman. J. J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERM1S SWEEP CONSENSUS Track General Track General Phillips Pal Track General Track General Track General 22 1 Scarlet Love Carols. Track General Philips Pal Philips Pal Philips Pal 10 Jims Gram , Philips Pal Carol S. Patill Bill Adams Carol S. 3 Bogs Pride Roaming Oscar Tordar Mighty Nice Roaming Oscar Roaming Oscar 15 2 Roaming Oscar Mighty Nice Hot Chocolate Roaming Oscar Hot Chocolate Tordar 8 Tordar Tordar Roaming Oscar Hot Chocolate Tordar Hot Chocolate 5 Lady Ridgewell Smart Cookie Sorority Sorority Lady Ridgewell Lady Ridgewell 15 3 Smart Cookie Lady Ridgewell Lady Ridgewell Chicks Delight Sorority Sorority 14 Sorority Sorority Chicks Delight Lady Ridgewell Smart Cookie Smart Cookie 8 0LYMPIA LOU OLYMPIA LOU Roman Heart Olympia Lou Olympia Lou Olympia Lou 26 4 Roman Heart Roman Heart Olympia Lou Roman Heart • Roman Heart Roman Heart 13 Mauverneen Mauverneen Bobbelle Mauverneen Bobbelle Mauverneen 3 Janes Gal Janes Gal JANES GAL Vezlark Janes Gal Janes Gal 24 5 Slick Knight Satisfied Vezlark Janes Gal Slick Knight Vezlark 8 First Heir Buster Jim First Heir Worthy Option Vezlark Slick Knight 4 Numerical Numerical Numerical Numerical NUMERICAL NUMERICAL 27 6 Sherry Jen Hoop Mood Suthern Accent Sherry Jen Hoop Mood Hoop Mood 6 Hoop Mood Thunderbird Hoop Mood ■ Thunderbird Thunderbird Sherry Jen 4 Inseparable EnFleur Seaward Inseparable Inseparable 15 7EnFleur Rush Prince EnFleur Inseparable Inseparable . Seaward EnFleur 14. Inseparable Seaward Living Doll En Fleur En Fleur Seaward 8 Idle Platter Flying Pat Flying Pat IDLE PLATTER Flying Pat Idle Platter 17 8 Cow Town Idle Platter Uncle Tom Cow Town Idle Platter Flying Pat 15 Bloody Step Happy Age Idle Platter Uncle Tom Cow Town Cow Town 5 Stilton Insulation Menthappy Brecon Beacons Insulation Insulation 15 9 Insulation . Stilton Insulation Stilton Menthappy Stilton 11 Streamliner Woodside Stilton Insulation Stilton Menthappy 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair " DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Good Track ~ RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Billup Billup Biddy Sue Tourney BIDDY SUE Biddy Sue 14 1 Tourney Tourney Dorie Biddy Sue Billup Billup 13 Exaggerated Kate G. Billup . Kate G. Tourney Tourney 10 Taftla Depth Rocket Taftla Taftla TAFTLA 22 2Taftla Blue Fay Admiralscript Taftla " Blue Fay Quickstep Blazer Hornet 5 Blazer Hornet Blazer Hornet , Blazer Hornet Blazer Hornet Blazer Hornet Depth Rocket 5 Courtesy Boy Courtesy Boy * Pigeon Pie PIGEON PIE Black Billings Pigeon Pie 15 3 Black Billings Black Billings Courtesy Boy Black Billings Pigeon Pie Courtesy Boy 13 Pigeon Pie The Spy Black Billings The Spy Courtesy Boy Black Billings 12 Celtic Spirit Celtic Spirit Limit Greenie Els Folly Celtic Spirit Celtic Spirit 19 4 Brief Brand Brief Brand Celtic Spirit Celtic Spirit Frabotta Limit Greenie 8 Limit Greenie Limit Greenie Els Folly Frabotta Limit Greenie Els Folly 6 Bills Hygro Bills Hygro NEPAL Nepal . Nepal Nepal 18 5 Test Pattern BonDurant Bills Hygro Hills Hygro Jackie Van Bills Hygro 14 Nickleby Nepal Test Pattern Test Pattern Test Pattern Test Pattern 5 BIG HEART BIG HEART Red Sultan Red Sultan Big Heart Big Heart 21 6 Young Fellow Make A Note Big Heart Marshaweista Red Sultan Red Sultan 12 Marshaweista Marshaweista Young Fellow Young Fellow Make A Note Young Fellow 4 Aleif Rushing Rushing Hi Bob Aleif 14 7Aleif Rushing . Engage Me Hi Bob Hi Bob Aleif Rushing 12 BigHeralder Lils Gadget Aleif Aleif Specific Hi Bob 9 Smart Eve Smart Eve Bullet Cee Smart Eve Bullet Cee Smart Eve 15 8 Wait Up Bullet Cee Blue Hills Blue Hills Absolute Bullet Cee 13 Bullet Cee Wait Up Absolute Absolute Blue Hills Blue Hills 5 Trackman, R. A. Krancer THISTLEDOWN PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP- ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Minuet Dolphie . Bonrilla -Bonrilla Six Thirty Bonrilla 12 1 Six Thirty Nicodem Six Thirty Minuet Minuet Minuet 10 Bonrilla Arthur Itis Minuet Six Thirty Bonrilla Six Thirty 10 Tazewell SCRUTINY Bob-Ed Wild Teddy Scrutiny 11 2ViDog Scrutiny Secret Quest Wild Teddy Scrutiny Cuff Link Wild Teddy 8 Bob-Ed Ronnie Lee ViDog Wild Teddy Ronnie Lee Vi Dog 6 Safe at Home KingChico Safe at Home Copa-Tip Woodmore Safe at Home 13 3 Woodmore Woodmore Copa-Tip Safe at Home Copa-Tip Woodmore 10 Reinspect Safe at Home Clean Broom Woodmore Reinspect Copa-Tip 9 Amawalk Royal Charles Amawalk CELANDINE AMAWALK Amawalk 19 4 Celandine Spy Defense Royal Charles Amawalk Celandine Celandine 12 Royal Charles Nickey W. Celandine Royal Charles Spy Defense Royal Charles 9 r Dark Embassy Dark Embassy Dark Embassy Melody Air Dark Embassy DRK EMBASSY 21 S Harrys Reward Gypsy Boy Melody Air Gypsy Boy Sinister Melody Air 7 Sinister Harrys Reward Sinister Dark Embassy Harrys Reward Gypsy Boy 4 PIE BED Pie Bed Happy Memories Snubbed Pie Bed Pie Bed 17 6 Snubbed Happy Memories Snubbed Happy Memories Deck Cherry Happy Memory 10 Happy Memories Amnistiada Texas Plains Texas Plains Snubbed Snubbed 10 The Veep Brookhaven Mahplay Mahplay Brookhaven Brookhaven 16 7 Brookhaven Ky. River Brookhaven Brookhaven The Veep Mahplay 10 Laissez Faire The Veep Mels Best Miss Cross Laissez Faire The Veep 8 Another Cross Another Cross Another Cross Morlove . Set the Table Another Cross 17 8 Boiling Spring Tasty Dish Morlove Roboh Another Cross Morlove 7 Roboh Bonsoir Alice Boiling Spring Boiling Spring Bonsoir Alice Set the Table 5 Surprising TEL-AVIV Tiny Harp Remlap DillyWhiandv Tel-Aviv 10 9 Tele-Aviv Surprising Sand Fly Diamond Moran Half Bar Remlap 7 Remlap Half Bar Remlap Sand Fly Tel-Aviv Surprising 7 Trackman, J. S. Grant AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Crossed Swords OiseauBleu OiseauBleu OiseauBleu OiseauBleu OiseauBleu 20 1 Tonga Prince Mount Rundle Mount Rundle Mount Rundle Mount Rundle Mount Rundle 9 Mount Rundle Venzy Tonga Prince Tonga Prince Tonga Prince Crossed Swords 5 Battle Mount Avon Lady Mighty Son Battle Mount Battle Mount Battle Mount 17 2 Novel Request Kwango Battle Mount Mighty Son Avon Lady - Avon Lady 8 Kader Texola Avon Lady New Liberty Mighty Son Mighty Son 8 GUSTO ETERNAL MIKE Proctor Eternal Mike, Eternal Mike Eternal Mike 21 3 Eternal Mike Gusto Eternal Mike Gusto Gusto Gusto 14 Proctor My Shoemaker Gusto t Proctor Proctor Proctor 8 Niringo Niringo Gascony . Milanza Niringo 17 4Niringo Gascony Young Colony Inchin Milanza Gascony Milanza 10 Milanza Milanza Milanza Niringo » Niringo Gascony 9 Dangerous Sun Countess Fleet Incognita Countess Fleet Countess Fleet Countess Fleet 15 5 Flying Rebel Dangerous Sun Dangerous Sun Incognita Flying Rebel Dangerous Sun 10 Belle Request Silurian Silurian Dangerous Sun Incognita Incognita 8 Dark Ruler Dark Ruler Dark Ruler Free Stride Free Stride Dark Ruler 17 6 Free Stride Free Stride Free Stride Right Down Shimke Free Stride 16 Shimke Right Down Shimke Dark Ruler Dark Ruler Shimke 4 Fife and Drum Fife and Drum FIFE AND DRUM FIFE AND DRUM FIFE AND DRUM FIFE AND DRM~31 7 Swoop Swoop ContyBay Swoop Swoop Swoop 8 Banjoist Conty Bay All At Once Conty Bay Conty Bay Conty Bay 5 Son Fen Merman Robert Dear Son Fen Pinostres Son Fen 13 8 Raffy Always Home Top Bet Merman Brookshire Merman 7 • Robert Dear Son Fen Son Fen Lea Rondi Son Fen Robert Dear 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Vespers Roodles Prabeau Small Coffee Roodles Roodles 10 1 BerniceW. Coimbra Small Coffee Short Bit Small Coffee Small Coffee 9 Prabeau Bravely Waving Wood Witch Wood Witch Wood Witch Prabeau 6 j Rocky Heights Rocky Heights Rocky Heights Rockv Heights Rockv Heights 20 2SansEgal Rioghail Rioghail King Mowlee Weep and Wail Rioghail SansEgal 9 King Mowlee Sans Egal Sans Egal SansEgal Sans Egal Rioghail 6 Curly Joe Goose Bay Goose Bay Curly Joe Curly Joe CurlyJoe 18 3 Goose Bay Brimful Curly Joe Goose Bay Goose Bay Goose Bay 16 Alien Curly Joe Old Shoe Sonar Bavaria Brimful 2 Tee Shirt Picot Picot Picot Picot Picot 20 4 Aeschylus Tee Shirt Chuck Thompson Tee Shirt Tee Shirt Tee Shirt 11 Abbe Dryad Sagmon Lady Brownie Aeschylus Lady Brownie Aeschylus 3 SINGING BEAUTY Singing Beauty . SINGING BEAUTY Singing Beauty SINGING BEAUTY SINGING BTY 31 5 Late Model Late Model Late Model JeannieC. JeannieC. Late Model 8 Jeannie C. Jeannie C. Jeannie C. Late Model Late Model Jeannie C. 7 Requisition REQUISITION Requisition REQUISITION Requisition Requisition 29 6 MullyS. B11??6 * Blimey Blimey Blimey Blimev 9 Blimey Mully S. Caboose Ed the Great Milly S. MullyS. 4 Jibe . Jibe Char Boots Donna Boorse Donna Boorse Donna Boorse 13 7 Excursion Jet Joy Donna Boorse Char Boots Excursion Jibe 10 Donna Boorse Eli Cookie Excursion Jet Joy Char Boots Char Boots 8 £husco Chusco From Afar SainH. SamH. SamH. 15 LO O £anlH. , . Brother Ghost SamH. Reunion From Afar Chusco 12 Dr. Cricket SamH. Chusco John Kaplan Chusco From Afar 7

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