Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-05-02

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Smart Eve Turn Back ErbyD. Prefer Troutt Smart Eve Smart Eve 10 1 Prefer Troutt Reade Castle Xenofox Reade Castle Turn Back Prefer Troutt • Reade Castle ErbyD. Prefer Troutt Turn Back Prefer Troutt Turn Back 8 Sassy Suzanne Delhannah Kenavr Delhannah Donna L Kenavr fi 2 KB?1 rSnit,. SwitfTown Kenavr Sassy Suzanne Delhannah 10 : Kosily Genie s Mate Nowloggin Donna L. Rosily Sassy Suzanne 7 0 /iratvK n£L NORMRICH Yale . Air ArTn" Normrich 14 3 Shaffie QhiffiovK ££ska Ifl?yK- Normrich Infinity K. Yale 10 Shaffie Shaffie Infinity K. Shaffie Infinity K. 7 I Kapinisca Royal Challa Royal Challa Eauisun EQUISUN Equisun 11 4 RovalUChalla SitrnF Nitro Fire Nitro Fire Seabehest Royafchalla li Koyai_Challa Nitro Fire Equisun Kapinisca Kapinisca Kapinisca 7 I Ga¥r5tCAL l*nvP™iCe §a?liv. Show Place Show Place Show Plai fs 3 DSstvDavs K«SSfca £airSftyllst Kaslick Kandycal Kandycal 11 Dusty_Days Kaslick Garrett C. Garrett C. Hair Stylist Kaslick I 6ParrBov PaS™** 2peP av .+ Kay Gibson Open Way Open Way 17 ! F?ne SrSi£vCUrity 2S2V£and First Security Mr. Fox 8 ; *me_*etue Fettle Mr Mr. Fov Fox Mr. Fox Miss Bobbin Mr. Fox Kay Gibson 5 7 KavCAratar OveErShfHER 8andFZ De£ 2**%" Ff2F* Eye Catcher EYECATCHER 19 | Obstinate Si Eye Catcher Obstinate PiftjKSfn Obstinate Si Over Night 9 Si yoswnatebi Play Again Play Again Obstinate Si Aurora Deb Aurora Deb 6 8 0ueer?KarHne cSSm brfh. £ifty Queen Karling Queen KarliHg Queen Karling Te , WueenKarimg Queen Karling Queen v Karling u Royal Luck Nifty Nifty 13 =2and Best Buttons Best Buttons Bubble Gum Best Buttons Best Buttons J Q San?o°nr?mander RSSlSSS?* ££ ommander Camps First Osculady Air Commander 19 j BuSandr muster MaPriir Maedic Kitty BSSJf*8*6* Kat £hird Burgoo S?in . Air Commander Sangone Osculadv 5 • Master Sangone Air Commander Camps First 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track J RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1Ialsa Uncle Russ Balsa Sand Fly Balsa ■ Balsa To gilder Balsa Betsy V. Balsa SandFlv Sand Flv ? Wave-A-Lu sand Fly Sand Fly Uncle Russ Bewilde? UucJLrLs 6 2 Howdy U All Howdy U All Howdy U All Howdy U All Howdv UAH Howdv U All 25 srr™** fSSSft lMLAffttta Mad Again Mad Again Mad Again 8 2 Sis Tartan Cyd s Baby Born A Lady Boots Best Boots Best Born-A-Lady 3 J 3 3 al£1Re0n £°Filla OUR FREEDOM Bonrilla ToTicI Toleca IT ■ 6 Sureedom WHeiress fTidy Mature RolnXady oSedom *8 5 | 4 Dance andand Nsmg Sandtop fusing Trenton gPSS Sad Sandtop ga°n?edNsing Monitress 5 Scarborough SaNsing ? 5 f 7 R Wisfsmuir SS5SSh-r Ballyheather Mr BulT~~~ Ballyheather Ballyheather 15 3 «7« mW Ballyheather Just Stop Ballyheather Wise Smue Mr Rnii m 1 _ Ballyheather Wise Smug Bull Ford Trim Bull Bufl FoTd Bull Ford 7 I 1 TIDY SUM Tidy Sum Porters Broom TIDY 2 6 Traveler SUM Tidy Sum Tidv Sum 24 Endurable Prop Traveler Traveler Traveled 8 ° Traveler Traveler Porters Broom Porters Broom Porters Broom 7 i 4 Sparklee Brassy Lie Brassy Lie Mike Ehret Sparklee Brassy Lie 12 5 7 Pappys Rebel Jessica B. Mike Ehret Brassy Lie Mike Ehret Sparkle 11 c 6 6 Jessica B. Justasnack Country Editor Sparklee Pappys Rebel Mike Ehret 9 1 7 Sun Bound SUN BOUND Proud Jack Sun Bound SUN BOUND SUN ROUNrn 9R * 8 8 Rloly?-ance Drake Widgeon Sun Bound Proud Jack Proud Jack Proud Jack 10 Drake Widgeon Proud Jack Widgeon Garys Big Boss Drake Chance Drake Widgeon 4 1 Trackman, J. R. Batty 2 JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track 3 3 RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 4 1 w?£?y ?2,Uow SLEEPY HOLLOW Arielene Arielene Eternal Herb SleeDV Hollow 14 ■ AririSS" Eternal Herb Eternal Herb Eternal Herb AriSSJe Arie?en? 14 5 5 Arielene Arielene Revenger Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow Eternal Herb 1 1 9 sSiSrm? SJnJw Silk Quest Silk Quest Silk Quest Silk Quest 20 6 6 L strensSig ™M,wet SSandPSS In the Market Mad Madge In the Market 9 toirensKing Mad Mad Madge Ruth Hanson Round Baby Round Baby Mad Madge 3 3 GeSgeComns S2?£f,.Rab SONSJ£ RAB Connie Rab Connie Rab CONNIE RAB 22 bS?Sw 3£££i Blue Whirl Firewood Maximal Trinity Place 5 8 8 asfta Maximal Sad Zac SadZac Sad Zac Sad Zac 5 4SS2i„„ Mop Up Mop Up REPRODUCTION MopUd Mop Up 17 Sdyono0 Mi3fn°nniSl0n Reproduction Mop Up Reproduction Reproduction 15 . jggjgSOPO Midiopolis Lady Jacopo Lady Jacopo Midiopolis Midiopolis 7 [ oSfduS1 If?Hi?wtler The Battler Jet Fleet Moseid The Battled 13 3 S Moseid A-udltmKn Auditmg The Battler Definitely Auditing 9 t Knowitall Powwow Guiding The Battler Moseid 6 60K1S? Bg"ffft Blessusgals Blessusgals Blessusgals Blessusgals 20 Panonfp 2Pce £°ve Fancy Bonnet Clara Patricia Once in Love Cigar Maid 7 * Papoose Clara Patricia C;»;us Tina Lazar Papoose Once in Love 6 £ 7 MfflSrPP r£and«S55L. din.RHome JSSSP8 DARK FAVORITE Dark Favorite 16 s / Leading hIp %flnlnllte £b£ie£° Dark Favorite Miss Degree Leading Home 11 leading Home Baby Comet Baby Comet Miss Degree Baby Comet Miss Degree 10 c 8f«£°Micrhf TTUffer£° Novel Request Novel Request Novel Request Novel Request 17 a Classic Night Novel Request Maje Classic Night Reighsign Tufferoo 11 * ReighsigI* Classic Night Reighsign Reighsign Tufferoo Classic Night 5 J Trackman, E. P. Heagerty BOWIE Selections Made for Fast Track J at RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1™ ainky,i!?y 4. Boned Up King Watch Boned Up FRANKY BOY Frank Bov 15 P p. Kpih0nSFirSt £inWatch Boned Up Franky Boy Last Brigade Boned Up 12 I a Keyhole Franky Boy Last Brigade Last Brigade Keyhole King Watch 7 c Disky Fire Fox Diskv Diskv DISKY 23 2DISKY ■« Fire Fox Fire Fox Liberty A. A Fire Fox Fire Fov FirVnv i% MissKnightess White Marlin Disky S Whi£ Marlin LiolrtyA. j S Netherby Burley Bid Burley Bid Netherbv Netherby 15 r 3Netherby Star Student Burley Bid HeddyB. Gal Royal BurlevBid Burley Bid 1? J BurleyBid Chaff ee-Dee Sir Toro Cavalier Trim Bill Lead Star Student 2 * I 4BullGino BullGino MISS LYRIC Miss Lyric MissLvrki Miq T vrio io Tl King Pigeon Miss Lyric Buss Up Buss Up BullGino Bull ofno 1! d Threadsign Buss Up BullGino Bull Gino BussUp ISssUp | 5 Surprise Girl Hy Hv Hv Sumrise Girl riv " 7 d 5 SnrpinGet ?iDPiD-, Surserl Surprise Girl hSSSoH Surprise Girl 15 , PiP_Pm Surprise Girl Comely Belle Baby Song Hv Hard to Get 4 I" 6 tg!£?~* P£™* ?neVLgle IACK THE GREAT Jack the Great Jack the Great 22 _L Blue Helmet Blue Helmet Winship Winship BlueHelmet Nerve 7 Slam Bid TIMEIN Coat of Arms Timein Timein TimTirl "To 7 Chief John O. Slam Bid Timein Coat of Arms Dixie Yank SlaBid q b Isocrates Coat of Arms Slam Bid Isocrates Slam Bid CoaTolArms 8 * 8Forman F,°,rman Killeybegs Killeybegs Forman Killevbegs ifi b Killeybegs Killeybegs Bobs Birthday Quickset Killevbegs Forman is $ Bobs Birthday Quickset Flight Nurse Sheldon DuCret Bobs Birthday BooTBirthday 4 ci Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track p RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS" P Time Roll Stefanella Poser Skvlighter Stefaniia mTIZ 77 1 S?rK, Golden Mean Skvlighter GoTdenMean Skvlighter ISfaneUa iJ Skyhghter Skyhghter Golden Mean Poser Poser Poser 9 w ? MerSed bSSE?"* SSSSS? Mesmerized Frozen Custard Mesmerized 19 sl i. lebmenzea andorisKy Sorisky Tree Town Mesmerized Frr 7Pn rwta-r* d 5 a; - §°™ky Frozen Custard Frozen Custard Pincers Tree Town Sam NoVrTs 5 m 3BROWNSKIN SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarshin 94 Ji Scholarship Brownskin Bobby E. Black Rover Double O. Brownskin 12 01 Good Sweep Good Sweep Brownskin Brownskin Brownskin Doubfe O 2 m 4Trucha Trucha Trucha Marvmigirl College Queen Trucha Tr cc Marymigirl College Queen Miss M. T. Miss M. T. Marvmigirl Marvmigirl 5o o SealRequest Marvmigirl College Queen Trucha Miss M. T. Coifed Queen 8 Theatre Pass Theatre Pass Happy Bound Whit Whiz Bold Challenge Theatre Pa« To k 5 S%?Vy£?und Happy Bound RissasSon Happy Bound Whit Whiz HaovRnWH l R WhitWhiz Bold Challenge Theatre Pass Theatre Pass Happy Bound WhitWhii 8 Long Gone Long Gone UNCLE HAL LONG GONE LONG GONE mvr rnwir M 6 Empty Pockets Bold Pot Long Gone Uncle Hal Judvs RumVe? uScl?H?l 10 C Judys Runner Judys Runner Judys Runner Charing Rock Uncle Hal Judys Runner 5 £ Buddy Klimie Trans Egret Klimie Klimie S 7Chamoion Klimie 17 BgSlg TSiral gandd gSnt" BCfc SBuddy J | 8 |kLpeblin |Dffieblin nUSST SkfW HeF HandDlfte 29° i -— Benabou Pudgie Hikie Dikie Little Ginny Little Ginny pflgfie 6 £ the Micky Q. Micky Q. Dabster Dabster MickvO AriTwr; T hc 9 Red Tag Svengali Jeep Supply MickvO. Dabste?- Dbste?* fo for Jeep Supply Jeep Supply Harsam Harsam Svenglh J?ep Supply 12 " h* his ~~~~ — I — esi

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1950s/drf1951050201/drf1951050201_9_1
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