Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1953-06-16

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9 Alphabetical Index to Entries A Abbe Boy — 7th Det Abbottstown — 7th Mth ro Admiral Porter — 5th LP £ Aegir— 7th Del — Africance — 6th Suf - Affrighted— 5th Bel i- Aileens Pride— 6th Suf lu Aim— 8th L P Z Air Count — 1st Bel Air View — 3d Suf AlonzoB. — 1st LP „ - Alphabetical — 8th Bel g Als Bourbon — 8th LP -in Always Argue — 8th Suf Anamia — 8th Suf f_ Andromeda — 4th Suf v Anne Bonny — 7th Suf 5 AnstownLass — 1st LP °£ Aquarius — 7th Del lL Archibaldo — 7th Det Ardoch— 7th Mth g Arletod— 2d Suf — Arm in Arm — 1st Mth ~£ Armored Car — 3d Bel tc Arrogant — 9th Suf w Athapascan — 5th Suf j Athlete— 4th Det Atom Rush — 2d Suf Q Atomic Fleet — 7th Bel Attention Mac — 4th Det Avenida — 2d Det B Baby Kathy— 3d Det Babys Delight — 4th Del Bad Rack — 1st Det Balmy Night— 4th Mth Barneys Joy— 7th Suf Barstow — 5 th Suf Bases Loaded — 2d Mth Batf ish— 5th Bel Bay Head — 4th Mth Be Swayed — 2d LP Beckys Pedro — 8th Del Bedouin — 2d Mth Beezac— 3d LP Belle Phar — 4 th Mth Be-Mi-Dear— 2d Det Bessies Beau — 7th Mth Big Question— 2d LP Big Run— 2d LP Bigtime Gal — 4th LJP Bill Boy— 2d L P Billcella— 1st Det Billies Beam— 2d Del Billy Bonn — 4th Del Bimf ort — 2d Mth Bimover — 4th Det . Bit-O-Moon— 9th Suf Black Currant — 4th Suf Black Invader — 5th LP Black Rover— 9th Suf Blen Sand — 5th Det Blendid Music — 1st Det Blue Answer— 3d LJP Blue Orbit— 1st Suf Blue Dandy— 2d Suf, Blue Helmet — 4th Bel Blue Jeans-6th Bel Blue Path— 8th Det Blue Plate— 3d Bel Blue Scamp — 1st Meth Blue Shocker — 7th Bel Blue Skies — 5th Bel Blue Tail Fly — 8th Del Bob o Boy — 7th Bel Bobsled— 1st Del Bof aye — 8th Det Bofus — 4th Del Bogalusa — 2d LJP Boling Polly — 4th Det Bona Eternal — 8th Det Boomerang — 3d Bel Boots — 2d Del Boots Haven — 8th LJP Bordeaux — 7th Det Bouquet Billy— 8th Mth Bouncing Boots— 8th Det Bound Fast — 1st Suf Braemar — 3d Del Brassfield— 8th Bel Brecon Beacons — 1st LP Brightella — 4th Del Broommaker — 6th Suf Brownstown — 7th Det Buck n Gee — 5th Mth Buckshot — 2d Bel Buff— 1st Del Busters Girl— 9th LP Busy Now — 4th Del Butsys First— 3d Suf By Proxy — 4th Mth By Road — 8th Bel ~ . Byng — 3d Bel Buzzy Navarro — 1st Mth C Cahoots — 7th Bel Calamus — 2d Bel Calater— 3d Mth Calphea — 4th Suf Capricornio — 7th Det Captain Bud — 6th LP Carnation Dan — 3d Del Carolling — 3d Suf Carolyn R. — 2d Del Carry the News — 6th Bel Castilian — 5th Del 4 Catalyst — 1st Bel ~ Celtic Play— 6th Det - Charming "Way — 5th Mth Cheer-For-Me — 6th Det Chic Queen— 6th Suf Chics Town — 4th Mth Christy Imp — 3d LP Cindy Moran — 1st Suf Clovers Pride — 5th Suf Clovers Reward — 4th Del Cobber— 7th Mth Cockfield— 4th Suf Color Guard — 7th Mth Comets Glow — 1st Bel Company B. — 5th LP Confederacy — 6 th Bel Conf user — 3d Del Contrive — 2d LP Coral Princess — 4th Suf Cotton Ginny — 3d Mth Count Cavour — 4 th Mth Countess Drum — 3d LP Cracklette — 6th Det Cross Bones — 1st Det Crystal Sign — 4th Del Cuanden — 7th Suf Curious Reward — 1st LP Cykie — 8th Bel D • Daddy Darling — 3d Del Dance Band — 8th Suf Dance Nsing — 6th LP Dandy Wag— 4th Suf Dangerous Dan — 3d Det Dare to Hope — 1st Mth Daring Mate — 9 th Suf Dark Destroyer — 6th Suf Dark Pigeon — 2d LP Dark Pride — 1st Bel Dawn Hop — 3d LP Daylight Time — 8th Det Dayround— Uth Mth Debbie Doll— 4th Del Decoration-— 4 th Suf Deliberate — 1st Bel Deluge — 4th Bel Demand Note — 8th Suf Dembcles — 8th Bel Dionysia — 2d Bel Direct Aim — 1st Bel Donna Boorse — 7th Del Double H. — 1st Del Double O. — 7th Det Dover Coast — 8th Del Duntreath Miss — 2d Det Dupan — 4th Del Dream Comfort — 7th Det Dry Bones — 2d Del E E Faune— 3d Bel Eagle Speed— 8th Del Eastern Glow — 1st Bel Ednas Pick— 4th Mth Effortless — 3d Det Eljaka— 5th Mth Ellens Lisa — 1st Suf Emergency Free — 8th Del Emery Al — 9th LP Escarp— 3d Bel Espedeco — 7th Mth Eternal Echo— 3d Suf Equableu — 6th Bel Equizar — 8th LP Euclid — 5th Del Experimental — 6th LP F Fair Bit — 2d Del Fan Song— 2d Del Faraneasy — 6th Del m Pearful Odds — 3d Det Feuding— 9th LP Fiddler Joe — 4th Del Fidget — 4th Bel Fighting Fleet — 7th M Fighting Moore — 2d Deo Fighting Thru — 4th Suf First One — 5th Suf First Peep — 2d Del First Reward — 7th Det FirstSwing— 9th Suf First Whirl— 8 th Del Fitofly— 2d Bel . Flaunt— 6th Mth Flight Again — 3d LP Floribunda — 4th Mth Flying Circus — 5th Mth Flying Ksar — 8th LP Flying Pat — 7th LP Flying Polly— 2d Mth For Glory — 1st Mth For Rent — 2d Mth Forever Hi — 3d Det Foxie Fish — 4th LP Franks Maude — 6th Det Freddie Fish — 4th Mth Freedom Bell — 6th Mth Freedom First — 3d Del French town — 1st LP Frisk — 8th LP Fusby — 1st Bel Fuse Box — 7th LP G G. R. Petersen — 5 th Del Gala Morn — 3d Mth Gale Toni — 2d Bel Gallant Dolly— 2d LP Galnor— 3d Suf Gambler— 3d Mth Game Bid — 3d Det Gangland — 1st Bel Gatlighfc— 7 th LP Gay Gallant--8th Mth Gee-Light— 8th LP Georgie Price — 1st Bel Get Busy — 1st Bel Giggle — 5th Del Gina — 2d Del Glenty— 4th Mth Glorys Crown — 2d DeK Glossette — 9th Suf Gold Leaf— 8th Del Gold Flash— 3d Det Gold Money — 1st Bel Golden Apollo — 3d Det Golden Gem — 9th LP Golden Greek — 1st Suf Golden Mommy— 4th LP Good Boy— 9th Suf Graces Lady — 8th LP Grand Baby — 3d Det Grand Borealis — 9th LP Grand Juror — 8th LP Great Guy— 1st Mth Great Issue — 8th LP Great Neck— 8th Suf Gunga Din — 6th Suf Gunny Sack — 4th Del H Hadassah — 4th Bel Halcyon Bird — 2d Bel Hal-Fleam— 1st Suf Ham Hocks — 2d Bel Happy Verdict — 8th Det Harry D.— 8th LP Haskell— 7th Suf Hasty Boy— 2d Bel Hasty Heart— 8th Suf Hay Crunch — 1st Suf Head for Home — 7,th LP Henrys First — 4th Det Heraclito — 6th Mth Heron Lake— 6th Suf Hesperus — 9th Suf Hierarch— 6th LP Highwayman — 3d Suf Hi-Rock— 1st Bel Hoopdedont — 8th Del Hows Tricks — 6th Bel Hurried — 2d Del Hurry Pass — 8th Suf Hy Limited — 2d Det I IFroo-r2dLP I Trust — 5th Det Ida C— 7th LP If ido— 1st Suf -Illicit— 1st Bel Imamazed — 2d Mth Impresari — 1st Bel In Deep— 6th Det Inchin— 1st Mth Inchobar — 8th Del Incrimination — 5th Mth Injector — 8th LP Intheswim — 4th Del Irmas Jim— 1st Det Irvs Boy — 1st Del Its No Use— 7th Bel Itsthetruth— 3d Mth J Jabove — 3d Del Jack the Great— 5th Del Jalousie— 8th Suf Jam Session — 8th Bel Jan Peeck — 6th Del Jarie Forst — 7th Det .Jay Edward — 8th LP Jeannie C. — 5fh Del Jeeperscreeper — 2d Mth Jersey Devil — 4th Del Jiffy— 8th Suf Joan of Arc — 1st Mth Joe Paglina — 5 th Det JoeMandell — 8th Del Joes Mil— 3d Suf Joiner— 3dMth Jolie Boy — 8th Bel Joymaker — 6th Mth Juke— 1st Mth Jump Tune— 7th.LP Just Sidney — 5th Mth K Karmen Kay— 9th LP Kathy T.— 2d Suf King Sign — 2d Suf . Kontihu — 8th Det Kroesette— 8th Suf L - Ladolee— 2d LP Lady Cheer — 7th Suf Lady Dekover — 3d LP Lady Herod — 1st Det Lady Michael — 5th Suf Lady Rowena — 1st .Det Lajoie — 3d Del Last Hope — 3d Suf Lauranne — 1st Mth Le Gaulois — 8th Bel Lease Hound — 2d LP Lebanon Lad— 7th Del Legend of Conf ey— 5th Mth Let Me Thru— 8th Mth Lets Think — 6th Det Lictor — 2d LP Lilac — 1st Det Linkythorn — 8th Mth Little Angel— 4th Mth Little Bookie— 2d LP Lively Jeep— 2d Suf Lois Cheer — 8th Suf Lone Degree — 8th Mth Lord Admiralty-— 5th Del ■ Longleat — 4th Bel Lot O Luck— 9th Suf Lovely Devil — 8 th Det Lovely Locust — 7th Det Lucky Dog — 9th Suf Luscious Fruit— 8th Det Lyles First — 8th LP M. Magic Choice — 6th Det Mahat — 1st Suf Maijo— 2d Mth Majon Jr. — 1st Suf Malabar — 2d Bel / . Manna H. — 1st LP Marcabo — 1st Mth Mark U— 1st Suf Mary A. C. — 1st LP Mastola Blue — 2d Suf Matinee Idol — 7th Bel Maximum — 4 th Mth -May Lee H.— 3d LP Mean Woman — 9th LP Melody Ann— 3d Suf Memaw — 8th Det Mescara — 1st LP Mlahide — 7th Bel Mibelaire — 1st Det . Mid Century — 7th Bel Midas Touch — 7th LP . Mill Point— 9th Suf . Mimandan — 8th Suf Mimi Girl — 3d Suf Ming Toi — 1st LP Miss Knobview — 2d Det Miss Naylor — 6th Det Mister Mac — 7th Det Mistress Edith — 8th Suf Modest John — 5th Bel Monacoan — 8th Del Mont Dore — 4 th Mth Moon Trump — 1st LP Mr. G.— 7th Suf Mr. Jamieson — 7th Bel Mr. Mighty— 6th Del Mr. Nealie — 8th Det Mrs. G. R.— 2d Del Mrs. Goode — 3d LP • Mucho Frio — 4th LP Mully S.— 6th Mth My Celeste — 6 th Mth N Neaptide — 6th Bel Necktie— 2d Mth Nedra— 9th LP New Orleans — 1st LP Nicholas — 9th LP Night Parade — 8th LP Nimble My th— 8th Mth No Case— 1st Mth No Contest — 1st Bel Noble Idea— 7th Det Noon Time — 1st Det Nowaday Girl — 2d Det O Off We Go— 4th Suf Oil Gene — 1st Mth Omos Choice — 6th Det Once More — 2d LP Open and Shut — 3d Del Osculady — 1st LP OSystem— 5th LP Otter Brook— 5th Det Our Jan — 8th Suf Our Jo — 3d Suf Our Love — 3d LP Our Tops — 3d~Mth Our Poetess — 9th LP Oxlin — 5th Suf P Paddlef oot— 9th LP Pajara — 2d LP Palos — 7th Bel Pan Chance — 3th Suf Papa Bear — 1st Det Paris Fleet — 3d LP Pasatiempo — 6th Mth Pass Play— 5th Mth Patio Patter — 6th Det Patmo — 7th Det Patois — 6th Det Peace Ned — 4th Mth Pendant — 8th LP Penocc — 5 th Del Penrose — 4th LP Peters Best — 1st Suf Pharos Dream — 4th bet Picture Card — 8th Mth Poly Style— 2d LP Pomposity — 7th Suf Poopcha — 5th Del Popadaris — 1st Bel Poprijac — 4th LP Portray — 5th LP Practical— 5th LP * Prince Richard — 3d Del Princess Easy — 1st Suf Prince of Time — 2d Bel Pritty Watch— 7th Del Prize Ring — 4th Bel Prom — 2d Bel Props — 4th Det Publick— 4th Bel " Punchcard — 2d Bel Q Quatrefoil— 9th Suf Queen Clover — 2d Del R Red Fiddler— 4th LP Red Hoops — 9th Suf Red Pass — 1st Bel Redmond — 3d Bel Reduce— 3d Bel Replys Image — 1st Bel Reproduction: — 7th Del Require — 2d Del Rhodes Pet— 8th LP Riot — 7th LP Rob Crusoe — 8th Mth Rock Cottage — 5th Mth Rock Span— 7th Mth Rocky Sir— 7th LP Roman Art — 3d Del Roman Way — 3d Bel Romanium — 2d Bel Rowdy Robert — 9th LP Royal Beauty — 3d LP Royal Bones — 5th Det Royal Freedom — 8th Mth Royal Ghost — 4th Suf Royal Rebel— 2d Bel Rushing — 1st Det Ruth Emileo — 9th LP Ruthred— 6th Mth S Sabette — 6th Bel Saint Georges — 1st LP Sallyboots — 7th Bel Sallys Dish — 3d Det Sam Park — 1st Bel San-Jo— 3d Mth Sand Run— 8th Mth Satire— 2d Suf Satisfied — 4th LP Save Me — 1st Suf Saved Again — 5th Det Scotch Bim — 8th Mth Sea Defense — 3d Bel Self Assurance — 4th Bel Setubal— 6th Mth Seven Spades — 5th Bel Shallow Brook— 2d Mth Shamock — 7th Bel Sheer Worth — 7th Bel Shore Lights — 3d Suf Shotral — 7th LP Simple Sis — 6th Det Sir Brook — 1st Suf Sir Chatter— 6th Del Sky Command— 5th Mth Sky World— 3d Mth Slamaranth — 1st Det So Fair— 1st Det Social Lady — 9th LP Socialite— 2d Suf Solar Count — 3d Bel Solicit — 4th LP Sonora Bell— 1st Mth Speed King— 2d Bel Spleen — 3d Bel Spluey — 2d Del Spotlight Star — 3d LP Spring Fever — 2d Bel Spring Morn — 8th Mth Springdale — 3d Bel Springtale— 4th Bel Staff Car— 6th Suf Standee — 4 th Bel Star Diver — 1st Del Star of Dublin— 9th Suf Star Show — 2d Bel Stark Twins— 8th Suf Stay Well— 8th Del Stella Aurata — 5th Del Stepfar— 8th Del Stevie Boy— 6th Suf Stone Cold— 6th Del Stoner Creek — 6th LP Stoneys Tiger — 1st LP Stratheden — 7th Suf . Stride Away — 1st Det Strike — 5th Det Striker Pilot — 8th Bel Suedabar — 5 th Suf Summer Love — 9th LP. Sun Diver — 8th Det Sunny Al— 2d Bel Sunnyman — 7th Del Swampoodle — 4th Del Sweet Reward — 7th Det Sweet Sandy— 2d Suf Sweet Seeley — 5th Det Sweet Vermouth — 5th Del Swiss Knight — 1st Del Swivel Hips — 3d LP T Tacitus — 8th Del Tall Iris— 4th Mth Tampero — 3d Mth Tanbark — 5th LP Tasty Dish — 1st Mth Tax Lien — 1st LP Tazewell — 5th Suf Tel-Aviv— 9th Suf Telbras — 4th Suf Tenacious Ace — 5th LP Tenn. Tommy — 4th Suf Tetragina — 7th Det Text — 1st Bel The Blue Miss — 7th LP Third Ward— 1st Del Thomas Edward — 8th Mth Three Rings — 6th LP Thrust — 2d Bel Thwarted — 4th Det • Ticker Tape — 7th LP Tickie O.— 7th Del Timber— 2d Bel Tin TwisW7th Suf Tinaja A. — 7th Det Tintina — 1st LP Tio Sandy— 3d Suf Tis Joe— 5th Det Tool Pusher— 9th LP Top Again — 5th LP Topper B.— 7th LP Toquila— 3d Mth Tortilla— 6th Del Tosca — 6th Del Trenton Sand — 7th Del Tribal Fire — 4th Suf Tuosix— 5th LP Twinkle Star — 2d Det U Unkie B. — 3d Suf Urbanite — 1st LP V Verna Lee — 4th Del Victory Cross — 1st Mth Vigilette— 8th Mth Vigorous — 4th Bel Violinist— 8th Bel Vis Pride— 5th Det Vital— 8th Del, Vuvette— 4th Suf w Waccabuc — 1st Bel Wahoo — 7th Suf Waited — 1st Del Wallene— 3d Suf -War of Roses— 3d Del War Pointer— 5th Bel Warehouse — 1st Bel Watch it Grow — 1st Bel Wee Hash — 1st Det Well Met— 5th Det Western Night — 8th Suf What a Peach — 1st LP Whatuduin— 2d Mth Whence— 6th Del Wicked Girl— 2d Det Wild Jimbo— 3d Suf Will to Win— 4th Suf Winging Along — 4th Bel Winther— 5th Mth Wise Que — 3d Bel Wise Billing — 2d Det Without Fear — 8th Bel Woodfellow — 1st Bel Woodside— 8th LP World Series— 1st Del Worthy Option — 7th LP Wrack Play — 4th LP Y Yauco Kid— 4th Mth Yildiz— 5th Del Young Colony— 3d Del Z Zaca Prize — 1st Suf Zero Lad — 1st Del Zipper— 8th*Mth

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