Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1953-06-16

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS! Figurer In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS AT HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Manna H. Brecon Beacons Brecon Beacons Manna H. Brecon Beacons Brecon Beacons 15 1 What A Peach Curious Reward Curious Reward Tax Lien Saint Georges Manna H. 10 Curious Reward Tintina . Tax Lien Mary A. C. Tintina Curious Reward 5 Little Bookie Gallant Dolly . Little Bookie Lease Hound Little Bookie 14 2Ladolee I Froo Be Swayed Bogalusa Bill Boy Little Bookie Gallant Dolly 5 Little Bookie Lictor Little Bookie I Froo Lictor Ladolee 5 Mrs. Goode Mrs. Goode Mrs. Goode May Lee H. Paris Fleet Mrs. Goode 18 3 Our Love Blue Answer Flight Again Mrs. Goode Our Love May Lee H. 7 Paris Fleet May Lee H. May Lee H. Swivel Hips Mrs. Goode Paris Fleet 6 Red Fiddler Mucho Frio Solicit Foxie Fish Solicit Red Fiddler 11 Bigtime Gal Red Fiddler Red Fiddler Mucho Frio Red Fiddler Solicit 10 Foxie Fish Wrack Play Bigtime Gal Bigtime Gal Satisfied Mucho Frio m 7 Company B. Tuosix OSYSTEM OSystem OSystem OSystem 19 5 OSysterh Company B. Portray Tuosix Company B. Company B. 9 Admiral Porter Portray Practical Top Again Tuosix Tuosix 8 THREE RINGS THREE RINGS Experimental THREE RINGS Three Rings THREE RINGS 27 Hierarch Hierarch Hierarch Stoner Creek Hierarch Hierarch 8 Dance Nsing Captain Bud Three Rings Dance Nsing Captain Bud . Portray 3 Rocky Sir Rocky Sir Rocky Sir Fuse Box ROCKY SIR Rocky Sir 24 Fuse Box Ida C. The Blue Miss Rocky Sir Ida C. Fuse Box 8 Riot Fuse Box Midas Touch The Blue Miss Head for Home Ida C. 4 Als Bourbon Night Parade Als Bourbon Boots Haven Als Bourbon Als Bourbon 17 8 Rhodes Pet Als Bourbon Lyles First Rhodes Pet Night Parade Night Parade 7 Harry D. Graces Lady Gee-Light Harry D. Lyles First Boots Haven 5 Emery Al Nicholas Mean Woman Grand Borealis Nicholas • Nicholas 12 9 Nicholas . Grand Borealis Rowdy Robert Tool Pusher Emery Al * Grand Borealis 7 Tool Pusher Rowdy Robert Nedra Summer Love ,Rowdy Robert Emery Al 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS- Papa Bear Irmas Jim CROSS BONES Papa Bear Cross Bones Cross Bones 13 irmasJim Billcella So Fair Billcella Billcella Papa Bear 10 Stride Away Cross Bones Billcella Lady Rowena Irmas Jim Irmas Jim 8 Wise Billing Wise Billing Duntreath Miss Hy Limited Duntreath Miss Duntreath Miss 14 2 Hv Limited Duntreath Miss Wise Billing Luntreath Miss Wise Billing Wise Billing 14 Miss Knob view Be-Mi-Dear Nowaday Girl Be-Mi-Dear Miss Knobview Hy Limited _7 Dangerous Dan Effortless Effortless Dangerous Dan EFFORTLESS Effortless 17 3 BabyKathy Forever Hi Forever Hi Forever Hi Dangerous Dan Dangerous Dan 13 Forever Hi Dangerous Dan Fearful Odds Baby Kathy Forever Hi Forever Hi 7 Props Thwarted Thwarted Boling Polly Props Thwarted 15 4 Boling Polly Props " Props Thwarted Thwarted Props 14 Thwarted Pharos Dream Pharos Dream Henrys First - Bimover Boling Polly 7 OTTER BROOK Royal Bones Otter Brook OTTER BROOK Tis Joe OTTER BROOK 20 5 Sweet Seeley Sweet Seeley Tis Joe Sweet Seeley Otter Brook Tis Joe 7 Saved Again Otter Brook Royal Bones Joe Paglina Sweet Seeley Sweet Seeley 7 Patio Patter Celtic Play Cracklette Celtic Play Celtic Play 12 6Cracklette MissNaylor Magic Choice In Deep In Deep Simple Sis Cracklette 10 Celtic Play Celtic Play Simple Sis Simple Sis Miss Naylor Patio Patter 5 Double O. BROWNSTOWN Brownstown Double O. Brownstown Brownstown 19 7 Brownstown Archibaldo Bordeaux First Reward Lovely Locust Double O. 10 Archibaldo Bordeaux Archibaldo Lovely Locust Bordeaux Bordeaux 4 Memaw Lovely Devil Memaw Lovely Devil Memaw 15 8Memaw Blue Path Luscious Fruit Sun Diver Mr. Nealie Sun Diver Lovely Devil 10 Luscious Fruit Daylight Time Luscious Fruit Daylight Time Blue Path Luscious Fruit 4 Trackman, J. S. Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP , CONSENSUS Busy Red Pass Get Busy Direct Aim Sam Park Sam Park 12 IGet Sam Park Direct Aim Sam Park • Sam Park Catalyst Get Busy 11 Deliberate Sam Park Direct Aim Red Pass Get Busy Direct Aim 8 Ham Hocks HAM HOCKS Romanium Ham Hocks HAM HOCKS HAM HOCKS 26 2 Malabar Calamus Ham Hocks Romanium Halcyon Bird Romanium 7 Sunny Al Speed King Halcyon Bird Speed King Timber Halcyon Bird 3 *4 R6man Way Roman Way Byng Bying Roman Way Roman Way 19 X Byng Springdale Roman Way Roman Way Springdale Byng 12 Springdale Spleen Springdale Springdale Spleen Springdale 7 Prize Ring Deluge Longleat Longleat Blue Helmet Longleat 10 4 Deluge Vigorous Prize Ring Deluge Prize Ring Deluge 10 Vigorous Blue Helmet Blue Helmet Vigorous Deluge Prize Ring 9 Seven Spades Seven Spades Affrighted Affrighted Affrighted Affrighted 17 5 Affrighted Batfish War Pointer Batfish Seven Spades Seven Spades 13 Batfish War Pointer Blue Skies Seven Spades Batfish Batfish 6 HOWS TRICKS Sabette HOWS TRICKS Hows Tricks Hows Tricks Hows Tricks 26 6 Sabette Hows Tricks Equableu Sabette Sabette JSabette 12 Equableu Carry the News Sabette Carry the News Equableu Equableu 4 Bob o Boy Bob o Boy Shamrock Bob o Boy Shamrock Bob o Boy 19 7 Palos Malahide Bob o Boy Palos Bob o Boy Shamrock 12 Atomic Fleet Shamrock Mid Century Shamrock Malahide Palos _4 Democles Democles Democles DEMOCLES Alphabetical Democles 24 8 Alphabetical Alphabetical Alphabetical Alphabetical Democles Alphabetical 13 Cykie Striker Pilot Le Gaulois Brassfield Jam Session Jam Session 1 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Maracabo Maracabo Maracabo Maracabo Maracabo Maracabo 25 1 No Case Oil Gene Oil Gene Sonora Bell Arm in Arm Oil Gene 4 Arm in Arm Lauranne Lauranne Dare to Hope Inchin Arm in Arm 3 Shallow Brook For Rent For Rent Imamazed Bedouin For Rent 15 2 For Rent Flying Polly Bedouin Flying Polly For Rent Bedouin 7 Flying Polly Imamazed Shallow Brook For Rent Shallow Brook Shallow Brook 7 Sky World Joiner Calater Gala Morn Joiner Joiner 11 3 Calater Itsthetruth Itsthetruth Sky World Calater Calater 10 Gala Morn Gambler Joiner Calater Gala Morn Gala Morn 7 Count Cavour Ednas Pick Count Cavour Count Cavour Ednas Pick Count Cavour 17 4 Chics Town Chics Town Chics Town Chics Town Chics Town Chics Town 10 Mont Pore Count Cavour Ednas Pick Freddie Fish Count Cavour Ednas Pick 7 Just Sidney JUST SIDNEY JUST SD3NEY JUST SIDNEY Just Sidney JUST SIDNEY 31 5 Charming Way Eljaka Rock Cottage Pass Play Eljaka Charming Way 6 Eljaka Charming Way Charming Way Charming Way Charming Way Eljaka 5 6MULLY~sI Mully S. Mully S. Flaunt MULLY S. Mully S. 26 My Celeste Flaunt Flaunt * Mully S. Flaunt Flaunt 12 Flaunt Ruthred Freedom Bell My Celeste My Celeste My Celeste 4 Fighting Fleet Espedeco Fighting Fleet Fighting Fleet Fighting Fleet Fighting Fleet 21 7 Ardoch Cobbler Cobber Ardoch Espedeco Expedeco 9 Espedeco Fighting Fleet Espedeco Color Guard Ardoch Ardoch 5 Lone Degree Linkythorn Scotch Bim Scotch Bim Scotch Bim Scotch Bim 17 8 Zipper Scotch Bim Gay Gallant Picture Card Nimble Myth Linkythorn 7 Picture Card Nimble Myth Linkythorn Nimble Myth Royal Freedom Lone Degree 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS " 1 Swiss Knight World Series Waited World Series World Series World Series 18 1 World Series Buff Star Diver Buff Buff Waited 7 Bobsled Swiss Knight World Series Waited Waited Buff 6 Require Boots Spluey Mrs. G. R. Boots Boots 13 2 S°PH, - Hurried Mrs. G. R. Require First Peep Require 7 Fair Bit Carolyn R. Boots First Peep Fan Song Mrs. G. R. 6 Confuser War of Roses Roman Art Lajoie Open and Shut Open and Shut 9 3 Carnation Dan Lajoie Open and Shut Open and Shut Confuser Confuser 8 Freedom First Roman Art Confuser Freedom First Freedom First Lajoie 7 4PABSn -r Clovers Reward Babys Delight - Babys Delight Debbie Doll Babys Delight 11 Fiddler Joe Swampoodle Verna Lee Verna Lee Verna Lee Verna Lee 6 Intneswim Intheswim Busy Now Crystal Sign Babys Delight Debbie Doll 5 Sweet. Vermouth JACK THE GREAT JACK THE GREATJack the Great Sweet Vermouth JK THE GREAT 22 5 Jeannie C. Yildiz Penocc Penocc Jack the Great Sweet Vermouth 10 Jack the Great Penocc Jeannie C. Jeannie C. Penocc Penocc 6 Stone Cold Tortilla -Whence Whence Tortilla Tortilla 16 6 Tortilla Tosca Tortilla Tortilla Whence Whence 12 Tosca Faraneasy Tosca Mr. Mighty Tosca Stone Cold ~| Aquarius Reproduction Lebanon Lad LEBANON LAD LEBANON LAD Lebanon Lad 21 7 Tickie O. Donna Boorse Donna Boorse Donna Boorse Donna Boorse Donna Boorse 8 Lebanon Lad Lebanon Lad Aquarius Reproduction Reproduction Reproduction 7 JOE MANDELL Hoopdedont Vital Joe Mandell Joe Mandell Joe Mandell 17 8 Hoopdedont Stepfar Inchcobar Eagle Speed Vital Hw pdedont 9 Stenfar Gold Leaf Hoopdedont Hoopdedont Blue Tail Fly Vital 7

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