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THEATRE , By. Whitney Bolton NEW YORK, N. Y., June 25.— Jimmy! Grippo, the eminent hypnotist and philosopher, does not get into New York often because he prefers the soothing wjays and soothing wjays and winds of Florida and South e r n California. But when he does, he always calls and we chat for a few moments over themes which tend to become esoteric and cosmic. Its pretty hard to lo- a good, durable Scate cosmic theme these days, which is why Jimmy is always welcome, and I havent picked over a fine, unknicked esoteric theme, without flaws and with the original lustre, in months. Jimmy has eyes that can pierce steel j and burn down bridges. When he looks at you straight in the eye and turns on what- ever forces lie behind his eyes, you have a fight to keep from getting as stiff as a board of mahogany and walking like a zombie. He is all hypnotist. But he is also a man who makes hypnotism pay its way. ! AAA Currently, Mr. Grippo is bemused because the Shah Mohamed Pahlevi and his lovely queen, Soraya, are distressed over failing to produce an heir to the throne of Iran. The royal couple have consulted Swiss physicians. Grippo has written them a letter suggesting that they save their money. He has the answer — and the cure. They need hypnotic therapy, he told me the other furnace-like Manhattan evening. "What has hypnotism to do with it?" I asked with some asperity. "For Heavens sake, Jimmy, you cant say to a queen: Lady, when you come out of this trance you are going to become theNmother of a prince. Thats nonsense." A A A "The trouble with you js you are superficial and dont think," said Grippo. "Hypnotism, used as a parlor trick, wont be successful, of course. But hypnotism could get at what is almost certainly the foundation of the problem: emotionalism. You take a person so emotionally disturbed that pregnancy is automatically precluded and solve the emotional problems for them through hypnotism. It is being used all the time by advanced psychiatrists and neurology institutions. It gets straight at the emotional jungle and clears out the weeds and impediments. * * . * "There are two sets of fears in this jungle. The woman fears the unknown, pain, possible complications, temporary disfig- urement and consequent possible loss of husband. The husband fears inadequacy as a father, inability to face new responsibilities, inferior behavior as a parent and so on. This is a formidable set ,of fears and when they exist on both sides,* parenthood becomes almost an impossibility. I am in no position to say that this is what afflicts the royal house of Iran, you understand. 1 am not a medical diagnostician and never once pretended to be. I only | claim that if there is no known medical reason for the barrenness, then hypnotism could be the answer. The above list of emotional causations, plus some I have in delicacy not described, is not complete but it is enough to illustrate the fact that they are important in the etiology." AAA Grippo talks that way and means it. He knows more words, correctly, than dp. most dictionary editors. So I said, I could not even spell etiology, but Id give him "A" for trying. "Hypnosis and post-hypnosis suggestion," he went on, "enable the patient to gain a rapid insight into and control of the subconscious emotions underlying failure of parenthood. Its as simple as that." I love this little guy, anyway. Hes smart as anything. And for all any one can say for sure, he might have the solution for Iran. I hope the shah and his queen answer Jimmys letter. *

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