Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-03

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points or 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for 2d, 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman. J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made, for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Turf Pic Racer Turf Pic Blue Vet Prince Eric Turf Pic 12 1 Racer Prince Eric Prince Eric Picanepper Turf Pic Prince Eric 11 Prince Eric Miss Night Blue Vet Prince Eric Picapepper Racer 7 Bad Boy Bill Herman L. Feb Ziggity Kind of Kings Ziggity 10 2 Ziggity Starrv Night Ziggity Bad Boy Bill Herman L. Bad Boy Bill 9 Pappa-Gee Ziggity Bad Boy Bill Feb . Bad Boy Bill Herman L. 7 Hy-Skeeter Galant Parcel Hy-Skeeter Galant Parcel Hy-Skeeter Hy-Skeeter 17 3 Ellwood Shura Ruffled Fabric Doctor Tom Shura Galant Parcel 10 Shura Hy-Skeeter Shura Hy-Skeeter Ellwood Shura 6 Laurel Queen COWBOY Laurel Queen Gocd Clean Fun Cow Boy Cow Boy 15 4 Red Charger Just Tilly Cow Boy Red Perfume Laurel Queen Laurel Queen 12 Cow Boy Kathleen H. Good Clean Fun Kathleen H. Red Charger Gocd Clean Fun 6 Pipit Blazing Rocket Blazing Rocket DeeVeeTee PIPIT Pipit 16 5 Miss Wilma Van Booster Rocket Pipit Pipit Blazing Rocket Blazing Rocket 12 Denver King Jet Age Booster Rocket Fast Cash Denver King Dee Vee Tee 5 Fortune N. Ginger Miss Franks Maude Grey Jet Ginger Miss Ginger Miss 12 6 Sir Chris Pacemaker Pacemaker First Grandson Pacemaker Pacemaker 7 Pacemaker Sir Chris Ginger Miss Ginger Miss Fortune N. Fortune N. 6 SIR TRIBAL Sir Tribal Racetracker " Racetracker Sir Tribal SIR TRIBAL. 21 7 Arracado KopesHope Sir Tribal Sir Tribal Silver State Racetracker 13 Racetracker Racetracker Arracado Kopes Hope Racetracker Arracado 3 Devilment Sanders Road SANDERS ROAD Sanders Road Darling Daddy Sanders Road 20 8 War Tuck Joe Jr. Darling Daddy Darling Daddy Sanders Road Darling Daddy 9 Sanders Road Roving Caesar Roving Caesar Devilment War Tuck Devilment 6 Rapport Rapport ELMINZAH Play Ron Rapport 13 9ElMinzah Play Ron Rare Spice Play Ron Fairy Prince Rapport ElMonzah 12 Rapport Bookworm Rare Spice Bookworm Bookworm Play Ron 9 Trackman, D. S. Fair JAfllAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Esauisse Quick Decision Esquisse Esquisse Esquisse Esauisse 22 Apophasis Esauisse JoeR. JoeR. Quick Decision Quick Decision 10 Quick Decision Joe R. Quick Decision Quick Decision Apophasis Joe R. 5 South Point South Point SOUTH POINT South Point . South Point South Point 27 2 Gideon Jo-Ma-Be Jo-Ma-Be Gideon Gideon Jo-Ma-Be 6 Steelmaster Steelmaster Steelmaster Jo-Ma-Be Jo-Ma-Be Gideon 5 Natagar Air Prophet Tiger Dip Natagar Natagar 14 3Natagar The Axe . The Axe The Axe Natagar The Axe The Axe 8 Knockango Knockango Knockango Air Prophet Knockango Air Prophet 6 Mr. Vale Alabastro Mr. Vale Manahplay Mr. Vale 15 4Prothalamion Zabaglione Zabaglione Mr. Vale Prothalamion Mr. Vale Prothalamion 7 Mr. Vale Pace Setter Zabaglione Zabaglione Zabaglione Zabaglione 7 Prank . Big Winner Etoka PRANK Prank Prank 21 5 Big Winner Prank Prank . Etoka Etoka Etoka 11 Etoka Etoka Nances Rule Nances Rule Big Winner Big Winner 8 Octagonal Joe Jones Bushers Idol Octagonal Octagonal Octagonal 19 Bushersldol Octagonal Octagonal One Stroke Joe Jones Bushers Idol 10 Joe J ones • Bushersldol One Stroke Bushers Idol . Bushers Idol Joe Jones 8 SEARCHING SEARCHING Lori-El Searching SEARCHING SEARCHING 28 7 Lori-El Outer Space Searching Lori-El Lori-El Lori-El 12 Outer Space Lori-El , Fanciful Miss Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space 5 Jesper " First Served First Served Jesper Jesper 19 8Jesper First Served Casual Friend Jesper Jesper First Served First Served 14 Happy New Year Happy New Year Maenad ■ Casual Friend Casual Friend Casual Friend 4 Trackman, W. C. ThilHps GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Mr. Treasurer Josies Boy Josies Boy Josies Boy Josies Boy Josies Boy 22 JosiesBoy Ricodee Mr. Treasurer At Will Cabriole Mr. Treasurer 7 Chicanery Topeka Cabriole Cabriole At Will Cabriole 4 Sals Boots Your Shine • Galarch Galarch Stan Sag Galarch 14 2 Stan Sag Galarch Stan Sag Stan Sag Galarch Stan Sag 11 Reaping Return Ambers Folly Ambers Folly Ambers Folly Ambers Folly Sals Boots 5 Grand Suspense Mr.Mowlee BUBBLES PICK Bubbles Pick Monetary Bubbles Pick 14 3 Monetary Bubbles Pick . Converted Monetary Emerald Prince Monetary 10 Converted Blue Charm Monetary Blue Charm Mr. Mowlee Mr. Mowlee 6 Evening Tempo JUMPING BROOK Jumping Brook Evening Tempo Evening Tempo Evening Tempo 17 4 Jet Mark Evening Tempo Jet Mark Marband Marband Jumping Brook 13 Man Up Stairs Royal Float Marband Questa Prima Jumping Brook Marband 5 Deack Duncan Lil Fella Lil Fella Lil Fella Lil Fella Lil Fella 22 5 Lil Fella Deack Duncan Ive Got Rhythm Ive Got Rhythm Ive Got Rhythm Deak Duncan 8 Ive Got Rhythm Safe Landing Balmacara Deack Duncan Balmacara Ive Got Rhythm 7 Jovial Jove Jovial Jove JovialfJove Jovial Jove TRUE VERDICT Jovial Jove 22 6 True Verdict Sonny Dan Vagabond King True Verdict Jovial Jove True Verdict 11 Double X. Brandy B. Irate Fabius Sonny Dan Sonny Dan 3 IRON LIEGE Iron Liege Iron Liege IRON LIEGE . Iron Liege IRON LIEGE 31 7 Ben Lomond One-Eyed King Sharpsburg Ben Lomond Sharpsburg Ben Lomond 6 Aripn Ben Lomond Tick Tock . Sharpsburg Ben Lomond Sharpsburg 5 We Trust Native Son Count Swedak Nasomie Irish Love Nasomie 9 8 Native Son Devilfish Nasomie Irish Love Nasomie Irish Love 7 Count Swedak Maymil Maymil Maymil Maymil Native Son 7 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty LAUREL RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Indiana Happy Retreat Kitchawan Swoop Down Sky Faith Sky Faith 11 1 Sky Faith Indiana Sky Faith Sky Faith Indiana Indiana 11 Clay Mouse Kitchawan Indiana Indiana Swoop Down Kitchawan 6 Corfel Corfel - Corfel Corfel Corfel 25 2Corfel Flower Picture Flower Picture Madge P. Blazing Comet Flower Picture Flower Picture 7 Blazing Comet Susie J. Flower Picture Madge P. Draw Near Madge P. 3 Hanwar Grand Opera Hanwar Hanwar Hanwar 21 3Hanwar Quarry Slave Royal Page Helicopter Rustic Billy Quarry Slave Grand Opera 6 Rustic Billy Herald Wind Hanwar Grand Opera Royal Page Quarry Slave 4 LadyJonage LADY JONAGE Lady Jonage LADYJONAGE LADY JONAGE 29 4LadyJcnage Mamowlee Mamowlee Mamowlee Clara-Dawn Clara-Dawn Mamowlee " 7 High Affair Sir Modred Clara-Dawn Chatterer Mamowlee Clara-Dawn 5 Ring Champ Westray Ring Champ — Westray The Surgeon Westrav 11 5 Copy Book Royal Brigade Fortunate OurLia Copy Book Ring Champ 10 Westray Fortunate Copy Book Bradley Fortunate The Surgeon 5 Tuscanaway MOVITAVE Movitave Movitave Movitave Movitave 23 Milady Dares Mickey Boy Tuscanaway. Milady Dares Milady Dares Tuscanaway 8 Movitave Sew it Up Milady Dares Sew it Up Tuscanaway Milady Dares 7 TUDOR ERA Tudor Era Tudor Era TUDOR ERA Tudor Era Tudor Era 29 7 Liberty Sun Liberty Sun Grey Baby Jabneh ~ Liberty Sun Liberty Sun 7 Jabneh Bernburgoo Bemburgoo Liberty Sun Bernburgoo Jabneh 3 Novel Book Rival Hunter Novel Book Novel Book Novel Book 19 8Bullslinger Novel Book Martins Gold Novel Book Bullslinger Martins Gold Bullslineer 9 Corso Bullslinger Bullslineer Corso Rival Hunter Rival Hunter 6 J

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