Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-06

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. — y , ; Alphabetical Index to Entries A Dole— 6th Suf Is There— 4th CD Abbe Dear— 5th Pirn Dominave — 7th Suf Jsit Cash — 5th CD Abbie Co — 5th Bel Don Coventry— 7th Spt Isolente — 9th CD Admirals Sweep — 2d Bel Donna L.-4th Spt J Agrarian-U— 5th GJS Dooly— 7th CD Jacks Town— 6th Bel Air Flight — 5th Pirn DoreensBoy — 5th Suf jai 2d CD Air Tip— 2d Pim Dot Beiltro— 8th G.S Jam Session— 7th Bel Airmada — 8th Bel Dr. Sicomo — 3d Suf Janies Fellah 8th Bel Alan C. — 1st G.S Drakensberg — 5th Bel Jan-Rod 1st Spt Albulil— 5th Spt Dry— 9th Suf Jetrose— 3d G.S All Blue— 6th CD Dry Fly— 3d G.S Jim Branch— 7th Spt Als Play— 2d Spt Duke Aumar— 3d G.S Jimmies Boy— 4th Spt Amberley— 1st Spt Dusky Tiger— 9th CJD Jiminy Cricket— 6th CD Annie Oakley — 7th Pim E Jobie — 4th Suf Annies Choice — 3d GJS Eagle River — 7th Spt • JoeOlsan — 4th Pim Anthracite — 1st Bel Elevenpoint— 2d G.S Joes Sun — 8th Pim Approval — 1st Bel Errard Beau— 2d GJS Johnnies Bobbie — 6th CJD Apt Reward — 3d Suf Escador — 7th G.S Judge Elkins — 4th Pim Arcave— 6th Pim Escondida — 4th Bel Juliets Nurse — 5th CJD Arise— 6th G.S Ess Kay— 4th Spt June Prince— 1st G.S Askalot — 1st Bel Esta Vez— 2d Suf Junior Wolf— 8th Spt Atom Ride — 7th Suf Eternal Dream— 5th Spt Juniors Hobby 3d CJD Att. General— 3d Suf Eternal Road— 7th Suf Just for Luck— 8th C D Aunt Jayne Z. — 4th CD Ethereal— 5th CJD Just Lovely— 4th Pim Aura Lee — 4th Pim Eugarp— 8th Bel K Avoca Message— 2d Spt Excelsis— 6th Spt Kapinisca— 8th Spt B F Kay Gibson— 7th Bel Bachelor Boy— 8th Suf Fair Arab — 8th CD Ken— 1st CJJ Bad Brandy— 9th Spt Fair Game— 3d Suf Khabula— 9th Suf Bad LighW8th Pim False Front— 6th Suf Kindly Miss— 8th CD Badge— 8th Suf Family— 5th Pim King Chico— 7th G.S Baguio— 9th CD FanaG.— 2d Spt King Wilson— 3d Suf Bakers Rock— 2d GJS Faraway— 6th G.S Kitty Katlst Spt Balcurate— 2d Pim Farmington— 8th Bel L Balu Mike— 4th GJS Farnado— 3d Bel La Cygne— 3d Pim Bated Breath — 5th Suf Fiery — 3d Pim Lady Diane M. — 3d Pim Bay Acre— 9th CD Fiesta— 2d Suf Lady Forest— 5th Spt Bay Orders— 4th Pim Fighting Back — 1st CJD Lady Petrose— 1st Suf Beach Boy— 8th Bel Firstbourne — 4th Spt Lady Ridgewell— 3d Pim Beans Jr.— 1st Suf Fitz Mede— 1st Pim Laroc— 1st Spt Bearing Clear— 5th GJS Five A. M.— 1st Spt . . LeVar— 6th Bel Bearwald— 3d Spt Flare Monte— 9th CD Lea Mary— 5th GJS Beau Fortune— 6th Spt Flares Durbar— 8th Suf Leading Man— 8th CD Beletino— 4th Spt Flash Bum— 7th G.S Lex— 6th Suf Believc-in-Me— 2dGJS Fleet Vixen— 1st Bel Liberate— 4th Spt Bens Pride — 3d CJD Fletter— 1st G.S License— 9th Suf Best Doings— 7th Bel Flight Admiral— 2d G.S Light Buckle— 8th Pim Better Self— 6th Bel Floral Trail— 8th CJD Likeasnot-6th Spt Better Vain— 8th Bel Fly Out— 8th CJD Linda Jane— 3d CJD Bicker— 3d G.S Flyamanita— 5th CJD Liquid Breeze— 4th Spt . Big and Better— 2d Suf Flying Sandy— 4th Spt Little Bobbles— 7th Spt Big Bertha— 3d Spt Flying Weather— 7th Bel Little Brandy— 1st Pim Big Bull— 5th Pim Fortuitous— 3d CD . Little captain— 5th Suf Billman— 5th Suf Fourth Degree— 9th CJD Little L —1st Spt Bimebella— 4th Spt Foxier— 2d Pim Liveletlive— 4th Bel Binky B.— 5th GJS Fraternal— 2d Suf Lombardy— 2d Bel Bird in Hand— 7th Pim Fuddy Duddy— 3d C JD Lona Mae— 4th Spt Black G eorge— 7th CJD Fusscat— 1st Bel Look Here— 6th CD Blessette— 3d Pim G Loran — 3d Pim Blewso— 3d Spt Gaby Haugh— 3d CJD Loriot — 5th G.S Blue Falcon — 4th Suf Gallant G. I. — 7th G J3 Loser Weeper — 6th G.S Blue Fawn — 5th Spt Gambler — 4th GJS Lotowhite — 7th CJD Blue Fedora— 3d GJS Gay Date — 2d Suf Low and High — 7th G.S BoMowlee — 1st Pim Gay Hunter — 1st CJD Loyal Legion — 6th GS Bobeck — 1st Suf Gay Jessica — 1st Suf Lucky Codine — 7th Spt Bold Arrow 1st CD 8th CJD — Gay Liberty — Lumpuckerow — 1st Spt Bolo Mack — 6th GJS Gay Petal — 1st Suf Luring 5th Bel Bonnyvale — 8th Spt Gayheush — 5th Spt Lutza 3d Spt Boss Well— 2d Suf Gildsie— 2d Suf Brandy Punch— 7th Bel Gloaming— 5th CJD M. Luck Out— 8th Pim Brave Reward — 8th Bel Gobbler — 4th G.S Mackle 6th CJD Brazen Brat — 5th Pim Going Away — 6th Pim Maering 3d Pim Brown Clipper— 8th CJD Gold Braid— 1st Pim Magna Charta— 6th Pim Brownskin 1st G.S Gold Bull 4th — — G.S Magnet 6th G S Bubbling 6th Golden Bull 6th Pim Easy — Spt — Maijo 7th Bel Buckie— 2d CJD Golden Hygro— 5th Spt Malvern— 9th C D Busy Liz— 9th Spt Golden Mean — 1st Suf Maneen 9th Spt ByMe-2dPim Good Grazing-3d Pim Mangohick-6th Bel * C Good Sport— 5th Bel Manle— 5th Pim Cacomo— 6th Suf Grace O Malley— 3d Bel Margaret E. — 2d Pim Cake Walk— 2d Spt Grand Prospect— 9th Spt Market First— 3d Bel Calumny— 5th Bel Grand River— 2d Spt Markability — 8th Pim Campos — 7th Bel Grandpa Max — 1st Spt Mary Ann 2d Pim Cancellation — 8th GJS Greek Ship — 7th CD Master Mind — 7th Bel Canina Sis— 3d CJD Guess Feng— 2d Suf Maxim Miss— 4th Pim Cap Rock— 8th CJD Guillotine— 6th Bel Maxmar— 7th Suf Capot— 6th Bel H Melvin— 9th CJD Cascadian — 5th Spt Halcyara — 1st Bel Mendy — 1st CJD Certified— 6th Pim Hallieboy — 7th CD Merry Mary — 4th Spt Chalpaille — 5th Pim Harbourton — 6th Suf Merry Tudor — 5th Spt • CharlottaK. — 1st CJD Hard Held — 1st Bel Michigan Kid — 8th CD Charm Prince — 1st GJ3 Hard Hitter— 3d CJD Middleground— 7th CJD Check Up— 2d CJD .Harry D. — 6th CJD Minneapolis — 3d G.S Chillia Queen — 8th Pim Harvest Reward — 8th Pim Mint o*Morn — 4th GJS Chippewa Chief — 8th CJD Hash Night— 5th GJS Mirabeau— 7th Bel Chocoletta 5th Suf Mission 2d GJS — Hasty — Mirage — 8th Pim Christopher— 9th Suf Hawk Eye— 2d Bel Mirthmaker — 4th GJS Claire Dauber 2d Suf 7th CD — Hawley — Mischianza — 4th Bel Colleen H.— 8th Suf He Could— 4th Suf Miss Carolina— 1st Bel Colonel Read— 9th CJD Head an* Tell— 2d CD Miss Crossbow— 5th Spt Concise — 1st Pim Heesadate — 2d Spt Miss Education — 1st GJS Connie Morse — 1st Pim Hefty — 2d Pim Miss Majority — 3d Pim Conn ies Boy — 6th Spt Helstan — 1st Suf Miss Meliss — 5th Suf Countess In — 7th Suf Hi Comedienne — 1st Suf Miss Nap— 4th Spt Countess Molly — 5th Bel HighCantle — 8th Pim MissCBehan — 4th Suf Courts Maude — 5th Spt High Ego — 5th Spt Mist o Dawn — 2d CJD Cowlan— 5th Spt High Mount— 2d Bel Mister Chat— 9th Suf Creede— 3d CJD Hill Prince— 7th CD Monmouth— 3d G.S Crisis II. — 4th Bel His Jewel— 8th Bel Mombasa— 3d Bel Cross Duchess — 9th CJD Honeybug — 2d Pim Mons Beau — 2d Bel C-Rudy— 6th Spt Hoosier Boy — 8th GJS Mr. Choo Choo — 3d Spt Curandero — 6th GJS Hoosier Relic — 1st CJD Mr. Fox — 4th Suf Curtain Time — 4th G J3 Hornpipe — 1st Bel Mr. Trouble — 7th CD Custody— 3d GJS Hot Chocolate — 2d CJD Mr. Twist — 3d Spt Cutty Hunk — 6th GJS Hy Diamond — 7th Suf Mucho Mas— 6th Suf D Hycall— 8th Suf Musical Kid— 5th Spt Dame Polly 3d CJD Hygros Wonder — 5th Suf Muscat — 1st CJD Damions Might— 1st Suf Hyp Home — 7th Bel Musician — lstG.S DanadaGift — 6th GJS Hyperplay — 2d Bel My Celeste — 5th G.S Dance Pretty— 8th Suf I My Request— 6th Bel • Dasha— 3d CJD I Am— 3d GJS Myrmidon— 4th G.S De Luxe— 7th Suf I Trusted Suf Myrtle Charm— 6th Bel Deck Talk— 2d Spt Iliad— 2d G.S N Debby J. — 8th Spt Illustrate — 4th GJS Navajo Trail — 2d Spt Debdeb— 2d Bel Indian Gold — 6th CJD Naval Base— 8th GJS Delegate— 6th Bel Inf aith— 3d Pim Navy Bean— 5th Bel Delia T. — 1st Suf Infinity K.— 2d Spt Neds Choice— 1st Suf Deltoid— 9th Spt Inf inotto— 1st Spt Nell K. — 6th Bel Deloplay— 5th Pim Inscroll— 9th Spt Never Die — 5th Spt Demand Note — 4th Bel Irene — 8th CD Never in Doubt — 3d CJD Channel 5th Bel Wonder 5th Pim Demon — 3d Bel Irish — New — Director — 9th CJD Irish Wash— 4th Suf Nice Enough— 5th Spt Disky— 3d Pim Iron Duke — 3d GJS No Leddie— 8th CJD 3 X . ; e. t .: . * „ No Meg— 1st Pim Rouser — 4th Spt Sweet Hash— 2d Pim No More Hash— 3d CJD Royal Blood— 6th Bel Sweet Reward— 2d CD Normricffl-8tliSpt Royal Bones — 7th Pim Swift Town — 1st Spt Novice — 5th Bel Royal Freedom — 1st Suf Swlrlator— 3d Pim O Royal Garden — 2d GJS T O. K. Doak— 2d Spt Royal J oy— 3d Spt Tar— 7th Pim Ocean Play— 9th Suf Royce— 4th CD Tarpan— 6th Pim Oil Capitol— 7th CD Ruddy— 4th Bel Teddy Chick— 5th CJD Old Tom— 4th CJD Ruhe— 1st CJD Telbeda— 9th Suf Olympia— 6th Bel • Rule One— 5th CJD Thank You Sir— 7th Spt On the Mark— 7th CJD Running Finn— 5th Suf The Pincher— 6th G.S On the River — 8th Spt c The Prophet- -9th Suf On The Spot— 4th CJD JJ Third Ace— 7th Bel „ One Alone— 8th G.S « Sabson— 2d CJD Three arid Two— 5th Bel One Rose— 5th Bel Safety Lock— 4th Spt . Thwarted— 6th Suf Operator— 8th G.S fatg,aii , IT 3d„?im, Tiger Age— 1st Pim Ourberra— 8th CJD 5 , Pi2 - , Tight Fit— 1st Suf Over Night— 7th Spt e ,°grIslBel Timmy— 1st Spt Overexposed— 5th G.S fn niS Timurlane— 8th Spt ™ * Overpower— 2d Suf -Sally fn— Zd Spt. Tumbler— 3d Bel Salmagundi— 6th Bel 9th p Topnard— Spt Peacelaw-SthGJS lonZthr ? Torch-4thBel Penson-5thG.S It? Torpedero-2d Suf Peseta-2dPim ISSlfthPn Town Hall-9th Spt Petes Best-Is* G.S IS Trm °m Cnr Town March-3d Pim Phaltup-9th Spt ff e wP* tyf/ ll mm Toy Fox-2d GS Piet-6thBel SfSJSi Trance Sleeper-8th Pim Pink Devil-8th Pim F61 Trans Egret-7th Pim Placerville-8th Suf 1ST™ « Trouble Sands-lst Spt Plucky Prince— 2d CJD ifnfimw n «th «s,,f Troy Road— 1st Suf Plyer-lstSuf IffWJ ? 7* ™ Trucha— 3d Suf Podoloff-2dGJ3 iftt S£nrf Trumpet King-7th CD Pollys Boy-7th Bel Tween Meals — 8th CD Pomander-8thG.S f and*J£ 17 U Port Beaumont— 1st CJD V7HTmm U. S. Knight— 5th Suf Potato Cake— 1st Pim ofv, o ™ Uncle Drew— 8th CJD Preceder-SthBel *%B%P~£ Uncle Remus-2d Pim Predominate— 5th Bel 5 fil? T_4? , oim Up Beat— 6th Bel Prefect-7thG.S lnflhsnt Useless-4th Pim Silent Max — 8th Spt . . — „„ -a„„ u-v. Bob-6th civ, /-i T-. Pretty Boy CJD „,„.,V,„.„e silver Drift-7th GJS Q SirBim— 1st GJS Vals Kid— 4th G.S Queen Karling — 1st Spt Sir Boro— 1st Pim Valsida — 1st Suf Quemadito — 7th G.S Sir Flint Var — *thGJ3 Questor— 5th Pim Sir Monte— 5th Spt Vera Connelly — 1st G.S Quintero— 8U1C.D Sir Ridgewell— 5th Pim yffd— 3d Pim Quick Cure — 1st G.S sir Sag 7th Pim Vinita War — 2d Spt Quirt— 1st G.S Skin Tonic— 7th G.S W R Sky Blonde— 4th Suf War Belle— 2d Pim R. L. Light — 2d Spt Slam Bang — 6th G.S War Story — 6th Pim Racso — 4th Suf Slamish — 2d Pim War Toro — 2d Suf Radiant— 5th Bel Slammuring— 4th Pim „ Warmonger— 6th G.S Rare Jewel — 1st Bel Smoky Bill — 2d Spt Wasp Waist — 2d Spt Raw Cord— 2d Pim South Wind— 3d CJD Watch Chilla — 1st Spt Razzmatazsi — 7th Bel Spitfire — 6th CJD Weather O.K. — 1st Pim Red Banjo — 4th Pim Spuds — 3d Bel Wetumka — 1st CJD Red Ned — 4th Pim Squint — 3d CD Whizz Happy — 4th Pim Reflexion— 1st G.S - Stag— 5th Pim Willi— 3d GJS Regularity— 9th Spt Static Chaser— 4th Spt Willis E.— 2d Pim Rena Hill — 5th Pim jStatesnian — 3d G.S Windf lower — 2d Bel RenowaU. — 6th Bel Storm Ridden— 5th Suf Winged Heels — 8th Pim Revokar — 1st CD Stranded — 7th CD Winnebago — 1st Spt Rewarder — 7th Spt Subdue — 1st Pim Wisconsin Boy — 4th CJD Richavoo — 7th Spt Sugar Beet — 9th CJD Wish Egan-lst Bel Riot— 6th Spt Sungari — 4th Bel Wow— 1st Spt River Boyne— 8th Suf Sun David— 4th CJD Y Roll Clean— 3d CJD Sun Tannery— 9th Spt Yankee Captain— 9th Spt Rollaway— 9th Spt Sun Tan Gal— 5th CD Yankee Hill— 6th Bel Roman Graced — 4th Spt Sunglow — 7th CD Your Host — 7th CJD Romanda — 5th CJD * Sunny South — 1st Pim Youre the Top — 3d Pim

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