Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-21

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best In Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lien Dance Band Dance Band Tax Lien Dance Band Dance Band 19 ITax Dance Band Tax Lien Tax Lien Dance Band Tax Lien Tax Lien 16 Rippling Hit Rippling Hit Bleu Mantle Rippling Hit Rippling Hit Rippling Hit 4 Mr. Wiggins Stormy Waters Stormy Waters Stormy Waters Alhampered Stormy Waters 15 2 Alhamoered Mr. Wiggins Net Profit Mr. Wiggins Mr. Wiggins Mr. Wiggins 12 Heres Jack Heres Jack Mr. Wiggins Alhampered Victoria Cross Alhampered 8 Twirling Girl Virginia Duke Virginia Duke Timus Timus Timus 14 3 Bluebonnet Gal Twirling Girl Timus Twirling Girl Twirling Girl Twirling Girl 12 Timus Timus Twirling Girl Bluebonnet Gal Buffer Virginia Duke 10 Easy Lad Easv Lad Easy Lad Easy Lad Easy Lad Easy Lad 25 4 Betsv Bell Bold Fox Jammu Jammu Bold Fox Bold Fox 6 Dashing Don Fuse Box Bold Fox Bold Fox Jammu Jammu 5 Amour Amour Amour Amour AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR 31 5 Fancy Step Hadnt Orter Saxon Charm Miss Jato Hadnt Orter Hadnt Orter 7 Hadnt Orter Little Snow Hadnt Orter Hadnt Orter Miss Jato Miss Jato 3 JENNIE LEE Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo 22 6 Jumbo Stop Gap Jennie Lee Jennie Lee Jennie Lee Jennie Lee 14 Mass oGold Jennie Lee Stop Gap Mass o Gold Grass Fire Stop Gap 3 Nightmarish Recline Recline Recline Recline Recline 20 7 Anns Fox Light Moon Nightmarish Nightmarish Nightmarish Nightmarish 11 Heavenly Hash Anns Fox Anns Fox Anns Fox Heavenly Hash Anns Fox 5 KAY DOODY Yardtown Kay Doody . Kay Doody Kay Doody 19 8Arnie KayDoody Yardtown Arnie Arnie Arnie Arnie 11 Indian Gold Like You First Tenet Yardtown First Tenet Yardtown 8 Patmiboy BoloPat BoloPat Patmiboy Patmiboy Patmiboy 17 SI y K Park Pigeon Genies Mate Dasha Dasha Dasha BoloPat 11 ** ■* • Delhannah Patmiboy Patmiboy Delhannah Bolo Pat Dasha 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS By Degrees By Degrees What Goes On By Degrees By Degrees " By Degrees 21 1 Birdseye View Birdseye View Miss Hanky Choice Bits Birdseye View Birdseye View 7 Penn woven Perm woven By Degrees Birdseye View Fayette Star What Goes On 5 Gadget Lils Gadget Lils Gadget LILS GADGET Lils Gadget LILS GADGET 27 2Lils Alixe C. Rheastat Rheastat Our Cindy Kisses Heart Rheastat 6 Wave-a-Lu Wave-a-Lu Our Cindy Rheastat Rheastat Our Cindy 3 m Imbible Nicotine Gal Nicotine Gal Be Stylish Nicotine Gal 12 3Santed Be Stylish Minnesinger Tabby Santed - Nicotine Gal Be Stylish 7 Minnesinger Tabby Imbible Tabby Imbible Santed 7 SORORITY Sorority Sorority Whammo Play Eda Sorority 21 4 Ariel Sweep Ariel Sweep Ariel Sweep Sorority Sorority Whammo 7 Right Jab Whammo Whammo Romary Ann Ariel Sweep Ariel Sweep 7 Slipper Satin Bouncing Boots Slipper Satin SLD7PER SATIN Slipper Satin 17 5Kingarvie Bon Lynn War Host Convicted Kingarvie Kingarvie Kingarvie 10 Tacony Bon Lynn Kingarvie .Tacony Tacony Bouncing Boots 5 Humphrey Money Lender Night Parade Blue Point Money Lender Money Lender 11 6 Nice Tint Flashy Kay Humphrey Flashy Kay Nice Tint Humphrey 8 Money Lender Blemish Blemish Humphrey Flashy Kay Blue Point 5 Final Edition COIN FLIP TEN GALLON HAT Airtroop Final Edition Ten Gallon Hat 14 7 Whacker Pride Ten Gallon Hat Airtroop Ten Gallon Hat Ten Gallon Hat Final Edition 11 Ten Gallon Hat Senator Guy Final Edition Senator Guy Senator Guy Coin Flip 7 Roytig Joes Laddie Joes Laddie Joes Laddie Pine Lake Joes Laddie 19 8 Joes Laddie Pine Lake My Jam Pine Lake Joes Laddie Pine Lake 9 My Jam Moston Sticktome Sticktome . Roytig Roytig 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWJEI CONSENSUS , Press Press Merry Reward Press Kin-?sT?oint Press 15 I Dickie Bird Dickie Bird Printers Devil Dickie Bird Dickie Bird Dickie Bird 9 * Royal Oath Emerald Dickie Bird Kings Point Merry Reward Merry Reward 6 Freedom Keep Watch Keep Watch Keep Watch Keep Watch Keep Watch 22 2Roval Keep Watch Kidded Holly Ridge Holly Ridge Holly Ridge Holly Ridge 7 Kidded Holly Ridge Kidded Mayes Riley Kidded. Royal Freedom 5 Marlin Halley Halley Halley Hallev 22 3Halley Maryador Halley Marlin Maryador Maryador Marlin 8 Colonel V Maryador Colonel V Springdale Marlin Maryador 7 Mossy Face Sandy Alan Giggle Sandy Alan Giggle Sandy Alan 15 4 Giggle Giggle Sandy Alan Loyal Worker Sandy Alan Giggle 15 Sandy Alan Mossy Face Loyal Worker Giggle Mossy Face Mossy Face 7 Blue Moon Be Modest Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon 22 5 Be Modest Blue Moon Little Martha Eraser Torch Be Modest 7 Algerian Torch Torch Torch Algerian Torch 5 ON THE MARK On the Mark Prospect ON THE MARK ON THE MARK On the Mark 28 6 Prosoect Powwow On the Mark Prospect Powwow Prospect 12 Nosun Prospect Father Tiber Nosun Prospect Powwow 3 Orb With Swords Queens Chant Novel Request Apsley Novel Request 10 7 Novel Request Novel Request Eleven -Boy Jr. Orb Reighsign Orb 7 Apsley Eleven Boy Jr. Novel Request King Wilson With Swords Apsley 6 Fleeting By FLEETING BY FLEETING BY Fleeting By Fleeting By FLEETING BY 29 8 Tedlin Tedlin Temm Temm Tedlin Tedlin 7 Stars Temm Sleepy Hollow Tedlin Temm Temm 6 Trackman. E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Battle Fury Battle Fury Battle Fury Battle Fury Battle Fury Battle Fury 25 1~ Yama Warpath Val-O-Val Yama Warpath Warpath 6 Warpath G. R. Petersen __ Warpath G. R. Petersen G. R. Petersen Yama 4 Kouli Khan KOULI KHAN KouliKhan Netherby Netherby KouliKhan 19 Record Player White Hawk Netherby Record Player Record Player Netherby 12 Relic Gold Record Player Colelco Kouli Khan Kouli Khan Record Player 7 Band Leader Band Leader Band Leader Band Leader Band Leader Band Leader 25 Repose Furthermore Furthermore Leche Hombre Crooning Wind Furthermore 7 Furthermore Cloonshee Crooning Wind Furthermore Furthermore Crooning Wind 3 Toto Bazaar Queen Bazaar Queen Toto Toto 20 4TOTO Sailcloth Ellen Deas Toto Ellen Deas Ellen Deas Bazaar Queen 12 Ellen Deas Bazaar Queen Sail Cloth Toto Bazaar Queen Ellen Deas 7 j Curtain Time Curtain Time Abbottstown Little Harp Little Harp Little Harp 15 5 Little Harp Thasian Hero Little Harp ThasianHero Curtain Time Curtain Time 13 Thasian Hero Little Harp Thasian Hero Curtain Time ThasianHero * ThasianHero 7 On Adopt Mahoon MAHOON MAHOON Mahoon ~~23 6 Mahoon Mahoon On Adopt On. On n Adopt On Adopt On Adopt Adopt 10 Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper BLACK PEPPER 25 7 In My Bones Eagle Speed Eagle Speed Vera Connelly Eagle Speed Eagle Speed 6 Vera Connelly Epic Chance In My Bones Epic Chance Epic Chance In My Bones 3 Gallant Jake Gallant Jake GALLANT JAKE Gallant Jake Busy Dream Gallant Jake 24 8 Even Later Busy Dream Busy Dream Busy Dream Gallant Jake Busy Dream 12 Busy Dream Count Steel Gumptious Even Later Even Later Even Later 4 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Jaleen Sospiro Flood Town Eternal Great Sospiro 13 ISospiro Eternal Great Eternal Great Eternal Great Jaleen . „ Jaleen Eternal Great 11 Flood Town Sospiro Jaleen Sospiro Sospiro Jaleen 10 Star Z. STAR Z. Star Z. Star Z. STAR Z. STAR Z 29 2 Will I Big and Bad Eddieow Big and Bad Little Viv Will I I Apache Trail Willi Willi Puff Ball Willi Big and Bad 4 ~~ Fiddler Spanker Spanker Fiddler Top Spring Spanker 12 3 Saucv Colleen Saucy Colleen Top Spring Saucy Colleen Spanker Fiddler 10 Top Spring The Spaniel Stag Top Spring Saucy Colleen Top Spring 9 Sir White Navy Ace Master Showman Navy Ace Navy Ace Navy Ace 16 4 Emulate Eternal Way Sir White Sir White Sir White Sir White 12 Hearth Mouse Sir White Navy Ace Eternal Way Emulate Master Showman 5 Apachico Binky B. BINKY B. Directoire Directoire 17 5DIRECTOIRE Aoachico Cutting Edge Directoire Directoire Apachico Binky B. 12 Clean Broom Directoire Apachico Cutting Edge Cutting Edge Apachico 10 , Folk Music No Profit BIG KEIS Black Al Big Keis Big Keis 12 «0 Little Colleen Black Al Black Al Little Colleen Black Al Black Al 11 _____JPaUye Little Colleen Little Colleen Lady Advocate Little Colleen Little Colleen 7 Wide Margin Minneapolis Wide Margin Fullblast Minneapolis Minneapolis 14 7 Prince Consort Blackmont Minneapolis Minneapolis Blackmont Wide Margin 11 Fullblast Wide Margin Prince Consort Once Only Evas Toy Fullblast 6 Pompous Luremenow Red Pompon Santas Vixen Luremenow Luremenow 12 8 Luremenow Good Look Good Luck Prickly Pompous Pompous 9 Renounce Pompous Pompous Late Ship Red Pompon Red Pompon 6

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