Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1953-06-26

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS] Figure* In Consensus Shew Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Rose Bouquet Clevelander Clevelander Convair Gallant Dolly Clevelander 10 1- Little Egypt Lumena Ormes Town Rose Bouquet Lumena Gallant Dolly 7 Convair Gallant Dolly Marcy N. Gallant Dolly Ormes Town Rose Bouquet 7 Little Don G. Adriana T. Miss Who Miss Who Educt Little Don G. 11 2 Educt Little Don G. Little Don G. Little Don G. Silly Sara Miss Who 10 , Thyn Rhyne Hurry Harry Ma Ma Rae Educt Adriana T. Educt 8 Storm Hour Storm Hour Storm Hour Storm On Storm Hour Storm Hour 22 3 Moot Cabot Storm On Storm Hour Jarrin John Storm On 9 Storm On Jarrin John Jarrin John Jarrin John Storm On Jarrin John 5 Fancy SteD Bink Bink Lady Indian Lady Indian Wild Teddy 10 4 Ida C. Wild Teddy Wild Teddy-v Fancy Step Wild Teddy Lady Indian 10 . Wild Teddy Flying Pat Flying Pat Ida C. Hustle Gal Bink 10 Bless America Fox Castle BLESS AMERICA Fox Castle Charco. - Bless America 17 5 Fox Castle Bless America Fox Castle Bless America Refresher Fox Castle 14 Refresher Refresher Refresher Centenaire Bless America Refresher 5 JANA Diane B. JANA JANA JANA 26 6Jana Stone Cold Mi Amante Admirals Wave Diane B. Diane B. Diane B. 11 Diane B. Diane B. Mi Amante Neaptide Honey Please Mi Amante 3 BLAZE Dean Cavy Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze 23 7 Van Crosby Van Crosby " Dean Cavy Amati Van Crosby Dean Cavy 8 Amati Blaze Van Crosby Van Crosby TJean Cavy Van Crosby 8 Miss OReilly The Phoenix The Phoenix Storm Ridden The Phoenix The Phoenix 19 8 The Phoenix Repartee Grand Juror The Phoenix Storm Ridden Storm Ridden 7 Wood wise Copper Plate Pepartee Miss OReilly Repartee Miss OReilly 6 Fixed Star Queen of Silks Fixed Star Fixed Star Fixed Star Fixed Star 22 9 Whirl Home Fixed Star Chinkapin . Chinkapin Whirl Home Whirl Home 10 Chinkapin Whirl Home - Whirl Home Whirl Home Queen of Silks Queen of Silks 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Harvest Time So Fair Masterson. TinajaA. Harvest Time Harvest Time 11 1 Donquest Donquest So Fair Donquest So Fair " So Fair 9 Masterson Harvest Time Donquest Masterson Donquest Donquest 8 Conquerant Conquerant Mary Like Bubble Gum Zoom Conquerant _ 13 2 MissZilt Mary Like Zoom Smart Eve, Conquerant Bubble Gum 7 Bubble Gum. Smart Eve Conquerant Capricornio Bubble Gum Mary Like 7 Hangover Major Event OHogan Hangover Rifted War Hangover 10 3 Jerrys Gem Sub Factor Rifted War OHogan O Hogan Rifted War 8 Darlin Ann Wise Billing Sub Factor Rifted War Darlin Ann OHogan 7 Strict Speedy Jet Strict Nose Dive STRICT Strict 19 4 Reno Red Ginny-Sandy Kellys Mistake Strict Speedy Jet - Speedy Jet 8 Ascent Triple Flight Speedy Jet Our Susan Reno Red Nose Dive 5 ALMENOW Almenow TOMI BLU Foxy Adeline Almenow 21 5ALMENOW TomiBlu Fixy Adeline Foxy Adeline Tidy Sum Almenow Foxy Adeline 10 Tidy Sum Test Pattern Tidy Sum Foxy Adeline Tidy Sum Tomi Blu 9 Sickles Image Sickles Image Suffki Sickles Image Sickles Image 17 6Suffki Black Bantam Hot Penny Suffki Hot Penny Black Bantam Suffki 14 Sickles Image Suffki Black Bantam Sickles Image Suffki Black Bantam 5 Emerald Belle NitroFire Boling Polly NitroFire NitroFire 13 7BolingPolly Emerald Belle NitroFire Storm Bird Mr.Nealie Storm Bird Boling Polly 13 Calico Cat Boling Polly Boling Polly Nitro Fire Boling Polly Emerald Belle 7 n. Lina TL LINA II. Billcella LinaH. LINA n. 22 8Lina Billcella Little Bobby Little Bobby Lusty ChiloelX Billcella 7 Isocrates Lusty Hals Chick Isocrates Little Bobby Little Bobby 5 Trackman, J. S. Grant AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Jingler Efcee Heiress " Heiress Efcee Efcee 15 1* Roy Prince Damion Efcee Efcee Heiress Heiress 12 Efcee Jingler " Imperial Lamar Jingler Jingler Jingler 8 : Stalk Stalk Stalk STALK Stalk STALK 27 Harlem Square Dionysia Blue Dandy Blue Dandy Harlem Square Harlem Square 7 . Blue Dandy Harlem Square Harlem Square Harlem Square Blue Dandy Blue Dandy 6 Sea Defense Sea Defense Sea Defense Mailing List Sea Defense Sea Defense 22 3 Round Top Curly Joe Curly Joe Sea Defense Round Top Mailing List 6 i Curly Joe Chee Oaks Mailing List Round Top Curly Joe Curly Joe 6 Kopes Baby Blue Skies War Piper Kopes Baby Kopes Baby Kopes Baby 19 Nomad Kopes Baby Kopes Baby Blue Skies Nomad Blue Skies 9 Blue Skies War Piper, Sir Boss Nomad Blue Skies War Piper 6 All View Warehouse No Return Prairie Chief All View All View 13 5 Warehouse Black Relic Goyamo Black Relic Black Relic Warehouse 7 Tornabuoni All View All View All View Tornabuoni Black Relic _6 SPINNING TOP Spinning Top Tiny Request Spinning Top Tiny Request Spinning Top 20 Miss Weesie La Perouse La Perouse Tiny Request Spinning Top Tiny Request 13 Tiny Request Countess Jane Spinning Top La Perouse Miss Weesie La Perouse 5 Guard of Honor BLINKER LIGHT BLINKER LIGHT Blinker Light Blinker Light Blinker Light 26 7 Blinker Light Guard of Honor Guard of Honor Guard of Honor Gu.ard of Honor Guard of Honor 13 Hoplite Active Duty Banjoist Active Duty Ban joist Active Duty 2 First Wing First Wing First Wing FIRST WING First Wing 24 8Democles First Wing Flying Mane Reunion Flying Mane - Flying Mane Democles 7 Flying Mane Benhadar Democles Benhadar Democles Flying Mane 7 Trackman, W. C. Phillips • MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made for Fast Track "RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS" Shallow Brook Shallow Brook Shallow Brook - Bedouin " West Milton Shallow Brook 19 Rissas Son » Rissas Son Milton Berle Shallow Brook Shallow Brook West Milton 7 Depal West Milton Bedouin West Milton Milton Berle Bedouin 6 Gnu Gnu Idio GNU -Gnu iTl 2Idio Gnu Agrarian-U Idio Gnu Idio Idio 15 Agrarian-U Idio Agrarian-U Agrarian-U Agrarian-U Agrarian-U 6 Spring Frolic , Super Lunar Super Lunar Spring Frolic* Super Lunar Super Lunar 16 3 Barbeck Spring Frolic Miss Taffy Super Lunar Spring Frolic Sprine Frolic is Miss Taffy - Spring Frolic Barbeck Super Lunar Miss Taffy Miss Taffy. 4 Admiral Vici Admiral Quick Imp Vici Admiral Arm in Arm Vici Admiral 16 4Vici Arm in Arm Arm in Arm Hi Gail Arm in Arm Quick Imp Arm in Arm 1 1 Ifallswell Hi Gail Vici Admiral Hi Gail Hi Gail Quick Imp 7 Bills Captain Bills Captain Right Bit Right Bit Rippish Bills r»nr»in vj 5 Thither Fast Cash Fast Cash Bills Captain Fast Cash Right Bit 19 Right Bit Thither Bills Captain Thither Right Bit Fast Cash 6 Judge M. Skipper Bill SKIPPER BILL Skipper Bill Skipper Bill Skipper Bill 52 6 Skipper Bill New Dream Harass Abbezac Abbezac Judee M r New Dream Judge M. New Dream New Dream Harass " New Dream 5 FREE STRIDER FREE STRIDER Free Strider Rusty Free Strider FREE~STRit»fr 9s 7 Bimfort Rusty Rusty High Trend Rusty R?ftv and1KU,l!,K ?? High Trend High -Trend High Trend Free Strider High Trend High Trend 6 Mrs. Mac Elfkin Dry Bones ELFKIN Elfkin Elfkin " Ta 8 T-Formation _ T-Formation Mrs. Mac . T-Formation Sheilas Time Mrs Mart- n Recontrol Belle Phar Elfkin Dry Bones Dry Bones Dro RnniU n Trackman, E. P. Heagerty , DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 War Doings War Doings War Doings War Doings War Doings WarDoine«i ] Confuser Dear Brutus Satyrus Satyrus Confuser LoughR?! I Prince Richard Lough Ree Lough Ree Lough Ree Lough Ree Satyrus 4 Tumbler Didapper Didapper Didapper Lets Live Didapper Tr 2 Didapper Lets Live Tumbler Lets Live Tumbler Lpf TT?vJ ™ Lets Live Massanutten Reaction Soft Pedal Didapper Tumbler 9 O Bitter Pill Tiercel BITTER PILL Bitter Pill Bitter PUT Bitter PHI 5 S8?*1,, g11!1 „ ercel Open and Shut Tiercel Tiercel 23 I Hush Hall Bitter Pill Hawaiki June Fete Open and Shut Hawaiki 3 Boots A Bit Late Boots BOOTS Boots " Boots 99 4 Vixen Away Jeepstress Luess MaxineT. .Vixen Away MaxinPT i ?rowl MaxineT. MaxineT. Luess WineT Vixenlwar 5 Errolford The Mast Errolford Errolford ERROLFORD Errolford 24 5 Jam Jam Jam The Mast Jam The Mast in The Mast Errolford The Mast Jam TheMast . Jam - 9 6KnottyPaul Abidjan Knotty Paul Knotty Paul Rates Best Knottv Paul 17 Rates Best Glorys Crown Rates Best Rates Best Knottv Paul R¥tes Best 12 Beebeedashea Rates Best Dueling Beebeedashea YockTom Abidjan I PASS BON £ASS BON Flying Circus Pass Bon Pass Bon PASS BON 9~n 7 Flying Circus Flying Circus Pass Bon Late Return Flying Circus Flvme Circus 19 Tickie_a VernaLee Late Return Flying Circus Late Return LateReS 4 8SleeIS„, , Ascot Gleek Regal Glad Reeal Glad rwir Ta Regal Glad Inanabout Regal Glad Gleek Gleek ReSalGlad 1! Tiny Harp Roadrunner FourNotrump Alamanda Allmanda Ascot 5 r,

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