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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for 2d, 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, C. A. Lindeman SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP ■ CONSENSUS Seppie Bonaparte Cols Daughter Bonaparte * Seppie Seppie 15 1 Little Chic Tiger Sun Seppie Seppie Little Chic Bonaparte 10 Prince Eric Seppie Allspice Menobuy Allspice CpTs Daughter 5 Monkey Hashco - Sals" Jet Lil Monkey Half Rate Half Rate 11* 2Lil Half Rate Sals Jet Half Rate Half Rate Sals Jet Sals Jet 10 Rosys Sister Austin Venn Rosys Sister Sals Jet Act-Fast Lil Monkey 10 Beau Amour Triple-Note Beau Amour Queen of Sheeba BEAU AMOUR Beau Amour 19 3 Cut A Cross Beau Amour Triple-Note War Time Triple-Note Triple-Note. 9 War Time Queen of Sheeba Im Gona To Im Gona To Queen of Sheeba Queen of Sheeba 7 Lefty Lamar Little Sweetie Little Sweetie Lefty Lamar JayD.M. Lefty Lamar 14 4 JavD. i". JayD.M. JayD.M. Steparay Lefty Lamar JayD.M. 11 Helioscope Jr. Lefty Lamar Lefty Lamar Pensero Helioscope Jr. Little Sweetie 1 0 Cuddling M. G. Skid Lonely Robin Sharp Marx JRoyal Flyer -1 . Cuddling 9 5 More Trouble Sharp Mark Royal Flyer Royal Flyer Cuddling Royal Flyer 9 Blue Safari Blue Safari Cuddling Cuddling Chalalor Sharp Marx 7 Colonel Patch Monko Monko COLONEL PATCH Colonel Patch COLONLPACH 21 6 Monko Colonel Patch Colonel Patch Batalini Monko Monko 16 Batalini Bounding Beth Batalini Monko Sea Craft Batalini 3 RessaBob RIVER GATE JETT VAPOR With Music Jett Vapor Jett Vapor 15 7 River Gate Jett Vapor. RessaBob RessaBob * River Gate River Gate 11 Jett Vapor Gold Key With Music Man Up Stairs Ressa Bob RessaBob 10 Upset Book Hasty bream . Hasty Dream Shrug Back Room . Hasty Dream 12 8 Hastv Dream Shrug Knights Reward Cilcennin Shrug Shrug 9 Back Room French Legion Back Room Barge In Upset Book Back Room 7 SONG PARADE II. Song Parade TX Quinap Far Away Hills Song Parade H. Song Parade II. 20 9 Quinap Quinap Song Parade n. Quinap Quinap Quinap 13 Armed Truce War Dan Air Battle Song Parade TX War Dan Far Away Hills 5 Trackman, J. N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Slow Track Dont Boy Raven Wing April Bay Dont Boy Queening It Dont Bov 14 1 Tomate Submersion Gailstar Gailstar Dont Boy Raven Wing 5 Frosty Bomb Dont Boy Dont Boy Submersion Tomate Queening It 5 Stolen Kisses SunniWolf General Fred General Fred Kissue 11 2Kissue Stolen Kisses Kissue Kissue SunniWolf Kissue General Fred 11 Mauna Loa Tyre General Fred Stolen iKsses Mauna Loa Stolen Kisses 8 Field Command Meturn Miss Mango HelioBlue Field Command Field Command 14 3 Tiwan Field Command Goode Two Shoes Princess Gail Princess Gail Helio Blue 5 Commobern Tiwan Field Command Field Command Commobern Meturn 5 Col Con Col Con Ccl Con BAMBOO MONEY Bamboo Money Col Con 19 4 Jinjim Mackey Boy Mackey Boy Col Con Col Con Bamboo Money 15 Bamboo Money Bamboo Money Bamboo Money Mackey Boy Mackey Boy Mackey Boy 6 Thomas Aauinas I Dot PIPIT Prince Bound PIPIT Pipit ~ 17 5 Flitter Girl Thomas Aauinas Thomas Aauinas Pipit Thomas Aauinas Thomas Aauinas 11 Pipit Federal Eagle Federal Eagle Federal Eagle Flitter Girl I Dot 5 NODAB Know It Glorious Fleet Marje Everett Nodab 15 6Nodab- Know It - Pesky Peggy Marje Everett Marje Everett Nodab Marje Everett 11 Marje Everett Marje Everett Nodab Know It Know It Know It 9 DAWN OF CHI Dawn of Chi Miss Temper Miss Temper Dawn of Chi DAWN OF CHI 21 7 Boldest Bimballet Dawn of Chi Dawn of Chi Miss Temper Miss Temper 13 Miss Temper Jay Vee Are Jay F. Bimballet Bimballet Bimballet 4 Penitent Half Day Tulsa Twist Shape Up Shape Up Shape Up 13 8 Half Dav Peeping Ed Shape Up -" Mary Dike Tulsa Twist Tulsa Twist 9 Shape Up Tulsa Twist Peeping Ed Tulsa Twist Mary Dike Half Day 7 Trackman, Don Fair BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Gulizar Comfort Comfort Comfort Comfort Comfort 22 Comfort Royal Eighteen Gulizar Gulizar Gulizar Gulizar 11 JRoyal Eighteen Goshen Relic Chalme Royal Eighteen Royal Eighteen Royal Eighteen 5 Successful Scaramouche Lord Mike Scaramouche Scaramouche Scaramouche 18 2 Lord Mike Noble Foot . Scaramouche Successful Successful Successful 10 Scaramouche Delta Vee Successful Admirals Watch Noble Foot Lord Mike 7 Brides Account Brides Account How Are Things Brides Account Brides Account Brides Account 20 3 Invincible Invincible Come About Vlad How Are Things How Are Things 7 Come About Match Box Match Box . Invincible Come About Invincible 5 Fundamental Brief Encounter Brief Encounter Brief Encounter Fundamental Brief Encounter 19 4 Bx-ief Encounter Fundamental Fundamental Fundamental Brief Encounter Fundamental 16 Little You Birdcage Walk Little You Athenian II. Athenian H. Athenian IX 2 Shipboard* Independence Independence Independence Independence Independence 22 5 Independence Chambourg Shipboard Shipboard Shipboard Shipboard 12 Darubini Shipboard Basil Bee Arywa Basil Bee Basil Bee 2 Monarchy Sweet Delight Solar Mist Monarchy Monarchy " Monarchy 18 6 Tasma Monarchy Tasma Stretch Drive Solar Mist Solar Mist 7 Roving Mary Roving Mary Monarchy Miss Velocity Sweet Delight Sweet Delight 6 Nasco GREY MONARCH BEAU DIABLE Grey Monarch Greek Chief Grey Monarch 14 7 Grey Monarch Washington v Greek Chief Nasco Nasco Nasco 10 Tenacious Nasco Mustato Greek Chief Washington Greek Chief 8 Babe Field of Honor Field of Honor Field of Honor Field of Honor Field of Honor "22 8Bunnvs Field of Honor Mount Jay Mount Jay Bunnys Babe Mount Jay Bunnys Babe 9 Mount Jay Golden Music Bunnys Babe Mount Jay Bunnys Babe Mount Jay 8 LUCIE MANETTE Lucie Manette Alley Gal LUCIE MANETTE LUCIE MANETTE LUCIE MANE TE 28 9, Alley Gal Lovely Hildy Lucie Manette Alley Gal Alley Gal Allev Gal 12 Cartwheels Allev Gal Lovely Hildy Lovely Hildy Lovely Hildv Lovely Hildy 5 Trackman, Bob McCurley • GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Purple Haze Purple Haze Star Spangle PURPLE HAZE Purple Haze PURPLE HAZE 22 Faulty Faulty -Annville • Annville - Annville Annville 7 Flarespur Annville Faulty Devilproof Faulty - Faulty 6 JouettS. Angry Mood Angry Mood Angry Mood Angry Mood 21 2AngrvMood JouettS. Mr. Harrison Gala Bomb JouettS. JouettS. JouettS 11 Mr. Harrison Angry Mood Mr. Harrison Mr. Harrison Mr. Harrison Mr. Harrison 6 Absinthe Absinthe Really IWill Absinthe Absinthe Absinthe 21 3 ReallvIWill Stolen Glance Stolen Glance • Stolen Glance Stolen Glance Really I Will 9 Model Borough Sundry Absinthe Really I Will Really I Will Stolen Glance 8 Miss Promethee Cureme Cureme Cureme Cureme 21 4Cureme Miss Promethee Lost Holiday Lost Holiday Miss Promethee Miss Promethee Miss Promethee 11 After Seven Cureme Well Seasoned Well Seasoned Lost Holiday Lost Holiday 5 Jumning Brook SUNDAY PITCH Art McPike Dr. Robert Spigot Sunday Pitch 11 5 Sunday Pitch Art McPike Sunday Pitch Spigot Art McPike Spigot" 9 Spigot Vetians Pal Spigot Stone Idol Jumping Brook Art McPike 9 MOMS KNAVE Colonel Art GREY RD? Colonel Art GREY RIP Grey Rip 18 6 Devilfish Grey Rip Colonel Art Grey Rip Colonel Art Colonel Art 14 Blue and White Moms Knave Devilfish Condi Lu Devilfish Moms Knave 9 Federal Judge V. S. O. P. Pen Hallow V.S.O.P. V.S.O.P. I V. S. O. P. 16 Irish Whistler Pen Hallow Mariners Guide Pen Hallow Pen Hallow Pen Hallow 12 Pen Hallow Mariners Guide V. S. O. P. Mariners Guide Mariners Guide Federal Judge 7 U. S. Jet Gav Dictation Gay Dictation Gav Dictation Gay Dictation Gay Dictation 20 No Moss Heros Return Billy Brier Billy Brier Billv Brier U.S. Jet 7 Heros Return Pokey T. Heros Return U. S. Jet U. S. Jet Billy Brier 6 Trackman. E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Sloppy Track Z French Bleu Evening Tempo Lost Chord French Bleu Evening Tempo Evening Tempo 16 I Smiler French Bleu Evening Tempo Smiler French Bleu French Bleu 15 %/ Star O Lee Smiler French Bleu Evening Tempo Ka Zee Smiler * 5 Prankish Gunqest Gunauest Prankish Prankish | Prankish T7 2 Greatlea Greatlea Prankish Gunquest Gunauest Gunquest 14 Winsome Prince Charbern Rutherglen Greatlea Windborne Greatlea j Lady Devorguilla Princess Julie Unbend Brave Mio Greatlea Princess Julie 10 3 Princess Julie Flamealine Windborne Princess Julie Goodnight Ladies Windborne 7 Goodnight Ladies Goodnight Ladies Lady Devorguilla Lady Devorguilla Princess Julie Lady Devorguilla 7 Clinical Proof RED LEAF Clinical Proof Clinical Proof Helen Sag Clinical Proof fq 4 Red Leaf - Clinical Proof Helen Sag Red Leaf Clinical Proof Red Leaf 13 Puzzle Palace West Rock RedXeaf Helen Sag Red Leaf Helen Sag 8 Sky Did Sky Bid SKY BID Sky Bid SKY BID SKY BID 29 5 Texas Serenade First Audit Cant Sag First Audit First Audit First Audit 6 Cant Sag Trick Reward Texas Serenade Frozen Fire Trick Reward Texas Serenade 3 Turkish Gold Turkish Gold Rabbit TURKISH GOLD Rabbit Turkish Gold 20 6 MonteoBay Rabbit Turkish Gold Cobber Colony Menu Rabbit 13 Rabbit Indiana Colony Menu Colony Menu Turkish Gold Colony Menu 4 Tuscan Flash Innishowen Innishowen Innishowen Innishowen 22 7INNISHOWEN Tuscan Flash Ram Tuscan Flash Ram Tuscan Flash Tuscan Flash 11 Aeschylus Aeschylus Ram Aeschylus Ram Ram _6 Moon Again Moon Again Bonus Bonus Bonus ~ Bonus - 19 8 Bonus Bonus Legal Gain Moon Again Moon Again Moon Again 14 Legal_Gain Mosbv , Summer Storm Mosbv Legal Gain Legal Gain 4 Powder Can Breezy Night Breezv Night Frank Again Breezy Night Breezy Night 18 9 Frank Again Admiral Jet Frank Again Breezy Night Powder Cap Frank Again 10 Breezv Night Be Moderate Powder Cap Powder Cap Frank Again Powder Cap 9

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