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1 Alphabetical Index to Entries A Absinthe— 3d G.S Act-Fast— 2d Spt Admirals Jet— 9th Pim Admirals Watch— 2d Bel Aeschylus— 7th Pim After Seven— 4th G.S Agatha— 9th Bel Ahead— 7th Suf Ahmic Lake— 4th G.S Air Battle— 9th Spt Air Borough — 7th Suf Alford— 6th Pim Alley Gal— 9th Bel Allspice — 1st Spt Amalie H. — 1st Spt Andys Beacon— 9th Bel Angareth— 2d G.S Angry Mood— 2d G.S Annville— 1st G.S Another Alibi— 3d CD Apple Dumpling— 2d G.S Apple Polisher— 2d G.S April Bay— 1st CD Are Jay F.— 7th CD Armed Truce — 9th Spt . Art McPike— 5th G.S Arywa— 5th Bel Athenal— 2d Suf Athenian II.— 4th Bel Austin Venn— 2d Spt B Back Room— 8th Spt Bamboo Money — 4th CD Banksie— 8th CD Barbara Alon— 7th CD Barge In— 8th Spt Bartons Brook— 2d Bel Basil Bee— 5th Bel Batalini— 6th Spt Battle Empress— 3d G.S Battle Oath— 8th Spt Be Moderate— 9th Pim Beau Amour— 3d Spt Beau Arthur— 5th CD Beau Diable— 7th Bel Beautiful A. M.— 3d G.S Bellamy— 9th Spt Bells Well— 5th Spt Bermuda Trail — 4th Suf Betrayed— 1st Pim Big Line— 4th Pim Big Tear Drop— 1st Suf Bill 0 Lading— 1st CD Billy Brier— 8th G.S Bimballet— 7th CD Birdcage Walk— 4th Bel Bireme— 2d Bel Black Pine— 4th Pim Black Question— 1st Suf Blank Day— 1st Bel * Blast Off— 3d CD Blazon— 4th CD Blocky Miss— 1st Suf Blow Storm— 2d Spt Blue and White— 6th G.S Blue Mignon— 3d G.S Blue Safari— 5th Spt Boldest— 7th CD Bonaparte — 1st Spt Bonnie Gail— 8th Spt ""* Bonus— 8th Pim Boomtown— 6th Suf Borje— 1st G.S Bounding Beth— 6th Spt Bow Dero— 3d CD Boxers Dream — 4th Suf Brave Mio— 3d Pim Breezy Night— 9th Pim Brides Account— 3d Bel Brief Encounter— 4th Bel Broom Jockey— 8th CD Brother Snob— 6th Suf Buckles N Bows— 1st Suf Buff n Blue— 2d CD Bull Hero— 9th Pim Bullmerized— 6th Suf Bumpsy Up— 2d Suf Bunnys Babe— 8th Bel Busterina— 8th CD c Cambetta Bound — 4th Suf Cannon Fire— 7th Bel Cant Sag— 5th Pim Captain Sam— 1st Suf Cartwheels— 9th Bel Chalalor— 5th Spt Chalme— 1st Bel Chambourg— 5th Bel Charbern— 2cfPim • Choice Double— 9th Spt Chuck Webb— 1st Pim Cilcennin— 8th Spt Clang Clang— 1st Spt Clematis— 1st Bel Cliffs o Dover— 7th Suf Clinical Proof— 4th Pim Cloud Eight— 1st Suf Cobber— 6th Pim Col Con— 4th CD Colonel Art— 6th G.S Colonel Patch— 6th Spt Colony Menu— 6th Pim Cols Daughter— 1st Spt Come About— 3d Bel Comfort— 1st Bel Commobern— 3d CD Concord— 2d Suf . Condi Lu— 6th G.S Contessa Linda— 1st Suf Converted— 1st G.S Corner House — 4th Bel Corusca— 3d Pim Count Jingle— 4th Suf Countess Marcy— 8th Bel Coup de Canon— 7th Pim Crips Luke— 6th CD Crispi— 7th G.S Cruller— 7th Suf C-Stripe— 2d CD Cuddling— 5th Spt Cureme— 4th G.S Curry Supreme— 3d CD Cut a Cross— 3d Spt D Dance Nsing— 8th Spt Dandy Ron— 7th Suf Daringquette— 3d Pim Darubini— 5th Bel Dawn of Chi— 7th CD Day from Dallas— 1st Suf Day Older— 6th Pim Dee Dee Kay— 1st CD Delta Vee— 2d Bel Departure— 1st Pim Devilfish— 6th G.S Devilproof— 1st G.S Diamond Traveler— 7th CD Discubrimiento— 1st Suf Dont Boy— 1st CD Doreens Play— 1st G.S Dorothy H.— 3d CD Double D. Gal— 2d Spt Dr. Robert— 5th G.S Drum Beater— 9th Bel E Easy Knight— 6th G.S Eburone— 6th Suf Edgewater — 3d G.S Edict— 1st Spt Ell Vee Bee-5th Suf Ensignita— 3d Pim Equifree— 4th Spt Ess Dee— 8th Pim Etobicoke— 8th Suf Evening Tempo — 1st Pim Every Hour— 3d Suf F Fair Cadet— 5th Suf Fairway Queen— 1st CD Far Away Hills— 9th Spt Fast Money— 8th Pim Fasting — 3d G.S Faulty— 1st G.S Faunus— 1st Pim Federal Eagle— 5th CD Federal Judge— 7th G.S Field Command— 3d CD Field of Honor— 8th Bel Fiesta Fair— 7th CD First Audit— 5th Pim First Sea Lord— 8th Bel Flamealine — 3d Pim Flarespur — 1st G.S Flitter Girl— 5th CD Flying Scholar — 2d Spt Fort Surprise— 2d Spt Foxy Joss— 5th Suf Foxy Pat— 3d Pim Frank Again— 9th Pim Fre Beau— 6th Pim French Bleu— 1st Pim French Legion— 8th Spt Front Pew— 9th Suf Frosty Bomb— 1st CD Frosty Lady— 3d G.S Frozen Fire— 5th Pim Fudcran— 9th Pim Full Sun— 4th Bel Fundamental — 4th Bel Future K.— 2d Spt G Gailstar— 1st CD Gala Bomb— 2d G.S Gay Billie— 3d Spt Gay Dictation— 8th G.S Gay Reaper— 4th G.S General Fred— 2d CD Georges Rib— 3d Suf Giannina Mia— 2d CD Glen Alden— 9th Suf Glorious Fleet— 6th CD Gold Key— 7th Spt Golden Music— 8th Bel Good Reception — 4th Pim Goode Two Shoes— 3d CD - Goodnight Ladies — 3d Pim Goshen Relic— 1st Bel Gotta Heart— 8th Suf Great Planet— 1st Bel Greatlea— 2d Pim Greek Chief— 7th Bel Grey Monarch— 7th Bel Grey Rip— 6th G.S Guarico— 2d Suf Gulizar— 1st Bel Gunquest— 2d Pim Gusty Path— 1st CD Gypsy Coin— 3th Spt H Half Day— 8th CD Half Rate— 2d Spt Hashco— 2d Spt Hasty Dream— 8th Spt Helen Sag— 4th Pim Helio Blue— 3d CD Helioscope Jr. — 4th Spt Herkimer— 2d Bel Herondas— 2d Pim Heros Return— 8th G.S Hey-Beaut— 5th Suf Hidalgo Co.— 4th Spt Highland Rogue— 2d Suf Hill Baron— 2d Suf Hippogriff— 8th Spt Hot Box— 3d Bel How Are Things— 3d Bel Hy Good— 2d Spt I I Dot— 5th CD I Double— 8th Suf I Hope— 3d Suf Ich Bin— 8th Pim Im Gona To— 3d Spt Ima Gentleman — 4th Suf • Immense— 1st G.S Impatient Miss— 1st Suf Independence— 5th Bel Indiana— 6th-Pim Inniscarra— 3d Spt Innishowen— 7th Pim Inside— 3d Suf Inspirationally-th G.S Introless— 1st Suf Intuitive— 1st G.S Invincible— 3d Bel Irish Brogue— 1st Suf Irish Dream— 8th Spt Irish Whistler— 7th G.S J J. L.s Pride— 5th Suf Jamboree Jones— 2d CD Jay D. M.— 4th Spt Jay Vee— 7th CD Jeffs Uh Oh— 7th Bel Jet Hostess— 1st CD Jett Vapor— 7th Spt Joe Doaks— 1st CD Johns Pal— 9th Suf Jouett S.— 2d G.S Joyce Roberta— 4th Spt Judys Pic— 3d G.S Jumping Brook — 5th G.S Justified II.— 2d G.S K KaZee— 1st Pim Kakuza Ridge— 3d Suf Ka-Sight— 9th Suf Kaw Maid— 9th Suf Kelkata— 6th Suf Kentucky Roman— 7th Pim Killarneys Boy— 5th Suf Kinda Clever— 2d G.S Kingbird— 1st Suf Kiser King— 6th Suf Kismiss— 3d Suf Kissim— 1st Suf Kissue— 2d CD Knights Reward— 8th Spt Know It— 6th CD L Lady Colonel— 8th Suf Lady Dare— 3d CD Lady Devorguilla— 3d Pim Lady Eternal— 7th Suf Lady Jonage— 1st Pim Lady Liz— 3d Suf Land-O-Zeve— 1st Spt Lauras Flame— 4th Pim Le Mieux— 8th Bel Lefty Lamar — 4th Spt Legal Gain— 8th Pim Leos Town Gal— 3d CD Lil Monkey— 2d Spt Little Chic— 1st Spt Little Pumpkin— 5th Spt Little You— 4th Bel Little Sweetie— 4th Spt Livingston— 2d Pim Lizzy Cherry— 1st Bel Loisel— 2d Bel Lonley Robin— 5th Spt Lord Mike— 2d Bel Lost Chord— 1st Pim Lost Holiday— 4th G.S Louis S— 2d CD Lovely Hildy— 9th Bel Lucie Manette— 9th Bel Lush Lie— 7th Spt M -M. G. Skid— 5th Spt Mackey Boy— 4th CD — Madcap Miss— 3d Suf Mahs Hash— 2d Pim Main Street— 9th Pim Maiden Auntie— 2d Bel Man Up Stairs— 7th Spt Mans Folly— 6th CD March Cross— 3d Spt Mariners Guide— 7th G.S Marje Everett— 6th CD Mary Dike— 8th CD Maryland Boy— 1st Pim Master Bar— 5th Suf Match Box— 3d Bel Mauna Loa— 2d CD Mendon Road — 4th Suf Menobuy— 1st Spt Meturn— 3d CD Mighty Bull— 5th Suf Mighty Handy— 4th Spt Mikoli— 4th Spt Miss Mango— 3d CD Miss Petey— 3d CD Miss Piedmont— 1st G.S Miss Promethee— 4th G.S Miss Temper— 7th CD Miss Truett— 8th Spt • Miss Tubby B.— 5th Suf Miss Velocity— 6th Bel Miss Williams— 1st Pim Missileman— 2d Pim Model Borough— 3d G.S Moms Knave— 6th G.S Monarchy— 6th Bel Monko— 6th Spt Morrtego Bay— 6th Pim Moon Again— 8th Pim More Trouble— 5th Spt Moriches— 4th Bel Mornastar— 8th CD Morning Watch— 5th Spt Mosby— 8th Pim Mount Jay— 8th Bel Mr. Aethel— 6th Suf Mr. Burt— 5th CD Mr. Dynamic— 5th Spt Mr. Flushing— 4th Spt Mr. Harrison— 2d G.S Mr. Sam G.— 3d Bel Mr. Toodle— 5th Pim , Mr. Turf— 7th Bel Mustang Baby— 1st Bel Mustato— 7th Bel My Treasure— 9th Spt N Naharue— 6 th Spt Namron— 6th Spt Nances Rule— 7th Bel Nasco— 7th Bel Natagar— 5th G.S Neat Girl— 3d CD Never Quit— 4th Suf New Creek— 1st Suf Nitime— 7th Pim No Moss— 8th G.S Noble Dream— 6th Pim Noble Foot— 2d Bel Noble Jac— 4th CD Nodab— 6th CD Nordal— 5th" Spt Normas Star— 1st Spt Nuone— 5th Pim Nydello— 5th CD o Objective Moon— 4th Pim OHinkle— 3d Pim Old Timer— 8th Pim One Crack— 4th CD One Flier— 1st CD Outside— 4th Suf Owendelle— 1st Bel P Pampie— 1st Pim Paradise Peak— 6th G.S Parson Smith— 4th Suf Party Punch— 5th Spt Pat Weed— 2d Spt Patrolman Pete— 8th Bel Peeping Ed— 8th CD Pen and Pencil — 4th Bel Pen Hallow— 7th G.S Penitent— 8th CD Pensero — 4th Spt Pepper— 2d Bel Perch— 8th Suf Pesky Peggy— 6th CD Pie Crust— 3d G.S Pinjim— 4th CD Pipit— 5th CD Pleasant Time— 5th CD Pokey T.— 8th G.S Ponda Rose— 2d Spt Pondering Eve— 6th CD Portman— 2d G.S Powder Cap— 9th Pim Power Dam — 4th Bel Prankish— 2d Pim Prince Bound— 5th CD Prince Eric— 1st Spt Princess Gail— 3d CD Princess Julie— 3d Pim Princess Lisa— 5th Suf Priscilla C— 1st Pim Purple Haze— 1st G.S Puzzle Palace— 4th Pim Pym— 5th CD Q Queen of Sheeba— 3d Spt Queening It— 1st CD Quenticutt— 4th Pim Quest of War— 2d Suf Quinap— 9th Spt R Rabbit— 6th Pim Raffle Bones— 8th Spt Ram— 7th Pim Raven Wing— 1st CD Really I Will— 3d G.S Rean— 8th CD Rebel Count— 4th Suf Red and Lane— 1st Spt Red Leaf— 4th Pim Red Ribbons— 2d Spt Red Wedgewood— 5th Suf Reedy Parky— "8th Suf Relbon— 1st Suf Ressa Bob— 7th Spt Retribution— 2d Bel River Gate— 7th Spt Roaming Red— 5th Spt Rob Roy II— 1stG.S Rock Blade— 8th G.S Rosaday— 3d Pim Rosys Sister— 2d Spt Roving Mary— 6th Bel * . Royal Cain— 2d Pim Royal Eighteen— 1st Bel Royal Flyer— 5th Spt Rutherglen— 2d Pim s Sabotage— 7th Bel Salankay— 4th CD Sals Jet— 2d Spt Sand and Sea— 4th Suf Sara Anne— 4th Spt Sarcastic— 6th Bel Scaramouche— 2d Bel Scott— 3d Bel Scriven— 6th Suf Sea Craft— 6th Spt Seppie— 1st Spt Shape Up— 8th CD Sharp Mark— 5th Spt Shipboard— 5th Bel Ships Spirit— 4th Suf Shrug— 8th Spt Sissix— 3d Pim Sky Bid— 5th Pim Sky Capers— 1st Spt Sky Point— 2d Pim Skys Rhythm— 3d Bel Slam On— 2d G.S Small G.— 4th Pim Smiler— 1st Pim Snookie L.— 4th Suf Sob Sister— 3d G.S Social Lion— 8th Spt Solar Mist— 6th Bel Somaroma— 1st CD Some Steed— 5th Suf Song Parade 1 1.— 9th Spt Southern Pomp — 1st G.S Spangdahlen— 1st Spt Spigot— 5th G.S • Sports Reporter— 6th Spt Star 0 Lee— 1st Pim Star Spangle — 1st G.S Starnik— 4th Spt Steparay— 4th Spt Stolen Glance— 3d G.S Stolen Kisses— 2d CD Stone Idol— 5th G.S Stretch Drive— 6th Bel Submersion— 1st CD Successful- Bel Such Luck— 6th Suf Summer Storm — 8th Pim Sunday Pitch— 5th G.S Sundry— 3d G.S Sunni Wolf— 2d CD Sunny Mood— 4th CD Sunset Baby— 2d Bel Suttee— 8th CD Sweet Delight— 6th Bel Sweet Swinger— 2d Suf Sweet Thunder— 1st Bel Switch Off— 7th Suf T Tachometer— 7th Pim , Tackme— 5th Suf Tasker— 3d Pim Tasma— 6th Bel Tearandero— 3d G.S Tenacious — 7th Bel Testing Jet— 6th Suf Texas Serenade— 5th Pim Thomas Aquinas — 5th CD Tidal Creek— 2d G.S Tiger Play— 9th Suf Tiger Sun— 1st Spt Tilly Cadet— 2d CD Time Gauge— 9th Suf Timetill— 4th Suf Tims Chic— 2d CD Tiwan— 3d CD Tomate— 1st CD Tongking— 8th Suf Too Busy— 2d Suf Jrick Reward— 5th Pim Triple-Note— 3d Spt Tulsa Twist— 8th CD Turbanite— 5th Suf Turkish Gold— 6th Pim Tuscan Flash— 7th Pim Type— 2d CD - u U. S. Jet-8th G.S Ultra Smart— 2d Suf Unbend— 3d Pim Une Heure— 8th Suf Up at Dawn— 8th Bel Upset Book— 8th Spt V V. S. O. P.— 7th G.S Vetians Pal— 5th G.S Vin du Pays— 1st G.S Vince Taloria— 1st G.S Vis-Victory— 4th Spt Vite— 3d G.S Vivid— 9th Suf Vlad-3d Bel W War Dan— 9th Spt War March— 3d Suf War of Roses— 2d Suf War Time— 3d Spt Washington— 7th Bel Well Seasoned— 4th G.S West Rock— 4th Pim Windborne— 3d Pim Winsome Prince— 2d Pim Wise Count-4th CD Wise Fleet— 1st Pim With Music— 7th Spt Y Yardstick— 8th G.S Yellow Hand— 3d Suf Z Zest for Life— 4th Suf Zipkins Baby— 3d Pim

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