Inside Hollywood, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-14


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INSIDE HOLLYWOOD ByHerbStein HOLLYWOOD, Calif., May 12.— CREAM OF THE CROP — Asked Bill Zeckendorf, New Yorkvreal estate tycoon, if the deal to buy the 20th Century lot is going through and for how much. "Its going through," he said, "and at quite a price. Were paying more than the U. S. gave Napoleon for the Louisiana Purchase and more than we paid Russia for our 49 th state Alaska." Hedda Hopper. . . . Another trouble with the world is that there are so many people in it who will do anything for money except work for it. Olin Miller. . . . When "Spartacus" was on location at the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, a little old lady touring the state park spotted Peter Ustinov in his Roman costume and remarked: "How clever to dress your employes in character with the atmosphere." Sidney Skolsky. . . . And did you hear about the fellow telling his doctor he couldnt stand the ringing in his head? "Look," he said, "if you cant cure it — the least you can do is get me an unlisted ear!" Jim Henaghan. . . . Hollywood story: At MGM a couple of writers were knocking their brains out to complete a script. Suddenly, due to the carelessness of one, fire started from a cigaret thrown into the waste basket. As he was beating it out, the other snorted: "Youre wasting a lot oft ime and energy. Why dont you call the producer in and let him throw a wet blanket on it?" Jimmy Starr. . . . Frank Sinatra, at his Vegas Sands opening, read some telegrams including one which said, "Give our love to all the girls. The Crosby Quartet." Forrest Duke . The late Fred Allen turned down 5,000 a week to entertain in Las Vegas, saying: "Why should I go when the government gets all the money anyway. Let the government go to Las Vegas and entertain for 5,000 a week." Erskine Johnson. . . . Actor Tom Conway is making a fortune with a new invention — plastic coasters that float on top of a swimming pool, while holding your drink Starr. . . . Another great disadvantage suffered by the poor is that they have to live within their incomes, whereas others can borrow money and buy on credit and live far beyond their means. Miller .... A thief swiped three "Richard Diamond" scripts from Dave Janssens T-bird, left a note: "Ive never stolen anything in my life before," he wrote, "but Im studying to be a TV writer." Well, thats a start. Army Archerd. AAA Ed Hartmann, president of the Screen Writers Guild, humourously jabbed at film critics while attending the Samuel Goldwyn awards at UCLA. He quoted one critic as writing: "The writing was terrible, but the picture was saved by Ann Sotherns witty remarks." Hollywood Reporter .... Babo cleansers purchase of Bishop Sheens NTA-syndicated show strengthens the adage: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Hank Grant .... Young lady who lives in Westwood got a wrist watch for her birthday, and found it wouldnt work right, so she wrote a letter to the manufacturer about it. When she got no answer, she started sending the company telegrams reading: "I have one of your watches. What time is it?" That did it — they sent her a new watch. Bill Kennedy Starlet Googie Schwabs observation: One of the necessities of life is a man who can provide the luxuries! Skolsky. . . . James Garner reports this sign on the windshield of a small car: "Please help stamp out tall dogs." Starr. . . . Bob Johnson has a title with demonstrated fan appeal when Hollywood gets around to filming "Lolita" — "Some Like a Tot." Matt Weinstock .... There seems to be a limit to almost everything except the number of filtration traps that can be put in a cigaret filter. Miller. . . . Now that Oklahoma is no longer a dry state, the Vine St. Gypsy says theyre selling Dean Martin records over the counter Archerd . AAA Former world middleweight champ Rocky Graziano and a prize fighter buddy were appearing on an NBC-TV, program with Talullah Bankhead. On one memorable rehearsal day they sat entranced as la Bank-head gave forth with some of her famous temperament. She screamed, she swore. She switched in midstream, patted everyone in sight, called them "dahlings." Then she lost her temper all over again. Finally, Rocky turned to his chum and said matter -of-factly: "That kids had too many fights." Dick Williams. . . . On the marquee of the Music Hall movie house in Beverly Hills: "THE CRUCIBLE— Its a Helluva Picture! — So Where Is Everybody?" Art Ryon. . . . "Everyone in this town is an expert," Peter Ustinov told Sid Skolsky. "Hollywood has too many experts. Im certain if the world should blow itself up, the last audible voice would be that of a Hollywood expert saying it couldnt be done."

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