Daily Racing from Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1957-06-26

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points. 2 points *«• ,2d. 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Typp Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Splitter Greenacres Tom Wise Eddie Splitter Splitter Splitter 17 1 Greenacres Tom Splitter Clifton Road Greenacres Tom Greenacres Tom Greenacres Tom 12 Belles Best Wise Eddie Greenacres Tom Belles Best Belles Best . Wise Eddie 6 King of Chi. Dukes Sandal Dukes Sandal Dukes Sandal Dukes Sandal - Dukes Sandal 20 2 Echo Gem King of Chi. . MissNomic Little Stony Kins of Chi. King of Chi. 9 Little Stony Lady Cadet Lady Cadet Borgana Inundate Little Stony 3 Spy Melody Olymar Olymar Olymar Olymar . Olymar 20 3 Tearmunn Spy Melody Spy Melody Spy Melody Spy Melody . Soy Melody 13 Central Road Tearmunn Central Road Tearmunn Tearmunn Tearmunn 5 King Ruff King Ruff Blazing Rocket King Ruff Roving Caesar King Ruff 15 4 MissKirkwood Shell Diver . Shell Diver Shell Diver ■ Shell Diver Shell Diver 8 Blazing Rocket Roving Caesar Peeler Shannons Leap Shannons Leap Roving Caesar 6 " BLUEBILITY Inquisitive Alabama Charm Bluebility Bluebility • Bluebility 21 5 Alabama Charm Bluebility Bluebility Inquisitive Alabama Charm Alabama Charm 9 City Belle City Belle Inquisitive Mumtaz . - Inquisitive Inquisitive 9 Gunman Gunman GUNMAN Gunman French Coat Gunmatn 24 6 Franks Flower On Course " Colonel Sam E. French Coat Gunman French Coat 9 French Coat French Coat Too Too Fussy Too Too Fussy Too Too Fussy Too Too Fussy 3 Keep Out Keep Out Zing Sherbet Lake Drive . Keep Out , 15 7 Clay Worker Pont Royal Keep Out Deep Dish Keep Out Lake Drive 7 Lake Drive Sherbet Lake Drive Keep Out Pont Royal Sherbet 6 Alhambra Leather Button Lincoln Road . Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra 18 8 Lincoln Road Lincoln Road Alhambra Leather Button Leather Button Leather Button 11 Leather Button Alhambra - Leather Button Rellim S. W. Lincoln Road Lincoln Road 10 Double Bogey DOUBLE BOGEY Double Bogey IN CLOVER DOUBLE BOGEY DOBLE BOGEY 26 9 High Authority Possessor In Clover Double Bogey In Clover In Clover 12 Alessi In Clover . Scarlet Flash Cynthia Sue Possessor • Possessor . 3 Trackman, J. N. Lyon HAZEL PARK . Selection,. Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN , HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Good Result Vote Carr Creek NealsBoy Nordal Carr Creek 9 1 Carr Creek Marti Diana Weekly Early Bama Carr Creek Good Result 6 Vote Mey Sweetie Early Bama Good Result . None Barred Y_ote 6 Chipawood Miss Archway Tiger Trip Miss Archway Chipawood ■ Chipawood 14 2 Tacaro Chipawood Chipawood Tiger Trip Tiger Trip Miss Archway 10 Persevere Scarlet Jr. Cable Bug Tacaro Scarlet Jr. - Tiger Trip 9 Venetian Melody Green Heels Keepa Dance Green Heels Green Heels Green Heels 18 3 * Green Heels Venetian Melody Ricoaire Keepa Dance Keepa Dance Keepa Dance 10 Daisys Darling Keepa Dance v Green Heels Daisys Darling Venetian Melody Venetian Melody 8 " . Tillie Temple Ramlin Rusty AVENEG Aveneg Aveneg 20 4Aveneg Diogenes Aveneg Page Two Jeans Love Ramlin Rusty Ramlin Rusty 7 Tillie Temple Diogenes Aveneg Diogenes Page Two Tillie Temple 6 BENEDICTO Benedicto Benedicto Benedicto Benedicto Benedicto 27 5 .Nagol - Hungry Dream Nagol Johns Bid Nagol Nagol 6 Satin Parasall Johns Bid Satin Parasall Queen Sal Johns Bid Johns Bid 4 Uncle Eddie Baby Brier Baby Brier Dream Girl Uncle Eddie Uncle Eddie 13 6 Blue Colonel Uncle Eddie Chadail Chadail Baby Brier Baby Brier 12 Dawney Dream Girl Uncle Eddie Blue Colonel Dawney Dream Girl 6 Bold Design BOLD DESIGN Bold Design Bold Design BOLD DESIGN BOLD DESIGN-29 7 First Grandson Suky Susie Suky Susie Morning.Ray First Grandson First Grandson 6 Sissy Pud First Grandson First Grandson Suky Susie . Suky Susie Suky Susie 6 Lils Gadget Black Billings MISS BOBBIN Miss Bobbin Abstainer Miss Bobbin 13 8 Great West Great West Tonight Tonight Lils Gadget Lils Gadget 8 Black Billings Lils Gadget Black Billings Char Boots Miss Bobbin . Black Billings 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair BELMONT PARK Selections Mode for Fast Track " RACE TRACKMAN -HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS! m With Flash Araway Adormidera Araway Araway • Arawav " 17 I Adormidera Adormidera . With Flash Amuse- Amuse - Adormidera 10 Araway Randys H. Araway Adormidera . Randys H. - with Flash .7 Icebreaker Icebreaker Icebreaker Icebreaker Icebreaker Icebreaker 25 2 Indian Smoke Indian Smoke Game Chance Game Chance Indian Smoke Indian Smoke 6 Game Chance Bootlet Kaw Maid Kaw Maid Kaw Maid Game Chance 5 Merry Beth Do Doit Do Doit MaryLawler Merry Beth MerrvBeth 14 3 Do Doit War Plume s Merry Beth .Merry Beth MaryLawler Do Doit - 14 Mary Lawler MaryLawler , War Plume Do Doit Do Doit MaryLawler 9 Nectar Our Sweet Wendy Propellant Propellant Propellant" 19 4Propellant Efficient Propellant Propellant Telegrafo Nectar Nectar 8 Nectar Telegrafo Telegrafo Harriet O. Telegrafo_ Telegrafo 5 Fleeting Morn FLEETING MORN Fleeting Morn Fleeting Morn Fleeting Morn FleetlnlFMorn 7 5 Flame Out The Surgeon The Collier The Collier The Surgeon The Surgeon 7 The Surgeon The Collier The Surgeon The Surgeon . The Collier The Collier 6 Commendation Leallah Leallah LE ALLAH Leallah Leallah 24 6 Leallah- Commendation Commendation Commendation Commendation Commendation 13 Pertshire Pertshire Pertshire Pertshire Pertshire Pertshire 5 JESTER Jester Jester Jester JESTER JESTER ?9 7 Clandestine , Jimmer Jimmer Jimmer Clandestine Jimmer *8 Jimmer Persia Clendestine Persia Jimmer Clandestine 5 South Point South Point SOUTH POINT South Point South Point SutliPoint 27 8 French Ace French Ace French Ace Native Son French Ace " French Ace 9 Native Son Native Son Native Son French Ace Native Son Native Son 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE . TRACKMAN HANDICAP , ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Blimey Blimey Blimey Blimey Blimev Blimev See L See Luck Piece Mighty Bout Mighty Bout MightvBout Mitrhtv Rnnf n Mighty Bout Sun OLure Shining On See L See See_LSee See L spp 4 | Bold Hunter Bold Hunter Uncle Ev * MissWilma Uncle Ev Bold Hunter in 2 Terry S. Hockessin Hockessin * Hockessin Terry S. Uncle Ev in Miss Wilma Brother Beans Terry S. Terry S. Slide Apart Terry S. 6 Out of Reach Moss Green Out of Reach Out of Reach Out of Reach Out of Rpnnii on 3 Highland Light Patrick Begorra Highland Light Tall Mound Tall Mound Highland TiVht 7 Tall Mound Highland Light Patrick Begorra Highland Light Highland Light Tall Moiind 5- Copy Book Copy Book COPY-BOOK Gay Dictation Gay Dictation Codv Brink 17 4 War Sally Show Bridge Gay Dictation War Sally Super Ladv • Gav Dictation i4 Gay Dictation War Sally Show Bridge Aegean-Sea War Sally" War Sally Cincinnati My Pa Pa Cincinnati • Black Torch" Cincinnati Cincinnati 17 5 Tapis Vert Tapis Vert Counterpane Cincinnati Tapis Vert BlnokTm-Ari 7 Black Torch Your Nickel Pat Speed Tapis Vert Black Torch Tapis Vert 7 Chitchat Quarter Deck Elbei-whirl . Chitchat Elberwhirl Chit Phnt 1 a 6 Quarter Deck Royal Jester Chitchat Royal Jester Chitchat Elberwhirl it Elberwhirl Elberwhirl Royal Jester Elberwhirl Royal Jester Quarter Deck 7 Leap Tide LEAP TIDE v Leap Tide Leap Tide Leap Tide LEAP Tinr 01 7 Spin Rafty Manaos - Jabneh Jabneh Jabneh I Jabneh Jabneh Roman Battle Roman Battle Rafty Rafty 3 ft . GUARICO Prince Reward Guarico GUARICO - GUARICO Guariro "—97 X u Prince Reward Prince du Houlme Prince Reward Prince Reward Prince Reward Prinee Rpwov/? Tq Prince du Houlme Guarico. Tribunal Colonel Jay Tribunal Prince du Houlme 3 • Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK "Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS "~~ Z Sajochar Black Blink Black Blink Royal Line Black Blink Black Blink Tn I Flight Master Home Light Home Light Black Blink Home Light HomeLieht a Home Light Bing Bang Mariners Guide Home Light Flight Master Royal Line 5 Dinner Music Dinner Music Dinner Music Hello Rita Queen Jest Dinner Musir t~r 2 Some Crown Queen Jest Hello Rita Queen Jest Dinner Music Queen Jest in Gioconda Hello Rita Queen Jest Dinner Music Hello Rita Hello Rita, 9 Always Sunny JULEP POINT ALWAYS SUNNY Farullah Farullah Alwavs Sunnv T7 Julep Point Always Sunny Julep Point Julep Point Always Sunnv Juleo Point ti War Togs Galomarge Farullah Always Sunny Julep Point Farullah 11 Greek Star Chas. McAdam Jr. Great Date CHS. McADM JR. Chas. McAdam Jr. Chas McAdm Jr 91 Chas.McAdam Jr. Charmador Chas. McAdam Jr. Red River Valley Red River Valley Great Date fi Great Date Hypernic Red River Valley Charmador Charmador * Red River Vallev 5 Bushers Beam Phar Wind Uncle Sugar Uncle Sugar BushersBeam BushersBeam 15 5 Uncle Sugar BushersBeam - Phar Wind BushersBeam Uncle Sugar Uncle Sugar 14 Sea Ring Roman Stripe BushersBeam Phar Wind Phar Wind Phar Wind 9 SKIPPER BILL Cedrus Cedrus Cedrus Skipper Bill Skipper Bill 17 6 Tellarian Beau Fond Skipper Bill Skipper Bill Tellarian CedrSs 17 Cedrus Skipper Bill Beau Fond Tellarian . Cedrus "Tellarian 5 Windsor King Windsor King Windsor King. Windsor King Windsor King Windsor Kin°- 25 7 Chuck Thompson Irish Love Chuck Thompson Irish Love Irish Love StehlSve 7 . Irish Love Sals Boots Boy dAmour The Hon Flotilla Chuck Thompson 4 ZiRrfinB higgling • Ziggling* ZIGGLING ZIGGLING 27 We Wonder We Wonder Telepost. Telepost TinoBetts Telepost 6 I Telepost TinoBetts Royal Brigade TinoBetts Telepost TinoBetts 4

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