Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1957-06-26

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A A Toute Force— 4th Suf Abstainer-Sth H.P Adormidera— 1st Bel Aegean Sea— 4th Del Agoura Might— 1st A.P Alabama Charm— 5th A.P Alessi— 9th A.P Algasir— 7th Suf Alhambra— 8th A Alley Gal-4th Bel Altruistic— 4lh A.P Always Sunny— 3d Mth Ambiguous— 6th Mth Amuse— 1st Bel Angie— 2d Suf Ankylosis— 4th Suf Anne of Gullane— 3d Del Antila— 4th Bel Araway— 1st Bel Arigan— 3d A.P Arrant Bully— 7th Mth Astrum— 1st Del Atesa— 2d Mth Athena Nike— 2d A.P Aveneg— 4th H.P B Baby Brier-6th H.P Barina— 7th Bel Barking Dog— 1st Suf Battle Over— 2d Bel Be Rewarded-2d H.P Bea Marony— 10th Suf Beau Black— 9th A.P Beau Fond— 6th Mth Beaufire— 7th A.P Belles Best— 1st A.P Benedicto— 5th H.P Big Comber— 8th Del Big Profit— 5th Suf . Bing Bang — 1st Mth Birch Brook— 1st Suf Black Billings— 8th H.P Black Blink— 1st Mth Black Frost— 8th Bel Black Torch— 5th Del Blazing Rocket— 4th A.P Blimey— 1st Del * Blue Bonnet— 1st A.P Blue Colonel-6th H.P Blue Sally— 7th A.P Blue Storm— 3d Bel Bluebility— 5th A.P Bold Design— 7th H.P Bold Hunter— 2d Del Bomb Boo— 6th Mth Bonnie Miss— 1st A.P Bon-Ru-Mar— 2d Bel Bootlet— 2d Bel Borgana— 2d A.P Bossy Mary— 2d Suf Bounding Sea— 3d Suf Boy dAmour— 7th Mth Brandy B.— 5th Suf Breezy Night— 6th A.P Briar Sweet— 2d Mth Brother Beans— 2d Del Brother Coon— 5th Del Bushels Beam— 5th Mth Bushers Dove— 1st H.P Bushing— 2d Del Buxom— Sth H.P c Cable Bug-2d H.P Cameo— 2d Suf Candlemas— 2d Del Carolyn W.-th Suf Carr Creek— 1st H.P Carrie Louise— 8th A.P Cedrus— 6th Mth Central Road— 3d A.P Chadail-6th H.P Char Boots-8th H.P Charmador— 4th Mth Chas. McAdam Jr.— 4th Mth Chatawa Boy— 3d H.P Chesnut King— 2d Bel Chief Apache— 8th A.P Chillie Lee— 6th Suf Chipawood— 2d H.P Chipps Jill — 3d H.P Chit Chat— 6th Del Chuck Thompson— 7thvMth Cincinnati— 5th Del City Belle— 5th A.P Clandestine— 7th Bel • , Clay Worker— 7th A.P Clepo Miss— 2d A.P Clifton Road— 1st A.P Colonel Jay— 8th Del Colonel Sam E.— 6th A.P Combustion II.— 6th Mth Come on Red— 8th Suf Commendation— 6th Bel Commodon— 9th A.P Copy Book— 4th Del Counterpane— 5th Del Country Gossip— 3d Suf Cozy Ada— 5th A.P Crystal Sandal— 2d A.P Cynthia Sue— 9th A.P D Daisys Darling— 3d H.P Damocles— 7th Del Dancing Feet— 6th" Bel Dauphine— 3d Del Dawney— 6th H.P Dead End— 2d Suf Deep Dish— 7th A.P Deep Ravine— 1st H.P Deep Run— 5th Mth Devils Verse— 3d Suf Devon Day— 3d Bel Dianes Boy— 3d H.P Dinner Music— 2d Mth Diogenes— 4th H.P Dioghail— 1st A.P Do Doit— 3d Bel Donna Boorse— 1st Del Doreens Play— 5th Mth Double Bogey— 9th A.P Double H.-Slh Mth Dream Girl— 6th H.P Dreamy Lass— 2d A.P Dukes Sandal— 2d A.P E Early Bama— 1st H.P Echo Gem2d A.P Edsun— 7th Mth Efficient— 4,th Bel Egotistical— 6th Bel Eland— 1st Del Elberwhirl— 6th Del Equitack— 7th Suf Err Nought— 1st H.P Eternal Mike— 1st Suf F F. 0. Bee— 1st Suf Falcula-7th Mth Falling-Rock— 1st Mth Fantisysim— 3d H.P Farullah— 3d Mth Fays Ace— 3d A.P Fine Buff— 1st Suf First Cadet— 5th Mth First Grandson— 7th H.P Fitz-James— 2d Bel Flame 0ut-5th Bel . Fleeting Morn— 5th Bel Flight Master— 1st Mth Flotilla— 7th Mth Foxspur— 3d Del Franks Flower— 6th A.P French Ace— 8th Bel French Coat— 6th A.P • French Colonel— 1st Mth French Miss— 5th A.P Fresh Hope— 3d A.P Fun Lover— 6th Del G Galomarge— 3d Mth Game Chance— 2d Bel Game Heart— 2d Suf Gato Manoso— 4th Suf Gaughin— 3d A.P Gay Dictation— 4th Del Gioconda— 2d Mth Glicklac— 3d H.P Good Result— 1st H.P Googin— 8th Mth Graces Star— 1st A.P Grand Canyon — 8th Suf Grand Suspense— 5th H.P Great Date— 4th Mth Great West-8th H.P Greek Spy— 8th Suf Greek Stadium— 3d Suf Greek Star-4th Mth Green Heels— 3d H.P Greenacrcs Tom— 1st A.P Guarico— 8th Del Gun Scout— 1st Mth Gunman— 6th A.P H Half Minute— 2d Bel Hand Reward— 6th Del Happy New Year— 7th Del Hard to Spell— 3d H.P Harriet 0.— 4th Bel Head Pilot— 2d Del Headin In— 1st Suf Hebrides— 1st Suf Hederose— 5th Suf Helipat-6th Suf Hell Raysor-7th Suf Hello Rita— 2d Mth High Authority— 9th A.P High King— 8th Suf Highland Light— 3d Del Hightone— 9fh Suf Hockessin— 2d Del Home Light— 1st Mth Homeward Angel— 7th Bel Hot-cha— 6th Suf Hottentot— 8th H.P Hugo-You Go— 2d Bel Hungry Dream— 5th H.P Hypernic— 4th Mth I Icebreaker— 2d Bel Illusionist— 8th Suf In Clover— 9th A.P Indian Heir— 8th H.P Indian Lad— 1st Suf Indian Smoke— 2d Bel Inquisitive— 5th A.P Inundate— 2d A.P Invite— 1st Bel . Irish Dasli — 4th Mth Irish Love— 7th Mth J Jabneh— 7th Del Jaylpee Jr.— 8th Mth Jean Blair— 2d Suf Jeans Love— 4th H.P Jersey Devil— 2d Del Jester— 7th Bel Jimmer— 7th Bel John J. Jr.— 1st Del Johns Bid— 5th H.P Joni Shinrone— 3d H.P Josh B,— 1st Mth Julep Point— 3d Mth Just-a-Sec— 5th Suf K Karen Girl— 1st Suf Kaw Maid— 2d Bel Keep Out— 7th A.P Keepa Dance— 3d H.P King Glade— 8th A.P King Koch— 5th Suf King of Chi — 2d A.P King Ruff-4th A.P Kiser King— 6th Suf Ku-Kee— 4th Suf L Lady Cadet— 2d A.P Lady Good Bye— 1st H.P Lady Tatula— 5th Bel Laheim— 10thSuf Lake Drive— 7th A.P Langton Breeze— 3d Del Lea Rondi— 2d Bel Leallah— 6th Bel Leap Tide— 7th Del Leather Button— 8th A.P Len-a-Chance— 9th Suf Leonardian— 8th Bel Lils Gadget-8th H.P Lincoln Road— 8th A.P Liquid— 3d A.P Little Baker— 4th Suf Little Ferd-2d Suf Little Jr.— 6th Suf Litte Reaper-8th A.P Little Skip— 8th A.P Little Stony— 2d A.P Little Wolf— 4th Del Love Call— 5th A.P Low Cut— 1st Bel Luck Piece— 1st Del Lynn L.— 3d Suf • M Madcap Miss— 10th Suf Maid o* Athens— 7th Suf Maine Avenue— 5th Del Manaos— 7th Del March Brat— 4th Suf Marie B.-2d Mth Mariners Guide— 1st Mth Marti Diana— 1st H.P Mary Lawler— 3d Bel Maxs Reward— 9th Suf Mayor Will C.-7th Suf Merlee-2d H.P Merry Beth— 3d Bel Mey Sweetie— 1st H.P Mighty Bout— 1st Del Mighty Tom— 10th Suf Milady Mowlee— 2d H.P Miss Archway— 2d H.P Miss Bobbin-8lh H.P Miss Holmdel-6th Suf Miss Kirkwood— 4th A.P Miss Nomic— 2d A.P Miss Rico— 1st Suf Miss Wilma— 2d Del Modern Mamma— 1st A.P Morning Ray— 7th H.P Moss Green— 3d Del Motor Line— 8th Suf Mount Batten— 3d A.P Mountain Holly— 9th Suf Mr. Action— 10th Suf Mr. Moots— 2d Del Mumtaz— 5th A.P My Pa Pa— 5th Del N Nagol-5th H.P Nanette— 1st Bel Native Ported Bel Native Son— 8th Bel Neals Boy— 1st H.P Nearways Flash— 9th Suf Nectar— 4th Bel Nigreeny— 8th H.P Nir Thru— 8th A.P No Return— 2d Bel Noble Day— 4th Mth None Barred— IsOf.P Nordal-1st H.P Normas Baby— 7th A.P Norrew— 3d H.P Nosee Em— 1st Mth o Olymar— 3d A.P On Course— 6th A.P On the Loose— 2d Mth On Top— 3d A.P One Boot— 7th A.P One More Nance— 3d Suf Opaque— 7th A.P Ornum— 2d H.P Orrtrack— 5th Bel Our Sweet Wendy— 4th Bel Out of Reach— 3d Del P P. 0. Annex— 10th Suf Page Two— 4th H.P Paper Tiger-3th Suf Park Dandy— 8th Suf Tart Indian— 4th H.P Pass. Bon— 2d Del Pat Again— 2d H.P Pat Speed— 5th Del Patrick Begorra— 3d Del Patuxent— 7th Mth Peace Pilate— 8th Del Peaceful Solution— 7th Suf Peeler— 4th A.P Pekame— 4th Bel Pelagus— 2d Bel Persevere— 2d H.P Persia— 7th Bel Pertshire— 6th Bel Pete the Great— 1st H.P Phar Wind— 5th Mth Pietro— 7th A.P Pine No More— 1st A.P Pink Sands— 1st Suf Pont Royal— 7th A.P Pontiac Mac— 2d Del Poppy Day— 2d Suf Portage Boy— 5th Bel Possessor— 9th A.P Powdersmoke— 3d Del Powhiri-5th Suf Prince du Houlme— 8th Del Prince Reward— 8th Del Propellant— 4th Bel Put 0ut-1st Del Q Quarter Deck— 6th Del Queen Jest— 2d Mth Queen Sal— 5th H.P Quiet Boy— 4th Mth Quite Well— 2d Suf Quorum— 4th Bel R Raffle Bones— 1st A.P Rafty— 7th Del Rain King— Sth Bel Ramlin Rusty— 4th H.P Randys H.— 1st Bel Rebel Call— 5th Suf Red Chief— 1st Del Red River Valley— 4th Mth Rellim S. W.-8th A.P Ricoaire— 3d H.P Right Bit— Sth Mth Ringside— 4th Suf Risque Song— 2d A.P Rockcastle— 8th Suf Roman Battle— 7th Del Roman Chief— 1st Mth Roman Stripe— 5th Mth Roman Wings— 4th H.P Roseardan— 1st Mth Ros-Nuala— 8th Bel Roving Caesar— 4th A.P Royal Brigade— 8th Mth Roya Haven— 6th Bel Royal Jester— 6th Del Royal Line— 1st Mth Royal Willow— 7th Bel Rustic Billy— 6th Del Ruth C— 3d Suf s S. S. Djeddah— 2d Del Sabre-Bim— 8th H.P Sabredale— 3d A.P Sajochar— 1st Mth Salmative— 6th A.P Sals Boots— 7th Mth Sams Shipahoy— 8th A.P Sandy M.— 9th A.P Satilla Moran— 3d H.P Satin Parasall— 5th H.P Scarlet Flash— 9th A.P Scarlet Jr.-2d H.P Sea Ring— 5th Mth See L See— 1st Del Shannons Leap — 4th A.P Shano— 5th Mth Shelby Gal— 3d H.P Shell Diver— 4th A.P Sherbet— 7th A.P Shining On— 1st Del Show Bridge— 4th Del Sickle Bull— 2d Del Sign of Peace— 1st A.P Silver Rab— 10th Suf Simplon II.— 5th Del Single Threat— 5th Del Sir Richard R.— 2d A.P Sissy Pud-7th H.P Skipper Bill— 6th Mth Skysweeper— 7th Del Slide Apart— 2d Del Some Crown— 2tf Mth Son o Doge— 7th Mth Sonora Girl— 7th H.P Sound of Dawn— 1st Suf South Point— 8th Bel Spanish Rhythm— 7th Bel Sparkle Rock— 2d Bel Spin— 7th Del Splitter— 1st A.P Spy Melody— 3d A.P Steel Pick— 5th H.P Suky Susie— 7th H.P Sun Dog— 8th Del Sun King— 5th H.P Sun OLure— 1st Del -Sunnydene— 5th Suf • Super Jet II.— 7th Del Super Lady— 4th Del " Switch On— Sth Suf T Tacaro— 2d H.P Take Two— 2d Suf Tall Mound— 3d Del Tapis Vert— 5th Del Tearmunn— 3d A.P Teds Bull— 3d Suf Telegrafo— 4th Bel Telepost-8th Mth Tellarian— 6th Mth Tennessee Ted— 3d H.P ■ Terry S.— 2d Del Texas B.— 8th Mth That it Is— 2d Del The Collier— 5th Bel The Hon— 7th Mth The Summit— 5th Suf The Surgeon— 5th Bel TickTock— 8th Suf Ticket— 5th Del Tiger Trip— 2d H.P Tillie Temple— 4th H.P Tino Betts— 8th Mth Titian Maid— 2d Suf Tonight-8th H.P Too Too Fussy— 6th A.P Toome— 2d Del Top Flush— 7th Suf Top Treat— 3d Mth Tribunal— Sth Del Turf Pic— 10th Suf Turkeyneckoaks— 9th Suf u Uncle Eddie— 6th H.P Uncle Ev— 2d Del Uncle Sugar— 5th Mth Unrest-2d Bel Upper Echelon— 2d A.P V Val Ris-Sth Del Venetian Melody— 3d H.P Vera Calhoun— 2d Mth Victory Chance— 1st H.P Virginian — 4th Suf Vote— 1st H.P w Waila— 5th Mth War Jade— 6th Del War of Roses— 6th Mth War Plume— 3d Bel War Sally— 4ih Del War Togs— 3d Mth Warpole— 5th Del Wartesia— 10th Suf WeWonder-Sth Mth . Weekly-1st H.p Wherewuzuat— 5th A.P Why Bill — 9th Suf Wileu— Sth Mth Windsor King— 7th Mth Wise Eddie— 1st A.P Wish Tonight— 8th Del With Flash— 1st Bel Woe is Katy— 7lh A.P Y Your Nickel— 5th Del z Ziggling— 8th Mth • Zing— 7th A.P

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