Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-06

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS7 SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best" 7 points, 2 points for 2d, 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, C. A. Lindeman SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track j RACfT" TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Bol Question Prince Eric Classrate Sharp Mark Sharp Mark Sharp Mark 11 1 Nvmphs Pride Bol Question Bol Question Micherock Bol Question Bol Question 11 Miss Rico Nymphs Pride Sharp Mark Nymphs Pride Nymphs Pride Nymphs Pride 5 Dotty Redbird Galant Parcel Blue Tune Repowder Blue Tune Blue Tune 12 2 Evegal Three Pair Dotty Redbird Blue Tune Repowder Dotty Redbird ThreePair Dotty Redbird Morse Flash Land-O-Zeve Morse Flash Repowder 7 Uncle Jess Everne Uncle Jess Uncle Jess UNCLE JESS Uncle Jess 24 3 Tulsa Gal Uncle Jess Karens Pal Reds Five Aces Karens Pal Everne 5 Karens Pal Reds Five Aces Reds Five Aces Tulsa Gal Tulsa Gal Karens Pal 5 Shrug Treaty Stone Possessor Shrug Treaty Stone Shrug 15 4 Musical Nettie Shrug Shrug Miss Nina Possessor Treaty Stone 12 Treaty Stone Possessor Fairway Lass Treaty Stone Shrug Possessor 8 COLONEL PATCH Young Warrior Young Warrior Ike Mareo Monko Young Warrior 12 5 Young Warrior Kintaro Sea Craft Colonel Patch Sea Craft Colonel Patch 10 Sea Craft Monko Kintaro Bounding Beth Colonel Patch Monko 6 Man Up Stairs Legal Larceav Man Up Stairs RESSA BOB Man Up Stairs Man Up Stairs 18 6 Kintla Cozy Ada Ressa Bob Man Up Stairs Ressa Bob Ressa Bob 12 Ressa Bob Man Up Stairs Mr. Assessor Cozy Ada Lo Toy Legal Larceny 5 Coltrane COLTRANE COLTRANE Coltrane Coltrane COLTRANE 29 7 Mr. Jr_ Mr. Jr. Mr. Jr. Mr. Jr. Mr. Jr. Mr. Jr. 10 Quick Master Cape _ Ivory Quick Wit Quick Wit Quick Master Quick Master 2 Broken Wing Roving Caesar Broken Wing Broken Wing Broken Wing Broken Wing 20 8 Roving Caesar Air Battle Roving Caesar Air Battle Air Battle Roving Caesar 11 Steves Papa Joe Steves Papa Joe Upset Book Roving Caesar Roving Caesar Air Battle 6 Tint Song Parade II. Kitty Fleet My Treasure Duntreath Tint Duntreath Tint 14 9Duntreath Song Parade n. Replenish Duntreath Tint Duntreath Tint Song Parade II. Song Parade LT.. 11 Replenish Rivr Sand Song Parade II. Song Parade II. War Dan My Treasure 5 Trackman, J. N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track Dashing Deby Bullitt County Capitals Flag Dashing Debv Capitals Flag Capitals Flag 13 1 Jay Vee Capitals Flag Big Diddles Are Jay F. Ripping Lie Dashing Debe 10 Thurston Jay Vee Are Jay F. Capitals Flag Are JayF. Bullitt County 5 Blue Crooner Tasty Blue Crooner Rohanie BLUE CROONER Blue Crooner 20 2 Tiwan Blue Crooner Rohanie Growing Pains Rohanie Rohanie 9 Tasty Frosty Bomb Growing Pains Blue Crooner Marty Dee Tasty 6 CELTIC SON Celtic Son Celtic Son Bremerton Bremerton Celtic Son 21 3 Bremerton High Order Bremerton Celtic Son Celtic Son Bremerton 14 Lord Northbrook Full Stage Kissue Shame on You Shame on You High Order 2 Aprils Love Deemster Chrissiewoo Pats Day Chrisiewoo Chrisiewoo 10 4 Penswe Sun Fensive Sun High Adventure Andrew B. W. Pensive Sun Pensive Sun 6 Old Dick Old ~ick Partnership We_stLjberty High Adventure Pats Day 5 Federal Eagle FEDERAL EAGLE Big Sweep BIG SWEEP Pipit Big Sweep 17 5 Jeffrey J. S. Big Sweep Pipit Pipit Big Sweep Federal Eagle 12 Big Sweep Shag Dancer Winks Mink Jeffery J. S. Jeffrey J. S. Pipit 9 Charcoal Grey Chendzod Charcoal Grev Charcoal Grev Mans Folly Charcoal Grey 19 6 Chendzod Charcoal Grey Mans Folly Mans Follv Charcoal Grey Mans Folly 10 Mans Fol]y Marje Everett MarjeJSyerett Marie Everett Out Sail Chendzod 7 Joanie Gal Wcodlawn WOODLAWN Woodlawn Woodlawn WOODLAWN 23 7 Dixie Miss Joanie Gal Joanie Gal Scotts Hill Joanie Gal Joanie Gal 12 Woodlawn What Record What Record Jcanie Gal Scotts Hill Scptts_HiU 3 Luke K. Fair Valdina Greek Count Greek Count Greek Count Greek Count 18 8 Greek Count Luke K. Luke K. Fair Valdina Fair Valdina Fair Valdina 11 Fair Valdina Greek_ Count , Fair Valdina Luke K. Luke K. Luke K. 11 Legatee Brown Bullet Gray Ace Brown Bullet Helens Ace Brown Bullet- 13 9 Feligat Legatee Legatee Helens Ace Brown Bullet Legatee 10 Brown Bullet Helens Ace Helens Ace Gray Ace Legatee Helens Ace 9 Trackman, Don Fair JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track Three Questions Three Questions Three Questions Three Questions Three Questions Three Questions 25 1 Royal Eighteen Chalme " Royal Eighteen Royal Eighteen Royal Eighteen Royal Eighteen 8 _ Goshen Relic Goshen Relic Chalme ChaJrne Chalme CI alme 5 Comets Glow Comet "s Glow OUR SWT WNDY Comets Glow Comets Glow Comets Glow 22 2 Watkins Joy Our Sweet Wendy Comets Glow Our Sweet Wendy Our Sweet Wendy Our Swt Wendy 14 Our Sweet Wendy Watkins Joy Watkins Joy Watkins Joy Willys Pal Watkins Joy 5 Davenport Davenport Hasty Shopper Davenport Flying Education Davenport 17 3 Royal Treat Toodie ■ Toodie Toodie Royal Treat Toodie 7 Toodie Royal Treat Davenport Flying Education Davenport Flying Education 6 Admiral Easy Flier Hasty Admiral Hasty Admiral Hasty Admiral Hasty Admiral 22 4Hastv Easy Flier Hasty Admiral Easy Flier Easy Flier Easy Flier Easy Flier 13 Melody Magic Alamo Aula Tymie Melody Magic Aula Tymie Melody Magic 2 Gulizar Vaternish Gulizar Gulizar Gulizar 23 5GIXIZAR Vaternish Vaternish Comfort Comfort Vaternish Vaternish 12 _ Owendelle Comfort Gulizar Vaternish Owendelle Comfort 5 Bigger n Better BGER N BETTER Bigger n Better BGER N BETTER BGER N BETTER BGER N BETTER 6 Dead Indian Bronze Cloud Sercial Dead Indian Dead Indian Dead Indian 8 Spring Training Dead Indian Dead Indian Sercial Bronze Cloud Sercial 3 Progressing Bally Ache Bally Ache Bally Ache Penowa Rullah Bally Ache 17 7 Penova Rullah Ira Eaker Penowa Rullah Progressing Progressing Progressing 10 Bally Ache Vineyard Progressing Penowa Rullah Bally Ache Penowa Rullah 10 Blue Nitro Blue Nitro Double X. Blue Nitro Double X. Blue Nitro 19 8 Double X. Samark Blue Nitro Double X. Blue Nitro Double X. 15 Samark Double X. Samark Samark Samark Samark 6 Vets Bov Our Pally Vets Boy Vets Boy Vets Boy Vets Bov 20 9 Our Pally Lucie Manette Our Pally Our Pally Our Pally Our Pally 13 Tom Thumb Tom Thumb Lucie Manette Leap Tide Lucie Manette Lucie Manette 4 Trackman, Bob McCurley GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Squeeze Grand Suspense Grand Suspense Grand Suspense Grarid Suspense Grand Suspense 22 IBig Grand Suspense Eastern Chant Charsonese Eastern Chant Eastern Chant Eastern Chant 6 Borje Big Squeeze Lloyds Angel Lloyds Angel Chersonese Big Squeeze 6 Little Mich Radio Rome Bully Bolero RADIO ROME RADIO ROME Radio Rome 23 2 Radio Rome Little Mich Radio Rome Bully Bolero Bully Bolero Bully Bolero 9 Hand Rail Faulty Little Mich Little Mich Faulty Little Mich 9 Merry Fiddle Colony Bell Happy Hero Happy Lisa Happy Lisa Happy Lisa 12 3 First Dot Kentucky Royal Take No Notice Closed In Merry Fiddle Merry Fiddle 8 Happy Lisa Merry Fiddle Happy Lisa Colony Bell Happy Hero Happy Hero 6 Cosmetic Lil Mac Chucks Image Lil Mac Lil Mac Lil Mac 19 4 Lil Mac Cosmetic Lil Mac Chucks Image Chucks Image Chucks Image 10 Gallows Hill Chucks Image Go Rippey Blazing Slippers Go Rippey Cosmetic 7 Miss Thing Miss Thing Ebbies Girl Nibrud Miss Thing 15 5Nibrud Improve Nibrud Sister Snob Miss Thing Miss Thing Nibrud 13 Miss Thing Ebbie s Girl Ebbies Girl Nibrud Improve Ebbies Girl 7 Flag Waver Flag Waver FLAG WAVER Flag Waver Edliss FLAG WAVER 23 6 Avis - Avis Avis Edliss Avis Avis 9 Kid Jr. Easy Knight Emerald Prince Avis Flag Waver Edliss 7 INSWEPT SATAN HELPER Satan Helper Inswept Inswept Inswept 21 7 Satan Helper Inswept Inswept Satan Helper Satan Helper Satan Helper 18 Nickel Boy Nickel Boy Mariners Guide Nickel Boy Nickel Boy Nickel Boy 4 Alley Bap Alley Bap Sun Bark Alley Bap Eds Market Alley Bap 17 8 Fence em In Fence em In Admiral Town Uncle Samnik Fence em In Fence em In 7 Uncle Samnik Eds Market Alley Bap Fence em In Alley Bap Eds Market 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track Jerrys Gem Home Boy Alter Ego Home Boy Home Boy Home Boy 19 1 Home Boy Mendwell Home Boy Alter Ego Jerrys Gem Jerrys Gem 9 Chozn Coil Alter Ego Jerrys Gem Jerrys Gem Alter Ego Alter Ego 9 Pharakin Pharakin My Pleasure Cue Passe Pharakin Pharakin 15 2 Odysseus My Pleasure Odysseus My Pleasure Cue Passe Mv Pleasure 10 Mamowlee Alaksar Melody Jane Odysseus My Pleasure Cue Passe 7 Draconis Prankish DRACONIS Draconis Draconis 24 3Draconis Sunmah Sunmah Draconis Sunmah Oldham County Sunmah 7 Graphs Pet Gibs Request Missileman Greatlea Sunmah Prankish 5 Rens King First Audit Watch Always Vault Watch Always Watch Always 13 4 Watch Always Vault Vault The Needier Rens King Vault 9 The Needier Watch Always Voodoo Drums Rens King First Audit Rens King 8 Gallant Junior Gallant Junior Ring King Gallant Junior Gallant Junior Gallant Junior 22 5 Ring King Head Dancer Gallant Junior Ring King Ring King Ring King 11 Westray Lateish Westray Turkish Gold Westray Westray 3 LORD GREGOR LORD GREGOR Lord Gregor Lord Gregor LORD GREGOR LORD GREGOR 31 6 Limoges Teds Joy Teds Joy Limoges Teds Joy Teds Jov 7 Teds Joy Imagem Limoges Frank Again Limoges Limoges 6 MidPoint Rabbit MIDPOINT Foamy Mid Point Mid Point 20 7 Dizzys Lad Mid Point Rabbit Phantom Gold Phantom Gold Rabbit 8 Noble Dream Noble Dream Phar Lou Mid Point Rabbit Foamy 5 Plion Plion Plion Plion Plion 25 8Plion Navy Brass Tuscanawav Tuscanawav Tuscanawav Navy Brass Tuscanaway 6 Our Holiday Our Holiday Navy Brass Our Holiday Our Holiday Navy Brass 5 Last Slam Honeys Tiger Aeschylus Tachometer Aeschylus Aeschylus 13 9 Tachometer Porter Grata Honeys Tiger Aeschylus Tachometer Tachometer 11 Aeschylus Tachometer Tachometer Breezy Night Porter Grata Honeys Tiger 7

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