Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-02

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS 1 Figures in Consensus Shew Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for 2d. 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman. J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Z Chalalor Hcsarocket Ansels Delight Greek Songstress Chalalor Chalalor 14 I Spangdahlen Chalalor Suzanne Gains Spangdahlen Ansels Delight Ansels Delight 7 Natliasia Spansdahlen Chalalor Chalalor Spangdahlen Spangdahlen 6 Page Tw o Page Two Rose Ellen Page Two Page Two Page Two 22 2 Dotty Redbird Firm Ruler Page Two Firm Ruler Firm Ruler Firm Ruler 7 Rose Ellen » Dotty Redbird Firm Ruler Die Valkyrie Dotty Redbird Rose Ellen 6 Black Powder Black Powder Champ B. Mad Duchess Black Powder Black Powder 17 3 Mad Duchess Mad Duchess Mad Duchess Champ B. Champ B. Mad Duchess 12 Champ B. Champ B. Black Powder Black Powder Mad Duchess Champ B. 11 Kathleen H. Mr.Willmes Mr.Willmes Main Speaker Cap Merrick Mr.Willmes 11 4 SkippyL. Lonsstreet Equiall Argufy VorheesArab Cap Merrick 7 Cap Merrick Main Speaker Cap Merrick Longstreet Mr. Willmes Main Speaker C French Nightie FR*NCII NIGHTIE French Nightie French Nightie French Nightie 23 5Ziggity Miss Rowdy Ziggity Miss Rowdy ImExpectin ImExpectin Ziggity 8 French Nightie Ocean Hop Ornum Ziggity Mytor- _ Miss Rowdy 4 AliO-K AHO-K ALI O-K ALI O-K A LI O-K 29 6AUO-K Dont Spank Pan Hermanita Tactical * Hermanita - Hermanita 4 Pan Willing Worker Dont Spank Willing Worker Willing Worker Pan 3 Mangam Bay Boy Mansam Mansam Mahsam -24 7MANGAM Wading Butcher Wading Butcher Mansam Bay Boy Wading Butcher Wading Butcher 8 Headquarters Headquarters Wading Butcher Wading Butcher . Bay Boy Bay Boy § Mr. Hash LEGATE Break the Ice Mr. Hash Mr. Hash Mr. Hash 19 8 Legate Mr. Hash Mr. Hash Blue Ember Break the Ice Legate 10 Black Bounty Black Bounty By Far Legate Blue Ember Break the Ice 7 Lonsone AgouraGem Border Bum ; Sir Rupert Border Bum 9 9CheatenBill Sir Rupert Border Bum Androb Teanecker Border Bum Sir Rupert 8 j Longone Teanecker Sir Rupert Longone Lonsone Longone 8 Trackman, J. N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS -, Gembala Mischief Miss Dandy Was LazyBogan Gembala Gembala 15 I Dandy Wag Gembala Mischief Miss Gembala Mr.Bodfish Mischief Miss 8 Bold Heart Mr. Bodf ish Gembala Mischief Miss Commocall Dandy Wag 7 Shannons Leap Jamaica Shannons Leap Shannons Leap Jamaica Shannons Leap 19 2 Squaw Mom Shannons Lean Four Forks Regal Heir ... Shannons Leap Jamaica 11 Star Blaze Star Blaze Jamaica Four Forks Four Forks Four Forks 4 Ingress Have and Hold Greenocks Music Ingress Have and Hold Have and Hold 13 3 Chance Gauge Ingress Have and Hold SingLu SingLu Ingress 12 Happy Hallie Cureme Happy Hallie Have and Hold Happy Hallie Greenocks Music 5 TOM HERTZLEK Googin Henrys Reward Henrys Reward Henrys Reward Henrys Reward 17 4 Noble Warrior TomHertzler TomHertzler Googin . Tom Hertzler TomHertzler 14 Henrys Reward Henrys Reward Martial Tom Hertzler Martial Googin 7 Sweep Hal Blue Madam BLUE MADAM Blue Madam Marje Everett Blue Madam 19 5 Pondering Eve Marje Everett Logana Logana Blue Madam Marie Everett 10 Marje Everett Brite Sprite Marje Everett Marje Everett Brite Sprite Sweep Hal 5 King Hopeful KING HOPEFUL Spy Melody TOM THUMB Spy Melody King Hopeful 16" 6 Tom Thumb Spy Melody King Hopeful Morris A. Tom Thumb ■ SpyMelodv 12 Morrie A. Star Apache Tom Thumb King Hopeful- King Hopeful - " Tom Thumb 12 Hasty Doll StaySmoochie Bug Brush Hasty Doll Bug Brush Bug Brush 13 7 Bug Brush Lady Fantasy Hasty Doll StaySmoochie StaySmoochie Hasty Doll 13 Stay Smocchie Craftiness Stay Smoochie Bug Brush Hasty Doll StaySmoochie 11 Legatee Seapoise Seapoise Seapoise Seapoise SEAPOISE 20 8 Stout Built Appease Not Legatee Legatee Legatee Legatee 12 Leatherwood Legatee Little Takers Little Takers . Appease Not Appease Not 3 Jimmy Doyle Condi Lu Condi Lu Adams Boy ADAMS BOY Adams Boy 1G 9 Dambala Adams Boy Jimmy Doyle Jimmy Doyle Condi Lii Condi Lu 13 Adams Boy Marys Boy Adams Boy Condi Lu Jimmy Doyle Jimmy Doyle 10 Trackman, D. S. Fail- JAMAICA - Selections Made for Fast Track Hello Goldie Hello Goldie Solid Gold 1 Hello Goldie Crack OTJawn : Hello Goldie 16 Solid Gold Crack OTJawn Rouse Rose Crack OTJawn Rouge Rose . Crack OTJawn 11 Crack OTJawn Rouge Rose Crack OTJawn Roi.se Rose Hello Goldie Solid Gold 7 Singalea Repelled Singalea Singalea Singalea 22 2Singalea Comets Glow Repelled Singalea Repelled Repelled Repelled 12 Repelled Atom Rocket Wisemar Atom Rock Comets Glow Comets Glow 3 Extra Kick Charlie L. Charlie L. Charlie L. Charlie L. Charlie L. 22 3 Charlie L. Sagittarius. Jr. Extra Kick Extra Kick Extra Kick Extra Kick 11 Sagittarius. Jr. Pat Livingston Sagittarius. Jr.- Sagattarius. Jr. Sagittarius. Jr. Sagittarius. Jr. 6 Cynthia Sweet Cutpurse Cutpurse Cutpurse Cynthia Sweet Cutpurse 19 4 Cutpurse Social Lad Cynthia Sweet Cynthia Sweet Cutpurse Cynthia Sweet 45 Teri Ellen Cynthia Sweet Social Lad Teri Ellen Social Lad Social Lad 4 ADJOURNED COLONELS JOV Adjourned ADJOURNED Adjourned ADJOURNED 26 5 Colonels Jov Adjourned Dark Flight Dark Flight Colonels Joy . Colonels Joy 13 Dark Flight Mrs. Cat Colonels Jov Colonels Joy Dark Flight Dark Flight 6 NishtAmool Wing Jet NishtAmool NishtAmool NishtAmool 18 6Nasco Wing Jet Wing Jet NishtAmool Wins Jet Wing Jet Wing Jet 13 Nisht Amool Nasco Nasco Nasco Nasco Nasco 9 Wesley Smiley Saim MUSTATO Wesley Smiley Wesley Smilev Wesley Smilev 17 7 Arnica Wesley Smilev Arnica Saim Saim Saim 11 Saim Tippecanoe Saim Arnica Arnica Mustato 7 Sir Alxandr Kaye Sir Alxandr Kaye Another Art Another Art SIR ALXDU KYE Sir Alxandr Kave 21 8 Another Art Yins and Yang Sir Alxandr Kaye Sir Alxandr Kaye Another Art Another Art 14 Ying and Yang Pinebroke Amber Tide Yins and Yang Ying and Yang Ying and Yang 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty LAUREL RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track On Wheels On Wheels This Day This Day This Day On Wheels 15 Weeping Princess Trapeze Doll Trapeze Doll On Wheels On Wheels This Day 15 Trapeze Doll Weeping Princess On Wheels In the Brig Trapeze Doll Trapeze Doll - 6 Pomposity Pomposity Pomposity Pomposity POMPOSITY POMPOSITY 27 2 Dusty Bend Yellow Hand CaribeBoy Tax Cut CaribeBoy CaribeBoy 6 Caribe Boy Caribe Boy Asking Asking Asking Asking ._3 Dark Fate Dark Fate Noble Foot Dark Fate Dark Fate Dark Fate 21 3 Charmed Circle Nora Dares Bailey Bridge Charmed Circle Charmed Circle Charmed Circle 6 Nora Dares Charcoal Fiddle Dark Fate Nora Dares Nora Dares Noble Foot 5 Decameron dial Bans JeanK.M. JeanK. M. JeanK.M. JeanK.M. 17 4 JeanK.M. Warble ChalBang Romeer Decameron Decameron 8 Romeer Leave It Alone Truth Seeker Decameron Romeer Chal Bang 7 LITTLE NUBBY Etheloch ETHELOCH Etheloch * Etheloch 24 5Etheloch Little Nubbv Etheloch Dorothys Best Dorothys Best Little Nubby Little Nubby 13 Dorothys Best Dorothys Best Little Nubby Little Nubby Dorothys Best Dorothys Best 7 CANNON FIRE Hit the Road Cannon Fire River Gate Cannon Fire Cannon Fire • 15 6 Hellanicus Lady Angora River Gate Cannon Fire River Gate River Gate 10 River Gate Ambiguous Ambiguous Ambiguous Ambiguous Hit the Road 5 See Me Go See Me Go Scimitar Scimitar Scimitar Scimitar 17 7 Scimitar Pen Hallow Ocean Lane See Me Go See Me Go See Me Go 14 Blue Pencil Bellator Tien Shan Ocean Lane Ocean Lane Ocean Lane 4 Track Martial TRACK.MARTIAL Banned . Track Martial Track Martial 18 8Fauroyal Phantom Gold Namama Fauroyal Fauroyal - Fauroyal Fauroyal 11 . Track Martial Banned Banned Phantom Gold Phantom Gold Banned 7 i Reverent Solo Artist Solo Artist Solo Artist Solo Artist Solo Artist 20 Slln First Pic Madge P. Madge P. Madge P. Reverent Reverent 7 Draw Near Sannie Sannie Draw Near Draw Near Madge P. 6 Trackman, E. Chiat * LINCOLN DOWNS Selections Made for Good Track Lotus Eater SirRarco Boodlette Sir Rarco Boodlette Sir Rarco IB SirRarco Lotus Eater Lotus Eater Lotus Eater SirRarco Lotus Eater 12 Bold Statesman Top-Lation Sir Rarco Top-Lation Lotus Eater Boodlette 10 Dacon Rare Bird Rare Bird Dacon Rare Bird 13 2Greek-Empress Rare Bird Lady Read Greek Empress Greek Empress Greek Empress Greek Empress 11 Dandy Lass Early Time Silver Rattle Dacon Rare Bird Dacon 11 Glory Union Flower Shop Jewel Box Jewel Box Jewel Box * JewelBox 17 3 Jewel Box Glory Union Glory Union Glory Union Glory Union Glory Union 13 Flower Shop Squaw Creek Flower Shoo No Cause Flower Shop Flower Shop 8 Derby Special Milady Mo wlee East -West Echo Valley PatFlyway- PatFlyway 11 4 MiladvMowlee PatFlyway PatFlvway PatFlyway East-West East-West 8 Transmuer Aviette Derby Special East-West Derby Special Milady Mowlee 7 Prince Bel Beau Happy Hobby HAPPY HOBBY Happy Hobby Royal Bloom Happy Hobby 19 5 Royal Bloom Jen Adair Brass Treasure Royal Bloom Happy Hobby Royal Bloom 10 . Jen Adair Friendly Game Royal Bloom Jen Adair Jen Adair Jen Adair 5 Sonnet Bush Ballad Sonnet Sonnet Sonnet Sonnet 20 6 Blue Eyes Gem Fair Chance Avenge Blue Eyes Gem Blue Eyes* Gem Blue Eves Gem 6 Avenge Ace Cheval Count Bull Avenge Count Bull Bush Ballad 5 KISEIt KING Hello Pop" Rockie Creek KISER KING KISER KING 21 7KiserKing Maid o Athens Maid o Athens KiserKing KiserKing Maid o Athens Maid o Athens 8 St. Marks Rockie Creek Maid o Athens Maid o Athens Rockie Creek Rockie Creek J MANTELPIECE Honey Bird Mantelpiece QUITE NICE Necktie Mantelpiece 17 8 Quite Nice P.O. Annex Border Son Mantelpiece Mantelpiece Quite Nice 9 Georges Rib Mantelpiece McConrob Georges Rib Georges Rib Necktie 5 Le Sabre Collision Le Sabre Le Sabre Bill Cane Le Sabre 1C 9 Grunion Utopia Tantara Bill Cone Will See Ya Bill Cane 7 Market Gain Grunion Missy M. S. Larry Ellis Le Sabre Collision 5

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